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The gallery's opening night; a surprising crush revealed.

From the sounds of it, he was drunk and claimed that Jaren should come over as soon as he could. Worried that Edward had lost all hope and he'd get to his house and find he had strung himself up, Jaren hurried over.

Edward came to the door, wearing a wide smile. He was indeed drunk, but Jaren breathed a sigh of relief upon finding out his friend wasn't going to kill himself. Ushering Jaren in, Edward told him he thought he had a solution to their problems. Intrigued, Jaren was led into the basement. What greeted him there surprised him beyond belief.

Three women were currently tied up, strapped to various pieces of furniture Jaren couldn't readily identify, blindfolded and gagged, large toys, all of which were vibrating, stuffed in their wet, receptive cunts, thick plugs filling their tight assholes. They struggled and pulled at their bonds, unable to get free, the gags effectively muffling their terrified screams.

Jaren was silent as Edward explained what had happened. Apparently, months ago, he had become interested in Domination and submission, a lifestyle that seemed to resonate with him on a cellular level. While out partying the night before, he had met these glitter covered women. They wanted to know if he liked to party. As his wife, Crystal, was visiting family in Montana, he had brought them home with him. Drink and drugs had flowed freely, lowering already low inhibitions. Laughter and hugs had soon become a wet and wild foursome. As the events of the night had progressed, he found that each of the women had a kinky streak to them. An hour later, each of the giggling girls were tied and trussed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Unfortunately, the girls had begun to fear what Edward had planned for them, but he was too far gone. He wouldn't be denied. Edward hadn't ever felt as alive as he had then. He felt powerful, but, more importantly, he felt free.

Jaren couldn't think of anything to say and stood there, dumbfounded as Edward slowly made his way around the room, teasing the girls, adjusting the vibes inside them, slowly fucking them with the large toys, whispering of the pain they would be in for if they let them fall. The girls groaned, tears flowing freely from behind the blindfolds as they begged to be released. Edward ignored them and asked Jaren if he'd like to play with them.

Jaren said not a word for a while, looking from the writhing women to Edward and back again. After about three minutes, an eternity, Jaren turned around, closing the basement door and slowly began to descend down the stairway.

Victor was on the porch, talking to the police and Elmoira was busy keeping Alexa quiet, sitting behind her, shushing her, cooing in her ear. Alexa was too far gone to process what was going on, not getting more than two hours of sleep at a time, too busy enjoying the soft caresses Elmoira placed on her sore cunt. A wise investment on Eddie's part had been the false, slide out wall that could cover the door to the play room in case uninvited guests had showed up. It wouldn't stand up to too close of an inspection, but, if you had no idea it was back there, the playroom was rendered effectively invisible. It was even soundproof, a fact that Elmoira was testing now.

As she massaged her wet lips, Elmoira began sucking on her neck gently, a single finger sliding deep inside her, curling up to stroke her g-spot. Alexa sighed, her hips making little circles, making Elmoira's finger slide in and out of her dripping pussy.

"You're such a good girl, aren't you?" Elmoira whispered teasingly, her slow ministrations decadently constant. "Aren't you?"

"Mmhmmph." Alexa groaned, arching her back, gasping as Elmoira's wet tongue dragged across her neck, replaced by tiny kisses and nips.

The sound of the false wall being pulled back and the door opening interrupted Elmoira's fun. Victor strode into the room.

"Jaren's back." He said, grabbing the bag with Mikey's concoction inside it.

"Wait, what?" Elmoira asked, pulling her finger from Alexa's hungry cunt. "What about the police?"

"They're cool

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