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Natalie begs Justin to keep her.

He wishes there was a way for him to take it in his mouth and suck it, but it is just too large. He continues licking the side of the coarse nipple and squeezing it with his hand. He thinks that next time he'll bring lotion and use both hands to stimulate her nipples. Balancing himself against her tit, he works his way over to the other one and applies the same licking and squeezing to that one, getting the same rigid response. Andrea is enjoying the squeezing and licking of her nipples, having never felt anything like it. She is instantly aroused and feels the moisture building between her legs, just like the book said it would.

Not wanting to walk on her for fear of breaking the mood, he lies down and rolls along her flat stomach, across her naval, stopping when he reaches her patch of black hair. It's like lying on thick grass as he scoots his naked ass down across her pubic mound. He can already smell her arousal and feels his cock getting hard again. He maneuvers his body around so he's nestled in the valley between her thigh and her torso, lying on his stomach his hard cock pressed against her soft flesh. He reaches down and runs his hand up and down her moist pussy lips, smearing her thick juice all over them. Startled by the unfamiliar touch, Andrea pulls her knees up, pinching his body between her thigh and her abdomen. He pushes on her leg until she moves it down a little, then crawls forward and slides his hand inside her welcoming pussy. Her lips are about eighteen inches long and he moves his hand up and down the entire length.

"Mmmmm!" Andrea moans at the feel of his hand inside her aroused pussy and she spreads her legs wider apart. Ben scoots his body forward until he can push his whole arm inside her pussy and starts moving it in and out. Andrea moans her delight at the feel of his arm and raises her hips up to meet his thrusts. Twisting his body so he can use both hands on her, he spreads her labia, exposing her thick, pink clit and smears pussy juice across it, before gripping it with his hand. Andrea has never felt anything like this and her whole body shakes, nearly causing Ben to fall off. Only his arm inside her pussy, up to his shoulder, keeps him from falling. Ben raises his head and opens his mouth as wide as possible, sucking the tip of her clit between his lips. Andrea starts bucking her hips off the ground and wraps her hand around his back, tucking her pinky under his ass cheeks, to keep him from falling. His lips are stretched wide around the tip of her clit, and the sucking action is just what she needs to ignite her built up passion. Ben continues to suck her clit while pumping his arm in and out of her soggy pussy. Andrea holds Ben against her and rocks her hips up and down as her explosive orgasm overtakes her. Her hot juices gush out, soaking Bens arm, shoulder and chest. She moves his mouth away from her sensitive clit and he dips his head down to lap up her sweet cream, oozing from her eighteen-inch opening.

Ben shoves both arms inside her pussy for leverage and swings his legs around to the ground.

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