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My version of the four famous words.


Gina clapped her hands gleefully.

"Good on you Jenni. You know the way he has to be treated; Katarina taught me."

"That's why he married her," Jenni giggled.

They all laughed causing Peter the chef standing outside the kitchen door to call out to kitchen staff.

"They are very happy. She likes her sandwich!"

Nico asked if Jenni had any other reason for inviting him to coffee other than to order him coffee and a sandwich.

"It concerns the Rubens and Johnstone properties. A conditional agreement to purchase exists between a nominee company and Rubens and Johnstone. The company has an option to purchase both properties at current valuations plus seventy-five percent."

Nico whistled.

"That would total around a mil."

"Actually $1.728 million."

"Christopher Columbus!"

"I want you to buy those two properties Nico and hold them for up to two years."

"Christopher Columbus! Jenni I'm sorry but I will be committed over the Shaw property - Katarina and I have decided to buy it along with Janus even if other family members don't come in with their money. We are not made of money you know."

"I don't want you to put up a cent for those other purchases Nico. I just want you to be chairman of the nominee company that's already in existence. The other directors will be Sue Boyd and Garth Oliver."

Nico's eyes bulged.

"You propose that I be chairman of a company and with that lovely lawyer lady of yours; I'm dreaming."

"Where the money will come from is secret Nico. Garth as a director and secretary of the company will hold just one hundred shares, and you and Sue are not asked to take up shares."

Nico looked puzzled.

"Why don't the people behind that company simply walk over and offer Mr and Mrs Rubens and Mrs Johnstone cash. It's so much easier and with cash you get a better deal."

"Because things are a little complicated Nico. The targeted tenant doesn't know it wants to relocate here yet but wouldn't look at any proposal unless the adjoining land to yours was secure and part of the deal. Formation of the nominee company will allow all of this to happen. If that deal goes ahead you and your family will be invited to take shares in a new company to jointly own all amalgamated parcels of land or alternatively they can walk away with pockets of cash."

Looking thoughtfully, Nico asked Jenni if the proposed tenant and a possible ultimate major shareholder in the final land owning company was Zephyr Media.

"You will find out in due course Nico. As chairman you will simply be a frontman, although you actually will be deeply involved in negotiations."

"Yes, yes I can see that Jenni. I am a business man. But Jenni, the money behind the nominee company is yours isn't it."

"Be a good boy and finish your coffee Nico I would like another one and that's quite enough business chat for today, don't you think Mr Chairman?"

She watched as Nico mouthed the words Mr Chairman.

"I've never been a director although I am sort of one as the head of our family trust. Never did I dream I would be chairman of a company."

"I know Nico and it's was time you were; you have all of the abilities."

Tears came to Nico's eyes, and he began patting his moustache furiously.

"Thank you Jenni. I am humbled."

"Oh don't thank me Nico," she said airily. "Thank the lovely Sue - it was she who wrote your name into the documentation."

"How is it that you know that Jenni?"

Jenni swung around in her chair to hide her grin and to wave to attract a waitress but just at that instance Gina came around from behind the work station carrying two cups of coffee and headed towards Jennie and Nico.

"When we finish here," Jenni said to Nico. "We'll have to walk over to my solicitor's office. Sue has papers for you to sign. Of course you may wish to take them to your own solicitor first?"

"No, the first priority of lawyers is fee extraction. I trust Sue, my fellow director."

Back at the office everything seemed to be in a jovial mood.

"What's happened?" asked Jenni.

"Rhonda just told us that Ron Wiggins phoned to say that the

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