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Woman in wheelchair writes quasi-BD erotic fiction.

percent human ashtray Do you think that you could smoke a pack a month, as we've talked about?"

"Sure, why not?"

"You really want to smoke a pack of cigarettes a month from now on?" I was very excited at the prospect.

"I think so, why not? And you know, I think that I should tie you up a lot more when we are alone. More than in the past."

I flicked more ash onto my tongue. I continued to masturbate, a shiver of wild anticipation running through me. "Well that brings me to the number two item on my list, Mistress. I was wondering if I shouldn't go out this weekend and buy one of those large cages they use for big dogs, such as great danes. Then, when we are alone, you can put me in my cage sometimes. We can keep it in the shed, and if anyone asks, we can say we are keeping it for a friend."

"Hmmmm, we'll have to think about that." But the tone in Mistress' voice suggested a high degree of interest in my proposal.

"Should I go and buy one when I return this weekend?"

"I think that I'll decide when. It's not for a slave to make that decision. But it sounds like a good idea. Could be fun. Just like going outside and playing like we did last year. We must do that again sometime soon. I like tieing you down to the ground."

"Of course, we've also talked about the crucifixion scene. You know, the proper cross, not an X frame."

"Yes, but you know that I really like the X frame."

I flicked more ash off onto my tongue. It tastes so good! Being an ashtray is unbelievably submissive, I thought yet again.

Now I felt a need to make sure that this time our discussion was not just a sexy bedtime conversation. Was this the real thing? The adoption of a really dominant and submissive lifestyle I'd always dreamed of?

"Is this conversation for real," I asked, "Are we really going to do the things we are talking about tonight? I really want this to happen. As I said, we both love this kind of thing, and I really want to take it to the next level. Which of these things do you really want to do?"

"So do I. I mean what I'm saying. There's no reason why we shouldn't do all of them is there?"

"You really mean, that, all of them?" I couldn't help myself, this was everything I'd ever wanted to hear my mistress say.

"Absolutely," came the reply in her firm voice, "Now, tell me what's top of your list."

"Well, I really think that I should have to sign a slave contract for my birthday. A very tough one. For example, maybe I must be very subservient all the time from now on, no questioning where you've been, or getting angry when you are out later than I expect. Of course, I should be punished severely for transgressions."

Are you sure that won't just give you even more of an excuse to get angry, so you can be punished?" asked my Mistress.

"Not at all," I responded, "I really want to be much more submissive."

"Very well, then I'll present you with one for your birthday. But you must sign it." She added in a firm tone. "And do you have any more ideas?"

"Well, just that someday it would be great to go out to a fetish night somewhere together with you as the dom and me as the anonymous leather slave. And of course, more of the noose. It's amazing how that seems to arouse us both more than anything else. You really like that don't you."

"As much as you do," she replied.

"It's, so near the edge, about as close to the ultimate submission as we can get. You have me completely at your mercy."

"Uuuuh. Now, it's getting late. Is that cigarette ready to stub out yet?"

"Just a few moments, Mistress."

"Good and then it's time to go to sleep."

"So have you any commands for me?"

"You'll just have to wait and see until you receive the contract."

"I'm stubbing out the cigarette right now... It feels so good."

"That's great. Do you have a cock ring with you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Well, wear it all day tomorrow."

"Yes, Mistress. Goodnight Mistress. I will call you in the morning."

"Goodnight, my love."

What a conversation, I lay back in bed, wildly excited. Would we keep it up tomorrow?

July 8th

The first thing that I did this mor

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