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Roger and his aunt put in very special extra time at work.

We left a few minutes later and almost a half an hour later, I heard sirens from behind us and the driver pulled to the side of the road. We were next to a heavily wooded area and when the Trooper came on the loud speaker, he told us to get out of the rig and stand on the passenger side next to the side of the road.

When were standing by the rig, the trooper walked up to us and I noticed right away it was the trooper at the rest stop miles back. He smiled at the driver and thanked him. The driver nodded and before I knew it, the trooper had me on my knees and sucking him. Cars that sped by didn't stop or slow down, they couldn't see me sucking off the cop because we were hidden by the rig.

My knees got sore and I stood up, still bent over sucking off the trooper's ample sized dick. Soon I felt the driver's hands riding up under my skirt and pulling my panties down. I didn't fight back and let the driver slide his cock between my thighs and into my pussy. I moaned against the trooper's cock and rocked back against the driver behind me. The driver soon was moaning and gasped and pulled his cock from my pussy and came on the ground by my feet. I pulled the trooper's cock from my mouth and asked if he wanted to fuck me now.

He said he was married and didn't want to cheat on his wife. The driver chuckled and told him to go ahead and fuck my ass then. I didn't get the humor or the sense of it, but no matter, I was turned around and the trooper decided to go ahead and fuck my pussy. His cock filled me up completely and I found myself having a ragging orgasm against his cock soon into his thrusts.

He held tightly onto my hips and I screamed into the woods as I came over and over on his giant cock. The driver watched as he smoke a cigarette while leaning against the side of his truck and when the trooper was ready to cum, he pulled out of me and turned me around.

I was pushed onto my knees and his cock was slid into my mouth. I held his cock between my lips and felt it pulse and release into my mouth. I took ever drop from his cock and swallowed it.

He patted my head and asked where I was headed. I told him O.R. and he told the driver to go ahead and give me my backpack. I was given my backpack and the driver left me with the trooper. He took me back to the station and let me stay in his squad car that was locked up in the back parking lot. The next morning, he gave me a few twenties and took me on his drive up along the highway he'd pulled me over on.

He dropped me off a ways up the road and gave me a quick kiss. He wished me good luck and drove off.

I got a ride from a nice old lady and she dropped me off in a little dinky town here in California. I thought I'd tell you what happened and I hope you got as wet as I did when I put my events down onto paper. Enjoy, Carley!

Love ya,

Hitchin' Teen Tease


Well, Hitchin', good luck on your travels. Be careful though, girl! I hope to hear from you in the future!

And here's a letter from one of my young men who are a big fan of the magazine! He writes:

Dear Carley,

I am twenty three years old and I only recently had sex for the first time.

I have read many stories in your magazine over the years and very rarely do I ever read stories about virgin men, they are always about virgin women.

So, I am going to tell you how I had sex was for my first time. I got to loose my virginity to my little sister's best friend.

I still go home to my parents house when I visit from college and this time, my little sister was having a slumber party for her eighteenth birthday. I brought her home a present and gave it to her in front of her friends who all thought I was the best brother in the world for being so sweet.

What can I say, I love my lil' sis.

When I was getting into bed that night, I was later visited by her friend named Beth. She crawled into bed and as I was trying to tell her to go back to my sister's room, that my parents would catch us, she began to kiss me.

When I pushed her

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