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Two females express their passion for one another.

I am hot, horny, wet, I need him to touch me, I want him to fill me, I need to feel his cock deep in me, as he fucks me. Yet I am afraid of what my disobedience will cost me.

My head is lowered, my hands are to my side, and eyes are on the floor. I can't lower my leg from the counter without squishing Master's head so I am left wide open to him. I can smell my scent rising from my wet, juicy cunt. I can feel the inside of my vaginal walls quivering with need.

My eyes are filling with tears, knowing that I have forgotten my place, in my passion, which was a lesson I was supposed to have learned long ago. I am afraid of what my punishment will be, afraid Master will leave me alone, I could handle him leaving me unfulfilled from sex, but not alone not now, after all those men.

My breathing hitches, I am on the verge of a panic attack, which I haven't had since I was taken into service by Master. My fears are too strong all of a sudden. "Master, I am so very sorry." I finally croak out between my tears and gasps for air.

Master pulls my leg off the counter, and places my legs together. He says "Pet, look at me."

I look at him. Tears rolling down my face. I am afraid that he is now sending me packing. He is finished with my insolence, and stubborn failures. I look at him our positions changed for the first time ever, me standing above him. His eyes are kind, which makes my body calm down.

"Have you not yet learned that I will not send you away? You are mine. Period. Last nights experiment was to prove two things to you, that you are beautiful to many men, no matter what you seem to think of yourself. You are big and beautiful to me and others and you need to see that in you, that is my goal with you my lil sub. Secondly. that you are mine. I may do what I want with you, you will serve me how ever I want, but when I come to you, you will respond to me. My precious lil slut, did you cum once at all last night, among all those young men?"

"No Sir" I answered truthfully.

"You came close once or twice, but you willingly wanted me just now. There is nothing wrong or shameful in that. Losing yourself IS ok lil one, Settle yourself."

He clasped my hands in front of me and smiled up at me. Something I have rarely seen him do. I felt so confused at that moment. What am I supposed to do? Could I act like the woman I am and hug him, or continue to be the sub I was trained?

"What is your question?" He asked. "It is written all over your face pet." He chuckled.

"Sir, I never know when I am able to act like a woman, rather than like the sub that you trained me to be. With what you just said a minute ago I wanted to hug you, but as a sub I am not allowed to do so without your permission."

"Ah, so we need to establish new rules for you then don't we pet? You will be staying as long as you want to. Your training will be on going. You have pleased me with all that you have done."

He stood then and walked away from me and left the room.

I was in shock. Glad for the wall behind me.

He came back in a moment later with a box in his hand. It was just larger than his palm. He handed it to me.

I looked at him, this man that I have served for the last year. My eyes wide, and stared at him. This man doesn't do things lightly. Why would he do this now? Why me? I try to push the box back to him, "I don't deserve this." I whisper so silently.

He stays my hand, and says, "Since when does a sub second guess their Masters?"

Tears form in my eyes. I don't want to open this box. I don't deserve to belong to someone.

"You will not be separated from me, unless by your choice, or death. I have made my decision. You know that you are free to go at anytime cat. Do not be afraid, and stop fearing that your life is over. You will finally have roots of your own. You can stop searching now. You are home and I love you."

The tears finally fall from my eyes, weeping I open the box.

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