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Germain becomes undead, and joins a zombie brothel.

y or hobby wise?*

*Both. Tell me, what is it you enjoy?*

There was silence for a few moments. I was getting slightly anxious, had I done something wrong?

*Sorry, the laptop needed to be plugged in, the battery was dying. I like to draw, mainly monsters and aliens, and I love anything Science Fiction. I enjoy reading and music as well. Sexually, I like anything dark and sexy. Bondage mainly though, I'm not a huge fan of pain. What do you do for a living Leo?*

I shivered; this boy was perfect for me. I wanted him in my bed withering for my cock.

*I am a doctor.*

*Oh, really? That's pretty cool. What do you like, Dr. Leo? Sexually and hobby wise.*

*Well*, I started, *normally I just read or work. Or I visit with my brothers and my nephews. I must warn you, Brandon, I am a boring person. But sexually I'd like to tie you up to my bed and touch you lightly till you beg to cum. Then I want to grasp your cock and milk you until every drop is out. I want to watch as you wither underneath me*. It was quiet for a few moments, before I got my response. I was about to log out in defeat when I got the reply.

*I'm sorry. *

*Why are you sorry, boy?*

*I just came.*

*Just from my words?*

*Yes sir. *

My tongue snaked out and traced my bottom lip. I imagined what the boy looked like as he grasped his cock and jerked himself off. His black hair falling over his face, his blue eyes dark and hazy half closed as he bit his bottom lip, making it red and plump. As he comes all over his hand while he imagines me fucking him senseless while tied to my bed, mumbling my name softly. I gently brushed the palm of my hand over my erect penis and came in my pants. I let out a muffled cry into my shoulder. I quickly started to type into the computer.

*Very good, boy. I have to go now, but I would like to talk to you again. When can I do this?* I asked as I looked at my crotch in wonder. As a doctor I have no time to think about being in an intimate relationship-not that I didn't have Xolts who wanted to-I was just not interested, and yet I had cum in my pants without direct contact. What was the boy to me? We had only just met, and even then not in person.

*Tomorrow, same time?*

*I will talk to you then. Good night, Brandon.*

*Good night sir.*

I was determined to follow through with Brandon. I wanted him.


My room was covered wall to wall in posters and drawings. It was dark, the light of the moon falling between my dark curtains creating enough light for me to see. My desk was messy, covered in the last of my school work; I was graduating in less than a month. I had a few sketch books laying on the chair and floor. I had clothes on the floor as well, they were all dirty but I still wore them anyways. I told my parents that I was going to collage for an art degree. My parents were shocked; they thought that perhaps I'd go into acting or something Neither of them knew that I like to draw, nor did they care as long as I didn't make a fool of myself.

For some reason it pissed me off that they didn't care. But they hadn't in so long. They didn't care that my brother was no longer around, well, they did at first. Thinking that it was a disgrace to them, but after a month or so they stopped caring. But when Steven said that he was going to be a teacher, they were happy. When I said I was going to be an artist all they said was, "that's nice dear."

So I logged on. I went to Leo's profile to see if he was on. He actually was on, which surprised me. It was not our date time. We had been talking for about four months, he only showed up when it was our nightly talk. Those talks were my haven.

We talked about our lives, what we liked and what we didn't like.

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