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Maria finally comes.

I couldn't wait for the day to pass. I put on a black suit and a white shirt, hoping I wasn't overdressing but I wanted her to see how serious I was. Finally it was time for me to drive to the address she had given me. During the drive there I resolved to have her. We were complete strangers but I was sure I knew her secret desires. I had no idea then how right my intuition was.

I knocked at her apartment door and she opened it immediately and let me in. She said hello in her husky, slightly hoarse voice and smiled, silently approving of my suit. She herself was dressed to the nines, wearing a black mini skirt which showed all of her sexy legs which were in black stockings. A tight silk black tank top and a black blazer completed her outfit. Her salt and pepper raven hair fell in large curls which spilled over her shoulders. Again, her perfume made my cock stir in my pants, she smelled like sex.

Her apartment was neat and smelled like incense. There were plants everywhere and her decorative eye was subdued and tasteful. I wondered what this woman was doing waitressing at a pool hall. She had smokey jazz music playing lightly in the background. I felt like I had stepped into a spider's web. I imagined how many men had stepped foot into this apartment before me and fled, overwhelmed. I boldly entered, walking past her. She asked if I wanted a drink. I declined. I wanted this on my time table. I didn't want to get caught in here too early, I told her we had dinner reservations in 30 minutes.

The drive to the restaurant was filled with getting to know you conversation. Dinner was more of the same. We shared a bottle of red wine with our meal and had champagne with desert. We left the restaurant for a hotel bar that was private and dark. I ordered bourbon for both of us. As we drank, the mood changed and became serious. Up to this point we had danced around the fringe; I was trying to conceal my lust, she playing shy. I sat across the table from her and fell into her amazing eyes. The air was electric with our tension.

I suggested we go back to her apartment and she eagerly agreed. As we drove along the highway, I told her she was the sexiest woman I had ever met.

She leaned across the console and kissed my cheek, then licked my earlobe and gently sucked on my neck. Her hand was suddenly but lightly stroking my crotch. My cock grew in response. Her fingers and thumb traced the outline of the bulge in my fly and she made a little growling sound in appraisal. She unzipped my trousers and deftly extracted my raging erection, her hands like steely silk pulling up from the base.

"Oh my," she sighed, "Oh my."

I tried to keep my eyes on the road and concentrate on my driving. I felt her hot breath against my neck as she stroked my cock with more and more determination. I heard the soft slithery sound of her nyloned legs rubbing together as she slid around in the passenger seat and anticipated her soft, hot mouth on my cock head by fractions of a second.

The inside of her mouth felt like heaven. Her lips feathered around my shaft as her tongue glided slowly underneath the head of my cock. Her forefinger and thumb circled the base of my shaft tightly and gently pulled up, relaxed, pulled up, relaxed. Her mouth and tongue felt like a hot cavern as she sucked and moved her face up and down in tandem with her hand. She pressed forward and took my entire length into her throat (Something I had never felt before) and closed her lips tightly. I felt her exhaled breath heat my cock even more as her tongue continued to glide in circles along my shaft and the underside of my straining head.

She moaned, deep in her throat which sent incredible vibrations through my erection. I actually felt them in my spine. Her remaining fingers closed gently around my balls and she raked her fingernails ticklingly along the underside of my sack. She was giving me the blowjob of all time, and I was trying to keep from driving my car into oncoming traffic.

I looked down and saw her beautiful raven hair cascading around my crotch, which held

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