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Hubby brings back friends for vacationing wife to enjoy.

I couldn't put it off any longer, and there was no simple way of saying it.

"Henrik, tonight you are going to be a bit surprised. Well, a lot surprised actually."

Henrik looked at me curiously.

"I have been naughty." The words made me blush with embarrassment. "And as a punishment Steven has told me I have to be naked all evening." I tried to make it all sound as casual as possible.

Henrik's eyes opened as wide as saucers. "Naked. I don't understand Mrs Baker? What do you mean by naked?" Not surprisingly Henrik was doubting he had understood properly.

"Naked... I have to take off all my clothes." I could hardly look the young man in the eye.

"All of them?" he asked disbelievingly.

"Yes, all of them," I responded quietly, knowing I was blushing beetroot red. "I hope you understand and will not be offended?"

He was clearly confused by this surprising slice of American life, but I could also see in his eyes the prospect of seeing me naked was not unappealing to him. He had had a brief glimpse of me exiting the shower, and would like to see more.

Henrik shrugged his shoulders, and I could see he was fighting to hide a smile. "It is okay for me, Mrs Baker."

Totally embarrassed I quickly exited Henrik's room and went to my own. I took a long shower, which I was reluctant to end. Finally I forced myself to turn off the water and as I towelled myself I stared at my naked form in the mirror. I was 41 years old and proud of my body. I exercised regularly and was trim. Despite my slender form I had very full buttocks that showed no sign of sag. My breasts were not overly large, but again were firm with small, sensitive nipples. Even though I was proud of my body, I certainly did not want to go parading it around the house for everyone to ogle.

My eyes focused on my pubic hair. I had sparse, straight, blonde pubic hair that did little to hide my vaginal lips from view. How I wished I had a thick mop of black curly pubic hair like I had seen on some of my friends when we were showering at the gym.

I inhaled a deep breath. The time had come. I dropped my towel, walked out of the bathroom, through the bedroom and into the hallway. For a moment I hesitated as the swirling mix of emotions bombarded my inner senses, but I forced myself to go on. Quickly I strode past the open doorway of Henrik's room, not daring to glance in to see if he had seen me.

Once in the kitchen I tried to focus on preparing dinner, but believe me this is very difficult when one is stark naked. I reached for my apron, knowing it would at least cover my pubic region and breasts. I had only been in the kitchen a few minutes when Henrik strolled in, on the pretext of getting a drink of milk from the refrigerator. Even though I was wearing the apron, I was incredibly embarrassed as I knew he would have a clear view of my buttocks. He slowly drank his milk before leaving.

A short time later I heard Steven arrive home and he soon appeared in the kitchen. He walked up to me and put his arms around me. I thought he was going to give me a cuddle, but instead he untied my apron and removed it from me.

"I said naked. You must learn to do as you are told." Steven scolded me and I felt like a child being lectured by her parent.

I thought of protesting but knew it would be useless. I tried to focus my attention on preparing dinner, but when it was ready I was hesitant to call out to Henrik as I knew I had no way of hiding my nakedness from him. Finally I gathered the courage to call both males to the dinner table. In record time they were both seated at the dining table. Totally humiliated I served them the meal while both of them ogled my naked body. They were making no effort to be discrete. I even spotted Henrik quickly readjust the growing bulge in his trousers, which only served to make me more mortified.

Both males did at least try to make normal conversation during the meal, although neither could wipe the smirk off their faces.

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