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Squirting at home.


Holly's eyes lit up. Before she could even answer, it was in her face, just close enough to lick it up and down like a Popsicle, cleaning it of Gloria's sweet nectar. Holly nursed from the tip, tasting her precum as it oozed out. She was gentler than her previous partner, allowing Holly to control the fellatio as much as her restraints would allow.

When she was close, she removed her dick from Holly's mouth and started jerking it, the tip centimeters away from her face. "Where do you want it?"

Holly moaned and lowered her jaw, unfurling her tongue like the red carpet. Contrary to these non-vocal instructions, she sprayed her seed against her cheek. When Holly rolled her head away, the woman adjusted her aim to get the other cheek. Holly's face turned red as she felt the come resting on her cheeks, sticky and hot like molten sugar. At the end of her orgasm, the woman graciously left the last few drops fall on her tongue.

And just like the first woman, she walked off behind the stocks. And just like before, a new woman appeared right after, like she was an ATM. This one was a slightly mousy looking woman with brown hair and huge blue eyes that made her looked perpetually shocked. She wore a sweater with a collar poking up from under it, what they called the 'layered look.' If it wasn't for the lack of pants, she looked like she'd just come from a PTA meeting.

"Did Mindy do that?" She asked.

Holly blinked. "I don't know who Mindy is."


"Yes, this is her work."

"Awesome." The woman got down on one knee and started licking the come off Holly's face, holding her chin still like she was cleaning a struggling cat. Once Holly's face was clean and her the licker's mouth was full, the stranger pressed her lips against Holly's and slid her tongue into her mouth.

Holly whined louder than the two women who boldly shoved their dicks directly in her mouth. That was the natural arrangement of anonymous sex: two people on opposite sides of a barrier, one body part extended through for the pleasuring. But kissing on the mouth, even when delivering more delicious seed... this was an intimacy she wasn't prepared for.

She only broke free from the messy kisses when she felt someone teasing her pussy with their fingers and rubbing the tip against it. She could do it. A total stranger could just pound her aching pussy and she would have no say in it. She had allowed this... unless she changed her mind. She could say the safe word and be free of these restraints.

"Wait." Holly said.

All movement in the shop stopped, despite the pompadoured woman's warning. Even the collections of woman currently working Gloria over stopped.

The silence gave Holly the uncertain feeling of having been pushed out on stage without a script. "You OK?" Gloria called out, with the sudden pop of a dick, possibly two, being muscled out of her mouth to allow her to speak.

"I'm fine. You didn't have to stop."

"3, 2, 1." Gloria counted rapidly, and the sound of enthusiastic sex and squeaking hardware resumed immediately after the '1.'

The pompadoured woman appeared from behind the stocks. "You OK, pumpkin?"

"I am, but..." She hesitated. "I'd feel better about this if I knew... something about you. Like, your name. What is your name?"

The organizer looked around to the others for support, seeing how they felt about this idea. She knelt down. "My name is Casey. I'm thirty, and I'm the proprietor."

"We don't all have to say our age, do we?" Called a concerned voice from the crowd.

Casey pointed toward the voice. "SHE is fifty-seven."

"No, I ain't!"

"You're thirty? I would've never guessed." Holly confessed.

Casey chuckled deeply, and pinched Holly's cheeks. "You're so cute..." She kissed her on the lips once, then vanished from sight again.

The brunette in the sweater was now the only one visible. She stood, her huge member almost obscuring Holly's view of her. "I'm Sally, I'm twenty-seven and I'm an insurance adjuster."

"What does that actually mean? I've heard about it."

Sally stuffed herself into H

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