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Carol's plans revealed.

... often walking to the mailroom or laundry room with his shirt off and some baggy shorts.

My guess was he was a college student. Every time our eyes would meet, he would sort of stop in his stride and glare at me, then look away. There was some kind of attraction there...not sure, but his beautiful piercing blue eyes would capture me and I wouldn't be able to look away for a moment... it was almost as if he was looking through me, behind my eyes. I would always say "Hi" first, and then he would smile and say hi. I knew he was shy because he would only say Hi, or "how are you doing?," always in a cautious way sensing he was nervous about a real conversation. He had to have known I was older, but that didn't seem to matter.

And there he was... lying on one of the tables under the pavilion, smoking a cigarette. I felt a rush of heat run through my body and I started to turn and walk away but then he saw me. I guess I startled him too because he jumped up from the table and sat up with his legs propped up on the bench part of the table.

He grinned as he blew out his smoke and said... "Well, what are YOU doing here this time of morning?"

"Another sleepless night," I explained as I put the cigarette in my mouth. He jumped off the table and said... I'll do that for you. The flame from his lighter revealed his beautiful blue eyes to me once again; I said thanks and smiled back at him. He walked back over to the table to resume his position on the top of the table. I only had my nightshirt on and was barefoot. He said... "I guess you weren't expecting to see anyone out here by the way you are dressed, or should I say NOT dressed?" He mumbled with a grin. Our eyes met and we laughed as I shook my head.

I curled up in a chair under the pavilion resting my head on the back of the lounge chair. He couldn't keep his eyes off my legs. He thought I hadn't noticed but I did. We talked for awhile and I asked him what his name was. He said, my name is Max and I am a college student. I told him I figured he was. He said he had noticed me here at the apartment before. I

said "Yes, I caught you checking me out" He grinned and seemed embarrassed.

Then he said "well, you are very beautiful and sexy and you look very nice sitting there in the moonlight." I didn't say anything and I didn't feel nervous. I smothered my cigarette, got out of my chair and slowly walked over to him. I could tell by the look in his eyes that wanted me to come closer. He leaned back on his hands....as I touched his lips with my fingers and slowly slid my hands down his chest and beautiful stomach. My other hand was rested on his thigh. He had just slipped on his shorts to go outside without buttoning them.

They fly lay open as if to be inviting me to touch him. I slid my finger inside his boxers just a little to tug on them and tease him a little as I slipped my tongue in his mouth. He touched my cheek and ran his fingers down my neck and down my shirt to softly touch my breast and twist my very hard nipples while I was kissing him. He got very hot at that moment and took my face in his hands to suck on my tongue. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I was throbbing. I began pulling his shorts and boxers down past his knees to his ankles and pushed him back on the table. He was breathing heavy and was very hard. I knew what he wanted but I took my time. I rested my hands on his lower stomach and hips and lifted the head of his cock with my lips and tongue into the inside of my mouth gently biting and sucking just on the head of his cock.

I did this for awhile and then he lifted his hips to push it further inside my mouth.

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