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Roger and his aunt put in very special extra time at work.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon." My breasts heaved as I breathed his seduction into my lungs. He trailed his finger down my cheek, down my neck, brushing gently against my breast, down my soft stomach ...

More forcefully, he spread my legs apart and snapped what sounded and felt like a fur-laden handcuff around my right ankle.

I resisted and he let my left leg dangle alone, "Tell me no right now and all of this will stop." I sat silent, panicked! Click went the other cuff over my left leg. Or if you want to continue, say, "yes Sir, whatever you see fit to do. And then I want silence unless I ask you a direct question. Now, what will it be?"

I could feel him standing above me, looking at me, so vulnerable and naked - even though I was still fully clothed - my soul barred for him to inspect.

A tear rolled down onto my cheek, the blindfold soaking up the salty liquid. "Yes, Sir." It wasn't a tear for fear, but rather a tear for release, that made its way down my face. "Whatever you see fit, Sir." There was such an abundant feeling of release at that moment.

My hands were still free though and I somehow felt like I had a smidgen of power left inside of me. Just then my hair was gripped tightly and my head pulled back with full force. "Hands behind you," the voice directed. This was my last out. And like a total slut, I obeyed and willingly put my hands behind me, allowing them to be bound with soft plush handcuffs. I was in heaven and petrified about the consequences this meant for my soul. I was completely out of control - I had no say in the matter of what was to happen to me next.

My nipple was tweaked ... I screamed out in shock! My face was instantly slapped for such an outburst.

"That's it, slut - it's on! No more screaming from you." His tone was more angry and harsh now that I was completely helpless in my bonds. I felt a cool slab of metal against my inner thigh, and felt a tinge of regret - I was captive now, completely powerless. I squirmed in the chair. Scissors!! They moved up against my clit and snipped my panties right off of my body.

"Hey!" Shit! I forgot his instructions about not speaking!! I wanted to tell him how expensive those panties were!

His hand shoved their tattered remains into my mouth. "There, now you won't make a sound." I coughed into my warm panties as he ripped tape from a roll to seal my mouth shut. I breathed quickly through my nose, laboring for oxygen. "I'll punish your insubordinate outburst later." What the hell did that mean? Punishment???

He pulled my pink silk bra out away from my nipples about an inch or so and snipped enough material so that my erect nipple would poke through the opening. I gasped in sharply through my nose.

"Listen to me, you little slut." A hand slid through my slippery slit. I breathed deeply and groaned into the panties that were trapped in my mouth.

"Oh, look what you did you naughty girl, you soiled my hand. Someone is quite turned on ... needing to be fucked, Caitlin?" I tensed my buttocks up, trying to rid myself of this deplorable feeling of needing to be fucked and relieved right here by this strange beast who I couldn't even see. He ripped the surgical tape from my mouth and pulled the panties out.

"But not yet." He laughed at me. Blood rushed through my entire body, enflaming it with heated humiliation.

"Clean my hand." And I tentatively licked his hand and tasted my delicious juices, and the moment I began to really enjoy that, making love to his fingers, he pulled away. I was devastated. He shoved my panties back into my mouth and replaced the tape.

His mouth was taking in my left breast, sucking and biting just perfectly enough to make me feel on the verge of orgasm, but hard enough to know that he was silently trying to tell me to control myself.

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