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Life in a free thinking family.

I don't particularly enjoy punishing anyone."

"Yes, Lord," I whispered, watching him walk quickly out of the kitchen and disappear down the hallway. I stood slowly and disposed of the uneaten sandwiches in the garbage. Then, turning to do as master directed, I walked slowly, wishing that there was some way I could avoid watching Master punish Cid. One of the few things in all my years in slavery I had never been able to cope with was watching another slave being hurt.

At the door of the swing room I paused again, inhaling deeply and releasing the breath slowly. I opened the door and silently made my way to sit in a corner not occupied with one torturous device or another.

Cid appeared to be sleeping; his knees were bent, letting his arms take the bulk of his weight, his breathing was slow and deep. I guessed it was a front, and that he hoped that Master would take pity and let him sleep.

I sat down, as Master and the other slave walked in. The slave's eyes were still heavy with sleep, and she gazed around the room only half seeing. Master leaned down to whisper something I couldn't hear, and pointed toward me. She nodded and made her way over. She sat down and yawned, her eyes still wandering lazily over the room. "What's going on?" She asked, as her eyes came to rest on Cid's bound form.

"I'm sure that Master will explain before he starts," I whispered.

Master stepped over to Cid, dropping the bag of whips and pulling a tiny set of keys from his pocket. He moved with unnatural speed as he released Cid's arms and stepped back as Cid crumpled to the floor. "This is a punishment," Master stated, looking up from Cid to be sure he had our attention. "I would like to believe that I am a gentle master, but I would be daft to allow any of you to disobey my few simple rules," he knelt down and released the cuffs from Cid's ankles. "Learn well from this lesson, for it is the last I hope to ever give," he stood, his eyes on me. "After we have finished here, I will go over those rules with you, as well as a few other issues."

His eyes turned glacial as he turned his gaze to Cid. "On your feet, slave," he spoke the last word with such venom that the slave beside me cringed and tensed, as if she too were about to stand.

Cid stood slowly, his knees rubbery. His head hung low, his eyes fixed to the spilled contents of the bag Master dropped. I watched his eyes fall shut, and he shook his head in disbelief. These were not the kind of toys that some vampires used to warm a slave, most of these whips were meant to draw blood.

I followed our master's every move: he studied the swing for a long time. Then he shook his head, judging that it would not work for what he had planned. He collapsed the swing and moved it out of the center of the room, moving the rack that Cid had been bound to into its place. He rotated the rack slightly, so that I had a perfect view of the vertical table, then stepped back so he was slightly behind Cid.

"This is your only warning, Cid. If you disobey again, in any way, I will deliver you to the next clearance sale myself," Master growled, appearing to take no pleasure in the tiny shudder that passed through Cid's body. He reached up and unbuckled the ball gag. "Face against the rack," he ordered. "Arms above your head."

Cid struggled to obey quickly, his legs apparently still numb. He smashed his cheek against the table, and raised his arms. Master clamped his wrists and looked him over. "Get as comfortable as you can, you may be like that for a while," Master told him quietly, running his hand over his smooth back, his voice thick with remorse. "You know that I don't want to do this, but you have forced me to," he pulled his hand back, curling it into a fist. As it uncurled he brought it down quickly, landing a stunning blow low on Cid's left shoulder.

Cid flinched under the stinging blow.

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