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A couple takes a trip to Vegas to rekindle their love life.

"Oh God."

"Yes baby."

"I am so nervous."

"I am too."

"Hold me, please cuddle me."

The auburn haired woman lay flatter on the bed on her side. The blonde turned onto her side so they faced each other. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"We need to relax."

"I can't, I am too excited, aren't you?"

"Yes darling I am" the blonde whimpered as her friend wrapped her arms round her and pulled her against her body. She cuddled the slim body and enjoyed the sensation of it against her fuller, more rounded form. Neither said anything as they 'tested the waters' of the intimacy of another woman by holding and cuddling one.

Their faces were so close they could see the eye liner on the others eyelids and the tiny blonde hairs on the upper lips. They could smell the other's perfume and hairspray and could feel their friend's hands on their shoulders. They didn't move for a moment; it was as if they were both frozen, but then almost simultaneously they moved their hands down the other's back. As they did, so they moved forward a tad and their bodies touched; their legs, their tummies and most illustratively their breasts. They didn't crush them together. At first it was more of a brushing of them against the other, but that was enough so make them even more aware of the sheer intimacy of the present position and the potential sexual connotations that could result from it. As well as the sensations of their nipples and boobs touching so both of them revelled in feeling the other's hands exploring their back. Both pairs of hands slid slowly downwards coincidentally, but meaningfully lingering on the other's bra strap before coming to rest just above the other's waist with their fingers gently pressing and rubbing the swell of flesh at the top of the other's buttocks. They glanced at each other and relished the look of pleasure and excitement in the other's eyes.

"Was this what you meant" the darker haired woman asked softly adding. "When you said about being held and cuddled?"

The blonde smiled. "Yes it is and it is lovely isn't it?"

"Mmmm" was all that the other woman said, closing her eyes and running her other hand up her friend's bare arm and slipping it inside the short sleeve of the tennis top. Although such a gesture would not usually be considered overtly sexual, even though the hand went as far up the sleeve as it could go right onto the curve of the shoulder that she cupped, to both of them it was a hugely symbolic act. The darker woman had 'invaded' the blonde's clothing, she had fondled some flesh that was not on show and she was inching her way nearer and nearer to the blonde's breasts. The blonde responded. Also with her eyes closed she reached up and put her hand on the auburn haired woman's shoulder just where that meets her neck. As she enjoyed the feelings of her friend's fingers inching along her shoulder and slipping under the strap of her bra so her hand slid slowly along the other's shoulder in the other direction. And as it did, it took the folds of her friend's track suit top with it. That slid over the other woman's shoulder and started slithering down her slim, tanned arm. As she put her arm behind her to help the removal of the top so her thin tennis top was pulled tightly across her chest framing and illustrating her small, pert breast. They fumbled the top off and lay back cuddling.
They were starting to become accustomed to being in such an intimate situation, to being in each other's arms, to be caressing and holding each other.

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