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He could stay and fight to the end with hopes General Wei would arrive in time and still many of the men would be glad to do so. No matter his choice though, the end result is be one did not care to face. "Order the fleet to press full on," he orders finally coming out of dilemma. "We will follow straight in with our brethren. I want the batteries fully firing until the American fleet are no more or we are no more!"

"Very well Captain," the officer answers. He turns to the communications officer and relays the order.


General Wei arrived with his portion of the fleet to find the fleet commanded by Captain Tong in ruins. Hulking masses of Chinese ships continue to burn as they barely manage to remain afloat. Many of the ships are no longer burning but are massive chunks of wreckage. Debris and bodies litter the sea. What ships that can't be seen that are supposed to be there, General Wei assumes now sit at the bottom of the ocean floor.

American ships mill about along with small water craft as they search for survivors. Wei orders his ships to stop short of any long range guns the Americans have and wait to be hailed. "Are there any transmissions from the Gang Jun?" he openly asks.

"Yes sir," a crewman answers. "We have a final transmission send just before the ship sunk."

"Sir," another crew member says before the general can speak. "We are being hailed by the American Fleet."

"Send the report to my quarters," he says to the first crewman. "Put the Americans on."

A click sounds letting the general know the communications line is open. "This is General Wei of the flagship Dawei."

"Greeting General Wei," a crisp voice says over the line. "This is Fleet Admiral Russell Pellington of the USS Downley requesting to know your intentions."

"Ah Admiral Pellington, I have heard of you and your accomplishments."

"As I have heard of you also General."

"I see you have defeated my fleet," he says stating the obvious. "I have what you would call a superior force at moment considering my fleet is fresh and ready for battle where as yours is in near shambles."

"If that is a threat General then I am more than ready to face you here and now," Pellington says with a fierceness that leaves General Wei without doubt. "Reinforcements are on the way and I assure you that if you defeat me before their arrival I assure that you will be crippled and easy pickings."

"You expect me to believe what you tell me because you are afraid of defeat?"

"I expect nothing from you general," Pellington says with a dead tone lining his voice, showing no hint one way or the other about whatever emotions are running through him. "Your forces on the ground are losing and on the verge of surrender or retreat. Your fleet has been defeated here and you are left to defend something that no longer exists except for your pride. The choice is yours General Wei."

Wei stands silently staring off into the distance. The crew on the bridge looks around trying to avoid staring at the general anxiously awaiting his decision. They are willing to give their lives for their country but none of them wish to die foolishly for something that may no longer exist.

"Are there any Chinese survivors?" Wei asked breaking the silence.

"We have found none general," Pellington answered. "If we do, however, I personally guarantee that when this conflict is resolved, provided you turn your fleet around and leave, they will be returned to China."

"Very well Admiral, I will hold you to your word."

Wei signals the communications officer to cut the transmission then orders the fleet to turn around.

"I'll be in my quarters," he announces. "I only wish to be bothered upon an attack or when we reach Mother China."


General Wei sits at his desk for several minutes before finally playing the recorded transmission sent out by Delun Tong shortly before his command ship sunk.

The report is for General Wei.

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