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A depressing view of Groundhog Day.

Her hips rose to meet him, grinding hard against him when he was inside her completely. Nick felt her leg cross the backs of his thighs, pulling him to her.

Brynn released Nick's neck, tangling her fingers in his damp hair, and she broke their kisses to look into his eyes. He saw raw animal hunger there, and he felt his own passion rise. "Oh Nick, take me. Give me all of you." As their lips met again, Nick thrust harder, moving faster inside her. He felt her pussy moving around him, felt her heart pounding in her chest against him. She broke away from their kiss again and held him tightly, crying out softly with each rapid breath, her lips so close to his ear.

The sound of her excitement proved more than he could bear. Not wanting to let go of her body, Nick's hips shook as he pumped them frantically, and Brynn's cries grew louder, her nails biting into the skin on his back, her legs wrapping tightly around his body. A thrill ran up the back of Nick's neck, and his scalp tingled.

Nick felt something strange, horrible, and wonderful, all at once, as white hot sensation shot at once up his spine and down to grip and burn his testicles. He shook and growled as the fire shot through his body, down his arms and his legs, and from his balls up to the head of his cock. He thought of nothing, he couldn't think, the only thing that existed in his consciousness was Brynn, and the sensation of her pussy grabbing him, holding him, and the conflagration inside him exploded, pulling his eyes back into his head, making him roar as he came inside her.

He collapsed inwardly, exhausted, and his weight rested on Brynn's soft, wet body. He held her, panting hard, unable to catch his breath or slow his heart. He heard Brynn say, "Wow," and he felt her kiss his shoulder, her lips soft and cool on his damp skin. Her hands ran smoothly over his back, and he felt her shuddering beneath him.

A short while later, Nick wasn't sure if he'd fallen asleep or not, Brynn separated herself from him and he felt her tugging softly on his now surely limp dick, and he felt the sensation of the condom popping free. Brynn rose and went into the bathroom, and when she returned she leaned over him from the side of the bed and kissed his lips.

"Did you..." Nick paused, trying to think of the proper terminology before giving up. "Did you?" Fingers brushed his chest and he heard her say softly, "I could have, but no. I don't mind though. It was beautiful."

"I could help you." His heart had almost calmed to normal and his breathing was hardly strained at all, and he wanted so much to please this amazing girl.

"Don't. Don't make this cheap. You were a stallion. You took me to places I've never dreamed of, and I'm not kidding. I wouldn't change one thing about what we just did." Brynn lay down next to Nick, and they held each other.

The Fourth Day

Nick was having the most amazingly good dream when he woke, and realized that reality was so much better. He was on his back, and as his eyes opened and focused he saw Brynn, her palms flat on his chest, her breasts rolling softly in time with her motion. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was biting her upper lip, her hips swaying softly as she rode him. She saw his eyes were open and she shushed him before closing her eyes again.

Nick lay very still, his heart beginning to pound, his body electrified by the sensations pulsing through him as she slowly moved herself on him. She made a small cry deep in her throat, and then another escaped her parting lips. Her hips rolled slightly faster and he felt her moving around him. She sat back, sitting straight upright, and squeezed her breast as she sucked a finger of the other hand.

He watched as the blush began on her cheeks, slowly but visibly moving down her neck and spreading across her chest.

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