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Ted goes on a secret date with Sierra and Emily.

I felt and can say with reasonable certainty that I took all but a couple inches. I wasn't sure if I had made a right choice in either picking a toy or wanting to go anal at all because it was hurting, but at the same time, I felt so full that I didn't want to stop.

After a few minutes of allowing myself to adjust to that new fullness, I started reading again. I moved the toy cock in and out of my ass slowly. I wasn't able to pick up speed with the couple in the book but I continued to read while moving it in and out of myself slowly. When they were finished and she went to clean herself up, I discarded the book, anxious to bring myself off. Even though the discomfort was there, I was growing more and more turned on by it.

I pulled the vibrator out of my ass, but only long enough to add a little more lube to the mix, and pushed it back inside myself. It didn't hurt as bad the second time around and I was both amazed and happy about that.

I laid my head down on the bed, leaving my ass up in the air and really began moving the vibrator in and out again. As my arm bumped up against my pussy, I could feel the wetness of myself and wondered if it was from the lube or just because I was that turned on.

I moved it in and out of myself for a while and just enjoyed the feel of it, the naughtiness of what I was doing to myself. With every stroke of the toy, I was becoming more desperate to reach orgasm.

I reached for the small bullet vibe and turned it on high and placed it between my legs and centered over the top of my clit. I couldn't believe the overwhelming sensation of having something inside my ass and a vibe on my clit. I knew that very soon I would reach my peak.

The longer I held the vibe on my clit the more I had trouble focusing on thrusting the other toy in and out so I eventually gave that up. I opted instead to just hold it as deep inside myself and focus on the feelings provided by the one on my clit and the fullness.

I came harder than I had ever thought possible within seconds of focusing on my clit only. I could feel the muscles in my ass pushing and pulling on the cock and was surprised. I had never known those muscles contracted much the same as a pussy would. I also noticed that those contractions kind of hurt when there was something inside there. That was more painful than putting it inside there, but even at that, it was still very satisfying.

When I was finished, all cleaned up and dressed, I could still feel the toy cock inside my ass and it felt wonderful to know I had done it. I couldn't wait to tell Dave that now I would be willing to try and let him inside there. Now that I knew, I could handle it with a toy cock, I was very impatient to try it with a real one but I wasn't sure how to approach the conversation.

The next day I was sore and was very glad that I hadn't mentioned it to him as of yet. I would wait until the pain was gone, and then figure out a way to discuss that I wanted him inside there.

As luck would have it, I ended up waiting a couple months. It didn't hurt for that long, just I couldn't figure out a way to throw in "hey, want to go anal?" into conversation.

I'm still not sure how the subject came up, but it did, and it ended with me telling Dave that I wouldn't be against anal if he wanted to try it out. I did say that I wasn't sure, if I could take it or not but that I would like the chance. I left out the fact that I had gone solo on it.

Dave being the type man that he is, he didn't say, "Well let's start." or anything of that nature. It took him a couple weeks to work up to it.

We had been fooling around and there was little doubt that we were going to have sex. He was fooling around with that rear entrance quite a bit running the vibrator over it and stuff. He didn't attempt to put anything inside there at first, though by this time I really hoped that he would. I wanted him to put something inside there more every time that the vibe rubbed across the outside of it.

Dave dropped the

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