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Female scientist experiments on an unsuspecting woman.

I felt my climax beginning to creep up on me so I felt it was necessary to slow down a bit. I guess somewhere within the mind, that logic does not apply, however, because I continued to relentlessly pound into her lying on the bed. Except that suddenly I was on the bed, and she was riding atop me. The feeling never altered, really, just positions. Slightly confused, I was brought quickly back to things when she said "Cum inside me. I want it all." There was little I could do to hold back any more, so I just laid my head back, closed my eyes, and let it rip.

As soon as I began to shoot my load, she pressed her body down completely atop my own and stopped to feel it blast within her. When I re-opened my eyes and looked to her, she began slowly sliding herself off of the thick shaft. Glistening with sweat that shone from unseen places, her figure was stunning as it floated off of me. White cum oozed from her pussy walls and down my penis as it sat there, still completely erect. Without warning, a second woman appeared next to her and began lapping at the dripping cum, sucking it all in. Normally that should have scared the hell out of me, and yet I only found it more erotic, with two amazing looking women now at my feet, one sucking eagerly at my spent load.

I just laid there for a few minutes observing and pondering on what more I could really want. Apparently I'm a little more twisted than I had previously thought, however, and would soon find that out first hand. As my mind began to wander, I found myself on top of the first brunette, again fucking her in a missionary position. This time, however, my pace was slow and methodical, pulling completely out and then pressing slowly all the way in.

I felt a poke at my asshole. Surprised to say the least, I whipped my head around only to become more surprised. There was the second woman, whom I now recognized as a girl that I had chased for some time to no avail. Her hand was at my ass, one finger pressing at my asshole. Normally I may have jumped a little at the poke, but I was suspended mid air, with my arms outstretched in a "Y" shape, and I was on my knees leaning into the first girl.

"Calm down," said the woman behind me, "after all, you know you want it."

After quick consideration, I knew she had to be right. Somewhere in my brain, I wanted this. So I let her proceed to press upon my asshole as I slowly slid in and out of the brunette. I found that the more I began thinking, the more I wanted her fingers in my ass. Thinking this, one finger slid slowly within me, quite easily, as with the aid of some lubricant. The feeling was amazing, having a finger within my ass, pressing on my prostate, while I slowly was fucking another woman.

Then she slid another finger within me. Normally I think I may have experience a slight pain, but this was my world and it felt only good and smooth to me. After a few more strokes, I felt like I needed to cum again. That's when she pulled her fingers from me. I turned with a pleading look to her and asked "Why?" I needed no answer, though, when I saw the strap-on dildo she was wearing. It was a fairly small one, comparable to the size of two fingers, so I wasn't intimidated, but I was rather turned on by the site. A beautiful woman wearing such a strong looking piece of equipment aroused me even more. I found myself wanting to be in the middle of this sandwich more and more with every passing moment.

The dildo found little resistance when it passed into the awaiting hole that her fingers had left. Not being very large, her hips were pressed quickly to my backside, forcing me completely into the brunette beneath me. When I would pull out, she would also. Each thrust only seemed to make me crave more. I felt the dildo within my ass grow right where it was, buried completely in my body. My eyes rolled backwards as I felt it swell within myself. My own dick became instantly hard as a rock, and I didn't move. I just sat there and enjoyed this new sensation.

I don't know how long I remained in one place, but

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