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Things continue to escalate with Ethan.

He didn't have a cultural bone in his large body. To her, the prospect of suggesting he may meet girls there on the surface of it didn't seem to be a great lure either. He had a nice personality once you got to know him, but she'd seen enough of him coming on to women to know how hopeless he really was at it.

But like many men, he was blissfully unaware of his weakness and persisted in his quaint belief that not having a steady girl any time in the past three years was just bad luck. He just described it as a drought about to break. That bait of pretty girls there, free booze, and the concession that, yes, he could take a few photos of those at the event was enough to commit him. She suspected his surprise offer to bring his camera along was more in the hope of catching Clare and Anna kissing now that he knew they were lesbians. He was smitten with both of the attractive girls. They probably wouldn't kiss in public though, so she didn't stress about him bringing the camera as long as he served her purposes.

Even with him there, she knew she still may have a problem. Based on most past instances with alcohol around, Amelia knew he was likely to binge drink. That may mean only one or two hours of protection before he became close to useless. She decided she'd better make up the large bedroom for him in case he got so drunk he was unable to take a cab home. Thankfully, becoming violent had never formed part of his drunken behaviour but he often got loud, opinionated and embarrassing.

On the night, despite her numerous requests, he got really drunk and did so really quickly. She had nervously kept him alongside her, casting constant glances about for Graham, hoping he would turn up one moment then praying he wouldn't a minute later. Suddenly a drunken Kevin nudged her.

"Who's that amazing looking girl over there talking with Clare and Anna?" he asked. "I don't know," she replied with disinterest, her eyes still sweeping the crowd. "Why?" "I think she rather fancies me," came his slurred reply. "She's been looking at us for the past five minutes."

Amelia stopped and focused on the beautiful young woman with the long legs cascading down the stool under her miniskirt. Kevin was right, she thought. She was stunning. And she did indeed seem to be watching them.

"I'll go over and see if I can bring her back," she promised her brother.

By the time she had made it over to Clare and Anna though, the mystery girl had vanished.

"That girl you were talking with. Kevin seems to think she's interested in him. Forlorn hope, but I said I'd try to introduce her to him," she half-shouted over the music. "Do you know her? Where's she gone?"

Anna tossed her head back and laughed, pointing back to her brother. "She's Julia, and we know her all right. She's an old friend, but she's been a really wild one sexually in the past. She's quietened down the past couple of years we're told, but you'd better get back and protect our young Kevin, because she may race him off before he knows what hit him. She used to have no inhibitions whatsoever once."

Raising her eyebrows at the pair, Amelia looked back at the seemingly innocent girl, glass in hand talking in such a relaxed manner to her brother. She was too good looking surely to be interested in him.
"God, the three year drought may indeed be about to break for him." Amelia muttered to the girls. "If so, it's long overdue. But I'd better get back and protect him from himself before he ruins it by trying to play at being Dr Suave or worse, Mr Chauvinist."

She applauded herself for getting there just in time. He was drunkenly waving the camera about in one palm, his free hand holding out the neckline of her dress to take a shot down the front of her dress. Julia was taking it all in fun but seemed to have an air of relief in her smile as Amelia arrived.

"I'm sorry," Amelia breathlessly panted as she arrived, slapping his hand and making him release Julia's top.

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