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Amie serves Erik breakfast in bed and then gets rid Kurt.

I'm going to go freshen up."

She slid out and he waved over the waitress. She didn't think for a moment about what he might order, knowing that he would get something they would both enjoy. She went to the ladies room and wound up at a sink next to another woman.

The other woman turned and asked, "Excuse me, but can I ask you about the man at your table? Is he your husband?"

Something she could never explain made her turn and say, "Yes. Yes he is. Why?"

"Nothing." The woman turned back to her mirror. "You are a lucky woman."

"Thanks. I am." She reached into her purse for a makeup brush, then stopped. He had always told her she was beautiful without.

"Damn it," she addressed her reflection. "What the hell is going on here? We are just meeting for drinks. Friends. That's it. Then back home to my shitty life." She threw the brush back into her purse and walked out.

She slid back in to the table, seeing the first course already arrived. A wonderful smell, was that lavender?

"New menu item," he said. "Lavender soup."

"Good stuff," she said. "If you don't like it you can bathe in it."

"Maybe they do. The waitress smelled pretty flowery. So did the Ma__tre d', for that matter."

"Is that what you do in France? Take baths of lavender and wine?"

"Oh, yeah. If by lavender you mean soap, and by wine you mean water that is occasionally clear but mostly a suspicious rusty color, then absolutely."

"You make it sound so enticing. At least you get your iron."

"That's just for starters. The shower is a small nozzle thing on a hose and the shower stall is the size of a phone booth -- just getting in there is like trying to crawl back inside a womb."

She was watching his lips as he was talking and the mention of his shower brought back a vivid memory of one night, the two of them locked in a passionate embrace, his lips and mouth opening hers, one strong arm holding her tight while he was holding the shower nozzle in just the right way, hitting just the right-

"Ma'am? Your entr__e?" The waitress was at her elbow, offering a dish of the most incredible smelling curry. She was snapped back to the moment with a sense of... disappointment?

She dug into the dinner and her mouth was flooded with bliss. She unconsciously leaned into him with the sensation.

"Perfect. They always get it right."

He felt her lean in, her warmth, felt the vibrations of her speaking in his chest. His body was responding of its own will and his eyes could not help but to glance down at her, her nose, her chin, her neck. The satin of her blouse falling open just enough for a glimpse of lace-covered breast, the sight sending a cascade of feelings straight through him.

"Bill," he told himself, "she is here as a friend, as a..." He took a sip of his drink. "Hell, who am I kidding? I want her. I want her bad. Just as bad as when we first met." The admission to himself was liberating and he felt himself now allowing the feelings to course through him. His body was waking up quickly and he shifted his hips.

He looked back at her and found her eyes now staring up at him.

"What?" he asked.

"I was wondering what you were thinking."

He swallowed. They had always been honest with each other. "I was thinking -- about you. Being here."

Her eyes became coy as she asked innocently, "And what about me, being here?"

He could not stop the words. "I was thinking about you. Wanting you. Wanting you bad. Wanting to rock your world, now, tonight."

There. It was out.

She felt herself get lightheaded as she considered her answer. A single word, a single touch now would change everything. She looked into his eyes and knew she was undone.

"I know. I want that too."

He leaned in and their lips touched. First a light, soft touch. She felt his breath on her, gentle, familiar. Then more, his body demanding more, his lips parting and hers opening in invitation. His arm went behind her and she lost her strength to him as he held her closer, kissing her deeply.

"Now?" She asked.


"Where?" she asked.

"Next door in the Four Seasons.

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