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A mother seduces her college coed daughter!

She had never hit him before and she was filled with remorse as she watched him redden. "Oh I'm sorry Tommy...but..." She started to cry.

He put his hand on her shoulder and said, "Don't cry mom, I'm sorry; I shouldn't of done that. I won't do it again. I won't do anything again." He turned and walked away.

Lorraine stopped him by the couch and said. "Listen honey, let's sit and talk about this. I got angry because you were trying to do what Frankie did just to..."

"What do you mean, 'what Frankie did?' What does this have to do with him? I told him how I feel about you, that I love you and all and he said I should do something about it."

"You mean you didn't...?"

"Mom, all I told him was that I had seen you once and..."

"Seen me once what?"

"Well I saw you without your clothes on and since then I realized that it was you that I want to be know...and that's maybe why I have trouble finding girls because...I don't know...because they're not you."

"Oh honey, I thought...oh it doesn't matter what I thought but you'll find someone who..."

He interrupted her and said fiercely, "Don't you understand I've loved you and wanted you ever since I can remember. This didn't happen yesterday. This isn't a game. I love you, I love you...I love you."

His face was right up to hers; she looked into her son's eyes and saw the depth of his desire. She was overwhelmed. Her apprehensive lips met his for reasons she had not begun to understand. The kiss took her past understanding. She was caught in the maelstrom of intoxicating fluids that coursed through her. She wanted him.

Tommy's hands roamed over his mother's body without finding rest as they kissed. He was kissing his mother but what made him hard was that his mother was kissing him. His mother's tongue was in his mouth and his mother's hand was on his cock. Every space between their kisses was filled with him telling her he loved her.

He undressed her quickly and she helped him. He threw the pillows off the couch as the sight of her totally nude before him had him straining in his pants. All the creamy skin against the dark blue of the couch was starkly beautiful. He undressed himself and directed her onto her hands and knees. He got behind her and cast his eyes over the perfect globes of his mother's ass. He stroked the curves around to her dewy pussy and touched her until the fine hairs were saturated. Her eyes were closed and her breath was labored in anticipation of her son's cock. When he finally guided it into his mother's wet hole she began to tremble. She felt herself gradually being filled as his cock found its way deep into the humid conduit. He reached to hold the conical breast that heavily filled his hand. The nipple was hard in the center of his palm and his mother moaned softly as he gently massaged her aching breast.

When her channel was totally gorged with her son's shaft he was at her ass. He massaged it with his thumbs as his final thrusts hit her sweet spot. A responsive moan followed each contact. "Tommy,'s filled with Tommy in me...yes baby..."

He leaned over her back as he gave her his cock and almost whispered, "I want your ass mom...I want your ass."

"Ok love...ok baby...just don't hurt it slow baby."

He pulled out of his mother's cunt and saw that her hot juices covered his cock. He placed the engorged knob on his mother's asshole and evenly pressed the thick end past her ring. He wasn't sure if the high-pitched note his mother squealed was from pleasure or pain. He had waited so long to have her this way; he didn't ask. Her voice was almost whimpering when she said, "Oh baby, it's so big in me ...oh...oh...push in me easy baby...easy"

He went deeper into his mother's ass and she cried out. He was where he wanted to be, where he had fantasized he would be but his heart held his urge to push deeper into her. "I'll stop mom," he said as he began to withdraw from the hot sheath of his mother's tight passage."

"No love.

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