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Jenny is a very gracious hostess for the Superbowl.

Everyone was sardined together, my body so close between the two men that I could feel their body heat. If I was lucky, I wouldn't have to move again until my next stop, since the next 15 minutes worth of stops opens on the opposite side. I wasn't wearing the most concealing of outfits, but it was part of the job I did. Trying to get a music career going is hard, but even harder as a foreigner. The promos had me wearing an ultra-mini and a revealing top that pushed my breasts up and out. It wasn't uncomfortable, but with two guys and me between them... it was a bit embarrassing.

Leaning against the door, I noticed the younger man lean in toward me, turning his back to the man next to him. Suddenly I felt his hand on my backside. It wasn't uncommon for that to happen from time to time. However, I caught the wicked gleam in his eye and knew he was doing it willfully. Trying to be decent, I moved forward, hoping his hand would fall off but he followed, brazenly squeezing and slowly lifting my skirt. Heaven help me, I was only wearing a thong! My head turned to look at him with disapproval, but his eyes were focused downward on my butt.

"Excuse me," I said politely, raising his attention. "Would you mind removing your hand?" All of this was said in a mere whisper for fear of having everyone seeing me being fondled on the train.

"Shut up," he said rudely, turning my face forward. The older man began smiling and suddenly his hand was on my breast. It didn't take much to expose my nipple; it was practically at the edge anyway. Just as I was about to speak loudly at what was happening, I felt something cold and metal at my back.

"Like I said before - shut up," said the young man. "Here's what you're going to do. Bend down as if you're checking your bag. And do your job."

I was utterly shocked and scared. God, he had a weapon to my back and he was going to do me on the train? Oh no! I reluctantly followed his orders. Some men standing around us formed a cul-de-sac of sorts, protecting the solicitous activity from nosy eyes. I bent over and watched the older man unzip his dress pants and whip out his dick. His fingers threaded through my hair and he began to fuck my mouth. I couldn't believe how hard he was already, his blood-flushed dick vaulting deep into my mouth. The gun pressed deeper into my side and I understood its meaning. My slack mouth grew taut, sucking him off as he went in and out. His body barely moved, but mine did, his hand insistent with motion. The next thing I know, my thong was being pushed aside by a warm, prodding finger and immediately replaced by the young man's dick. He surged deep into me and let out a hearty growl to which no one noticed. They were all too busy on their mobile phones anyway. Despite the situation, I was wet inside and he couldn't help but noticing.

"Wet already? You're gonna be good," he crooned.

I didn't know what that meant and couldn't comment on it anyway with this guy's dick in my mouth. The young man's hands viciously gripped my hips, pounding into me mercilessly, while the older man kept whispering, "That feels good" over and over again.

Without warning, the older man pulled back and held me by my chin. His dick was directed at my mouth while he jerked off.

"Open," he ordered. I followed.

Moments later, warm liquid landed in my mouth, diluting on my tongue with saliva and sweat.

"Good girl," the older man said with approval, tucking his dick back into his pants. "Finish up and we'll deal with this."

"Yes, sir," the young man replied, fucking me harder than before. He pulled out and held up my skirt to completely reveal my butt. His orgasm was just as violent as his fucking was, the hot liquid exploding with unnatural force against my soft skin. I felt it dripping low into my folds, soaking the cloth of my thong.

The stops were suddenly shorter and shorter, forcing them back to their original positioning. When I stood up straight, the young man grabbed my hand.

"You're coming with us."

"What?" I asked, scared for my life.

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