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You get ready for a night out together.

You leave the strings dangling from my tits, looking like they are waiting to be tethered to some stationary holding point, and instruct me to get on my back on the table with my ass at the edge. i immediately scurry to do Your bidding and lay on my back, feeling my heavy tits trying to fall to my sides but held up by the tight rope tit press You have created; the pressure intense and intensely erotic, flowing straight to my now quite wet cunt, my pulse pounding from nipples to clit to the vein along my neck under my collar back to my cunt! my head just over the end at the top of the table, not dangling but not all on yet my neck fully supported, my ass just hanging off the end. It seems as if the table were sized perfectly for my length and Your height, as the top of it is near Your mid thigh - perfect fucking height; or if You choose to sit, it will place Your face at a level with the juncture of my spread thighs.

You tell me to lift my legs and bend my knees above me and to grasp my ankles. i do and feel as my cunt and ass completely open and exposed by the position You have me in, my muscles in my inner thighs, groin and hips stretching. You return to Your box and then back with yet more rope, dropping the pile of it onto my tummy. You again reach into the box and i see You pull out leather straps. i shiver, realizing they are cuffs and that my restraints are only at their beginning. Picking up one, You hold it to my mouth for a kiss. i kiss it, knowing that it is like kissing Your hand as the leather cuffs will hold me as lovingly, as sternly, as firmly and as securely as You do. You kiss the inside of my left wrist, right over my pulse point, then attach the first restraint. The process is repeated 5 more times. My right wrist, left then right ankle and, just above my knees, my left then right thigh. By the time You finish, my breathing has quickened considerably in anticipation of the unknown plans You have for Your pet slut.

Picking up a length of the rope, You run it through the D-ring on the outside of the cuff on my left thigh and tie it off then You attach it to the table leg at the end by my head, securing me to the table with my leg up, back and spread out to the side and lifting my ass slightly up and off the table. You return to get more rope and secure my right leg in the same fashion. Now standing between my spread legs and retrieving another length of rope, You tie it to the left thigh cuff again, then You drop it over the left side of the table and toss it beneath. You move to the right side, reach down and pull up the rope and tugging on it to pull my left leg out wider, You then run the rope up through the right cuff's d-ring and pull it tight to spread my right leg out wide and, tying the rope off, both of my legs are spread widely open and held with the same rope beneath me and further holding me to the table beneath me. i don't think i've ever been spread open more thoroughly and totally - my vulnerable cunt and ass spread open as a buffet for You. To use, enjoy or abuse -- likely all!

You pick up another rope from the dwindling pile on my stomach and attach it to the ring on my right ankle cuff and then to the table leg at my ass end. You repeat the act on the right side, now tying it off the leg near my head so that my ankle is equally secure above and below me. You walk to the other side of the table and picking up the last two pieces of rope repeat the pattern on my left side. My legs are going nowhere!!!

You walk to the head of the table and tell me to release my ankles and give You my hand.

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