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Busty younger sister has unexpected day.

"You want this?" he asked, rubbing his shaft against her soaking slit.

Angie moaned and grinded her pelvis against his. "Yes, please."

Kissing her lips, he slid a little inside her and pulled back out. Angie bit her lip in frustration. "You're really going to drag this out, aren't you?"

Connor smiled down at her. "Hey, you made me wait eight years."

"Oh, Gavin you are so going to pay."

Connor plunged into her in one solid thrust, making them both moan loudly. "Promise?" he grunted

Being inside her was indescribable. Connor felt as if her pussy was made for him. He thrust in and out, grinding his hips into hers and making wide circles. He was moving at a slower pace, determined to last. He wanted her to cum first, to enjoy this experience.

He watched as her large breasts bounced with every thrust. She was moaning loudly now, her arms stretched above her head, grabbing hold of the headboard.

"You like this cock, hellcat?" he groaned.

Her response was to left her hips higher to meet his thrusts. Connor pulled out of her completely, rubbed her slit up and down with his hand, and rammed his cock into her again.

He grinned like a kid in a candy store when she screamed and wrapped her legs around his waist. "I take it you liked that?" he said wickedly.

"Yes. Oh god, yes," she chanted. She hissed loudly when he took her nipple into his mouth and nipped it hard.

"Who made you scream," he whispered in her ear.

She just whimpered. Connor pulled out and thrust hard back into her, emitting another small scream from her mouth. Her hands grabbed at his back, her nails digging into his skin.

"I said, who made you scream" he asked again. He knew that there were going to be marks in the morning, he didn't give a damn.

"You, baby" she moaned. "Oh, Connor I'm going to cum!"

Connor groaned as she tightened around him. Her eyes stayed opened as she bit her lip, trying to stifle her pleasure.

He moved faster now, like a piston moving in and out of her. He brushed her lip out of her mouth. "Let it out, hellcat. Let me hear you sing."

Angie felt herself hit the edge and tumble over as the release came over her. She let out a long wail as she shuddered from the orgasm's intensity. Connor held onto her as her body rocked out one wave after another. It had been so long since she felt a man's touch and the right man was doing the right things to her body.

Before she had time to catch her breath, Connor slid out of her wetness. Turning her over, he spanked her ass, making her moan and wiggle it.

He slid in from the back, his dick missing her warmth. Connor felt as if he could stay inside her for the rest of his life.

Angie shuddered, enjoying the feel of his cock pulsating inside her. He was long and thick.

Connor leaned down to plant kisses on her back. "I know I was gentle before, but now I'm going to fuck you," he said, stroking in and out of her. "If you thought last time was good, you ain't seen nothing yet, hellcat."

Angie raised her ass, allowing him to go deeper. "Spank me, please."

Connor brought his hand down several times, giving her sharp stinging slaps that made her whimper with pleasure.

He raised her up, turning her face to his. "You're so kinky, hellcat," he said, strumming her clit. "It's turning me on."

Angie grinned and reached her hand around them and slapped his ass, making him moan. "Baby, you have no idea."

Angie fell back to the bed, resting on her elbows. She began to meet his thrusts, pushing back. Connor groaned. "Dance for me hellcat. Dance on that cock."

She rotated her hips wildly, making her breasts sway. Connor grabbed hold of them, flicking the bars and whispering dirty things in her ear.

"You gonna cum for me again, baby?" he asked, quickening his strokes.

"Mmm yes, fuck me harder."

"You like the way I fuck you, Angie?" he groaned.

His hand traveled to her pussy, pinching her clit and making her squeal. "Oh, Conny, I'm going to cum again," she moaned. Turning to look at him, she flashed him a grin. "You with me baby?"

"Always, hellcat.

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