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She shocks him until he does as he's told.

I am so glad that the phone quality in India for international calls is below average - Neena was able to mask some of her moans and sighs by speaking loudly or occasionally muting the phone to avoid suspicion from your father.

Neena has now gotten to really like the house. Like most US homes, it is fully carpeted - meaning we can lie and fuck on the floor anywhere. The kitchen has a central breakfast counter area which is ideal for us to fool around - she told me likes the cold of the counter top on her back as she lays on it while either getting eaten or fucked. It is also an ideal height from which she can straddle me, making it easier for me to stand up with her impaled on my dick and then walk around - her favorite position as I have told you many times before. The bathrooms are much bigger than back home - the large shower stall and the bathtub both have their appeal and we have spent many hours in intimate embrace there.

She has also been willing to trying on some Western style clothing. She has said no to any bikinis so far. What I did get her to buy was a few long skirts and some tops and shirts to go with. Don't worry - she is not into miniskirts. These are long skirts all the way past the ankle with a slit on the side to help walk easily and the shirts are half-sleeved. She got a bit self conscious in the store as I was with her while we shopped and of course the young salesgirls were piqued by my presence next to a much older Neena as she looked around for clothes and lingerie. Disappointingly, we did not find bras and panties that Neena liked. I actually complained about the lack of quality lingerie to the pretty young salesgirl which made Neena's face blush and go red. We had better luck in the make-up section where I gifted her some perfume and she bought some new lipstick. She also discovered 'Nair' which helps to removing body hair - stings a bit but apparently still better than whatever she was doing back home.

I am attaching a polaroid picture of her in her top and skirt. She looks quite transformed as I am sure you will observe - but still looking classy and not slutty. She has strict instructions that she should not wear a panty or a bra. This makes it so much more fun. Yesterday we went to see a newly released movie at the theater nearby - 'Independence Day'. We spent much of the movie smooching and necking of course. Since she was wearing a skirt (the same one as in the pic), it made it easy for me to reach down with my hands and enjoy her legs and thighs with my fingers. Throughout the film I was able to insert my fingers into her delicious nether regions and brought her to climax five times during the course of the two hours or so. Also by unbuttoning a few of the buttons on her shirt, I was able to pop a breast out whenever I wanted. It felt so erotic and empowering in some ways to be sitting there holding Neena in my arms, exposing her nipples to the cool breeze of the air conditioning while my caressing and gently squeezing her breasts. Afterwards Neena told me she had never enjoyed a cinema better - except of course for that time we all went and saw Octopussy!

I have also started teaching her swimming in our pool.

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