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Julie stumbles upon a shocking scene. Her two girls in bed.

How could that old woman let a boy fuck her? It was the same as if Reggie was fucking her mother! He should be fucking a girl his own age, like her.

He'd been so rough with her, how could she let him do that? Sue thought it should be a gentle playing, then a quick fumble in the dark, and that was it. That's how Timothy had done it, so she didn't have to see his cock. They had only done it the once, and it had been enough for her. Seeing Reggie push the woman around, grabbing hold of the woman to make use of her body, was exciting.

Sue watched Reggie's bottom rhythmically riding Mrs Wells. He was thrusting in hard, and the woman threw back her head with an open mouth. Sue imagined she heard a primal scream. Sue climaxed, and fell back behind the curtains. No one had seen her, she was sure of that.

Seeing Reggie's bottom vigorously bouncing up and down, knowing what he was doing to Mrs Wells underneath him, she started to orgasm again. What was happening across the yard, was nothing like what Timothy did to her. The second orgasm shook her, and she almost blacked out. She held onto the curtain, with a couple of rings wrenched from the rail.

She continued to play with her sex, winding down from a nice orgasm. That past boyfriend hadn't given her such pleasure. She wondered if Reggie could, and giggled from the very idea of it. Mrs Wells was old, but she was beautiful. Some of the boys said she was beautiful and sexy, but that was because they wanted to get into her panties.

Boys would say anything to get what they wanted. Reggie wouldn't. He had what he wanted, so she could believe whatever he said. Thinking over what he had done to Mrs Wells, she began to rub her clit again. She ran two fingers over her slippery slit, pushed inside, then up to her clit, and pressed hard. She imagined he'd thrown her onto the bed, and was roughly fucking her.


Next morning she saw Reggie in the garden emptying the kitchen waste. She studied him, trying to discover why he now looked so different. He was more confident. The way he stood, and his movements, he looked authoritative, and very manly.

She couldn't help it, she had to say something, from wanting his attention.

'Hi Reggie,' she said, with a little girly voice.

She didn't do it on purpose, it just came out like that. She smiled at him, and went red, and had to look away.

'Hi, Sue, you okay? he asked.

Reggie wondered what was up with the girl, as she ran back in the house. That type of girl didn't bother with the likes of him. He was a swat and a nerd, and hung out with guys who had something to say, other than stupid banal comments about sport and television.

Sue felt awful. She'd been so gauche with Reggie, whereas she would normally have acted superior.

She came outside while he was there, so he wondered what all that was about. Thinking it must have been the start of some kind of a joke, he went inside and forgot all about her. He had a sex slave to keep him busy, and had to plan the rest of the day, or she might become restless and shake off the feeling of being a slave.


'Come on put the coat on, we're going out,' Reggie said, and pushed an arm into a sleeve.

'Err, master, I'm not dressed,' she pointed out.

On the drive to the mall, she agonised over what he was going to do with her. It didn't take much imagination to realise he was going to make her flash her naked body in a mall. She just hoped it wouldn't be a mall where someone would recognise her.
A sigh of relief whispered from between her lips when they pulled into a parking lot, for a downtrodden looking shopping centre. None of her friends would be seen in there, as none of their favourite designer stores would be here. If there was any doubt about the state of the mall, the automatic doors were dirty and didn't open fully when they approached. A scraping of metal was heard, jarring her already taught nerves.

They walked up the stationary escalator with a quick glance establishing no one had followed them up.

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