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She moaned softly deep in her sleep.

Thinking of it made me cum, I almost cried out Lorraine when I did. Only in the nick of time too, I had the "Oh Fuck Lo" out and changed it to "Oh fuck looveee it!" when I shot her full of my hot spunk. She was cumming when I did, her hips bouncing on me so hard I was hoping it wouldn't dent my trunk.

Debbie leaned over and kissed me, her kiss nothing like Lorraine's soft lips. FUCK I have got to get Lorraine out of my head, she is my fucking step sister. What in the hell is wrong with me?

Debbie and I sat on the car still naked and drank another beer, I was feeling no pain now and Debbie was close behind me in the beer drinking. We kissed for awhile and I felt her tits, the nipples standing out hard and hot. I leaned over and took one in my mouth sucking it down while her hand held my face to it. My cock was getting hard again so I had her stand up behind the car with her legs spread open. I got behind her and slid my cock between her ass cheeks and into her fresh fucked pussy.

Debbie went wild, her hips bucking back to meet my thrusts and her hands held on to the luggage rack. I was fucking her so hard that her feet came off the ground a couple of times, and she ever complained, she only moaned and told me to fuck her harder. I knew I would last longer this time since I had cum twice in less than 30 minutes, So I let her have it hard as she wanted. Her pussy was sloppy from our cum and I could hear it sloshing from all the juices she had in her.

I grabbed her soft ass in my hands as I pumped her hard. She started crying out my name.

"Oh shit yes, Fuck me Martin. OH GOD it feels so fucking good in me Martin!"

I wish she would shut up, hearing her saying that only makes me want to cum sooner. She had no problems cumming, I know she came at least 4 times before I felt my balls pulling up to my body before spilling out in her sloppy gash. You could sure tell she had been fucked a lot, but any pussy was better than none. So I came in her and lay on her back, the sweat smelled like her perfume and I bit her neck causing her to shiver and rub her ass against me.

We went for a swim to rinse off and cool off some, she acted like she wanted to fuck again, but I really didn't want to. Not tonight anyway, I told her I was ready to go and she was OK with it so we dressed and left. I kissed her goodnight and thanked her for everything. She just laughed and bounced up to her door, waving to me when she went inside. I drove home wondering if Lorraine was home or not. She was, and when I walked in she looked mad at me.

"What? What did I do?" I asked her.

"I know you did it with Debbie!"

"And your point?"

"Well, no point, just I wish you hadn't is all!"

"I don't know what to say Lorraine, I need sex like anyone else."

"I know. I know. Your just a man bla bla bla! That's a crock and you know it Martin! And after last night I was just, well, just never mind!"

And she ran up to her room and slammed the door. I was dumbfounded, I sat there wondering what I should do. I'm sure she is a virgin, and don't think she would want me to be her first or her anything! Damn women are hard to try to figure out! I went up and took a nice long hot shower, washing Debbie's pussy and my spunk off, along with the smell of the lake water. I got my boxers on and robe and was laying on my bed thinking about what Lorraine had implied. I wanted to know what she meant so I got up and went to her door.

Knocking on it softly, I asked if I could come in.

"No, I don't want to see you right now!"

"Oh come on Lorraine, don't be that way. Let me come in and talk to you!"

Her door opened and I could see that she had been crying.

"Lorraine, what's the matter? Did it bother you that much about Debbie? Come on, talk to me. Don't shut me out!"

She looked at me with her dark eyes, her long eyelashes stuck to her face from the tears.

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