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The next door neighbour is a fat cow.

When I came back they had decided to be big girls and dared each other to allow me to cum on their faces, then lick it off and swallow it. This was something I love to watch so was eager to do it, we kissed and sucked each other in various positions, I made sure they both came before the 'Monster' got to work in their pussies, then cum again before they lay sat on the floor with their backs to the bed and their heads back and resting together on the bed.

I stood straddling them and stroking my cock rapidly and when I came I sprayed it on both their faces, then they turned and licked it off each other and swallowed it as promised... beautiful.

"How would you two like to pose for Alicia to complete my private collection?"

"I'm not sure, we'll think about it and let you know Danno," Alison replied.

We were all showered and dressed and in the kitchen when Maddy, Carmen and a rather bemused Ren0 arrived. This was normally Ren0's sleeping time and he needed two coffees to keep him awake for the two hour, drive home. He shook my hand and said 'Thank you man' and left.

Talia and Alison accosted Maddy and gave her two big hugs and kissed her thoroughly.

"Thank you Maddy, we had a wonderful night but I think Danno might want some words with you later" Talia said, grinning.

"I'll bet it has something to do with spanking my ass and kissing it better afterwards" she replied, looking at me.

"...And you know," Alison added and laughed.

"Oh I know, alright and I'll love it too."

"Like I did Maddy, you were right, he is amazing," she continued.

"Just don't say that too loud or he'll never get his head through the door," Maddy answered.

"I'm not made of stone, you know," I snapped and they all laughed.

Conchita, Alicia and Rachel joined us for breakfast and Rachel was praising the 'Triple' and explained to the new girls.

"That sounds wonderful, how about us three getting together sometime and trying it out," Alison said hopefully.

"Good idea," said Talia and Rachel together and proceeded to swop phone numbers.

"I suggested that these three come for a holiday in September for a week of fun and frolic's, emphasis on the frolic's," I said, "All those in favour," and nine hands were raised, nine because Carmen put up two.

After the last three guests went home, we all set about the big clean-up.

The dishwasher was filled and the left over items that wouldn't fit in were done by hand, the washer/drier took three sets of sheets and other items of clothing and the floors were vacuumed. We had just over a month before the big day but a lot of what was left to be packed would be done on the last weekend because it would still be in use.

During the next four weeks the completion date was confirmed and the last paperwork done, both Alison and Talia came here to pose for Alicia and were happy with the results, as was I. Alicia had completed one hundred and thirty of the two hundred 'Horse' limited edition paintings and sold thirty five.

She has left twenty with Anton for future sales and for promoting her in the art world, she took the rest plus the remaining seventy seriolithographs to pack and paid him his commission due and up front for the twenty, on trust.

On Saturday we dismantled all the gym equipment and strapped it securely in the van along with all the company's products, its computer and printer and other accessories. Maddy had put a note on the website to say that we were moving premises so there wouldn't be any deliveries for a week.

Next all the beds were taken apart and labelled, we would be sleeping on mattresses on Saturday and Sunday nights. We cooked our last meal on Saturday night and packed everything, bar the bare essentials from the kitchen.

We had eaten our food stocks right down and throw the rest away on Monday morning after the shipping trucks had gone and would have pizza delivered on Sunday. Our flights were booked for one pm but the trucks were due at seven am and the one for the vehicles at nine.

On Sunday we met Anton and Talia at his stud farm and after the ini

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