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Nothing matters but kissing him.

"Bloody 'ell, Granddad, 'scuse my French, I thought you were joking about the rounders bat! I can't even get my fingers and thumb to touch any more and it's still growing! No wonder Gladys couldn't wait to get you 'ome!"

"Sweetheart, I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate. And if you continue with what you're doing I'll not have the energy to show you around. I'm thinking we show you around, get some lunch, let me show you off then we can come back here, shower and go to bed until we wake up. Does that make sense?"

"You promise this isn't a once in a lifetime occurrence?" She asked shaking my stiffy.

"Promise," I promised, "in fact I'll probably be walking around with a stiffy for the rest of the afternoon!"

"Now that I'd love to see! You're going to be naked like me, I hope?" She grinned kissing my cock and reluctantly letting it free.

"Will I do, Granddad?" She asked quietly as we were getting ready to leave.

"Pardon me? Will you do? What kind of daft question is that? You'll do perfectly. The most beautiful girl in the Village! Will you do indeed, whatever makes you think otherwise?"

"People will look at me and look at you and see me as holding your hand with one hand and your credit card with the other," she said sadly, "you know that's not true, don't you, Granddad?"

I looked at her aghast at her suggestion .

"'How does that old boy pull a beauty like that? By the minute!' You don't think I'd think that, do you? I know you're not. You know you're not. Do either of us give a damn what anybody else thinks? I don't and I hope you don't."

"Thanks, Granddad." She said throwing her arms around me and hugging me close, "It's just that I'm kinda getting used to that sort of treatment, what with preferring older men. 's why I moved south, actually. A woman found my number in her husband's mobile, rang me up and created a hell of a stink. Apparently it was my fault that her husband was cheating. Accused me of being a cheap whore, only after his money! He'd bought me a couple of sandwiches and a few coffees, total! That was a year ago and I swore off older men forever. Until I saw the sparkle in your eye that is. I've been celibate for a year so I might be a bit greedy, hope you don't mind?"

"Ummm, if you're feeling in need of a good fucking I'd better take you over to No. 42 before we do anything else," I told her, "leave everything, we'll pick anything we need up later. C'mon, time to fuck!"

"No.42? The answer to life, the universe and everything?"

"Yep! And a damn good fucking. It's where I take all my lady friends that need a good seeing to. Actually I never bring them here. You're the only woman that has actually been here. Others know I live here but they've called but never been invited inside. We go to 42 to fuck. It's the first apartment here that I purchased. I keep it as a party/games place now. My agent wants to talk to me about it, sometime. You ready? NeedAWee?"

No.42 wasn't the actual number just an identity for those in the know. It keeps people who overhear plans for a party, gate crashing. It was in one of the noisier blocks. Most of which was rented out on a weekly basis. It was a bit of a walk to get there so I walked us along the beach. Anja was surprised how quiet it was and delighted. Not many people were looking at her but plenty had as we walked through the little bit of the village to get to the beach. She didn't seem overly bothered, she just hooked her arm into mine and looked around and enjoyed as we walked through. I didn't specifically show her anything, by way of pointing it out, just let her look and soak in as much as she could. Allowing her to form her own thoughts on what she was seeing. After visiting No.42 and when she had recovered, I planned on doing the tour guide bit on the way back to the apartment.

"You've never fucked a woman in your apartment?" she asked once we had reached the quietness of the beach.

"No, never.

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