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LJ and Hope visit the new property.

Again I knocked, and after a moment a weary Felix stuck his head out.

"Oh, Dr. Crane! Thank you so much for coming. Come in, come in," he babbled, opening the door and ushering me over to Nora's sleeping form.

"How is everything?" I asked, and Felix took a deep breath to begin talking to me, but the influx of air must have triggered something and he suddenly crumbled. Big fat tears slid down his cheeks and his body hiccupped as he tried to sob quietly. I sat beside him and held him tightly.

"I just-I just, just..." he broke off, crying again.

"Take a deep breath, Felix, in your nose," I took a deep breath in my nose while making eye contact with him, "-and out your mouth." He followed me in breathing for a few minutes, breathing deeply and calming his body down. When he could finally relax a bit he put his forehead on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Lana. It has been really hard these past few days. We were really looking forward to having pups."
It was a simple statement, but it held all the tragedy he could muster. I held him a moment longer and pulled him back to look into his eyes.

"I did everything I could during the surgery to make sure that she would be able to have children in the future. The problem was that the fertilized egg was growing in her fallopian tube, not her uterus. If we had waited any longer, the tube itself would have ruptured and she would have had serious internal bleeding and a host of other problems. This way she still may not be able to use this tube anymore, but she still has the other one. And we'll just make absolutely sure, in the future, to monitor all her pregnancies very carefully so that we know what's going on."

I couldn't promise him that everything was going to be alright, but I could tell him the truth, and it seemed to ease his mind a little. I looked over to see Nora watching us.

"Hey there Nora, how are you feeling?"

"Sore, but alive. Thank you so much for listening when Felix asked for help. I know you usually only take care of vampires, but I-I would have died without you. Thank you."

"Oh Nora, you are so welcome. I am so happy I was able to be there for you. Do you mind if I check everything out?"

"Not at all," she said, but she grimaced as she worked to roll her body over for me. I pulled up her shirt a little bit to check out the bandage and saw that it was fresh, clean, and professionally done.

"Who placed this bandage?"

"Elliott did that early this morning before dawn."

"Elliott? Really?" I pulled it back to inspect the stitches, covering my confusion with work.

"Yeah, he-didn't you send him? He's been coming every chance he could to check on us, thank goodness. It has been such a relief to have him around. At first I was really nervous to have a vampire touching me like that, but he said he was only there because you were too sick to come yourself."

"He's an excellent nurse, isn't he?" I smiled, thrilled that Elliott had been there, but also beginning to feel particularly guilty I had just crashed and not checked on Nora at all myself. "Well, Nora, do you mind if I check it with the ultrasound now? It will probably have to hurt since I'll be pressing down, but that was I'll be able to see inside to see what's happening in your fallopian tube."

Nora nodded and braced herself as I turned the machine on and gently placed the probe on her abdomen.

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