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He makes arrangements for them to meet.

He's contesting the drug charges, but if he's convicted on those charges, the Arkansas State's Attorney tells us he'll never see daylight. As long as he doesn't ever bother us...

* We've kept in contact with the various people we met on our first trip together - the couple from Webster University in Fort Smith, and the writer lady from Colorado. We may go visit her sometime next summer. We DID get around to picking up all of Virginia's stuff back in Bullhead City, AZ, right after I gave notice at Arcturus. And she brought back a lot of clothes she had left at her parents - I think her dad was happy to get the closet space back. Of course, a lot of it didn't fit her for a while, what with little Julia Marie being a bun in the oven, but I'm happy to say they fit now.

* Miz Smith is doing well, though she was a little sad that she doesn't get to watch over the dogs and Sneezer anymore, since we have our own full time family living in the house. So we got her a rescue dog and cat from the animal shelter, older animals who usually have trouble being adopted - they're the sweetest things, those two - and she fell in love with them. She named the dog 'Nixon,' and the cat 'Golda,' after Golda Meir, I think. Apparently she had some business with those two... she also babysits Julia Marie sometimes when Virginia and I go out.

* Oh, and one last thing. Betelgeuse is so happy with how our Fort Smith business is doing, that they're going to open up a second truck rental center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And my Assistant Manager, Sam Watson, is going to be the General Manager. You didn't think I'd forget an old friend like him, did you? He's never been happier, and he's driving his family crazy, what with them doing things together all the time. You'd think he was making up for lost time, lol.

And.....that brings you readers up to date, I


* * * *

"Okay hon, I'm finished," I yelled up to Virginia

"You told them about Julia Marie, right?" she yelled back.

"Of course. I knew they'd be curious about her, especially," I said.

"Okay, I'm ready, come on up, sweetie," I heard her sweet voice drift down. "And Julia's asleep."

I went up the spiral stair case to our bedroom, to see Virginia wearing a sheer baby doll nightie, something she'd gotten at Victoria's Secret. It was kind of a reddish orange color, she said it was called 'Sugarmelon.' Whatever, it was see through, and my eyes fixed on her full, luxuriant (and leaking) breasts, and the matching panties covering her delicious pussy and ass.

"Wow, that's a GREAT present," I said. She smiled seductively.

"Oh, that's not the ONLY present," she said. She looked over at the dresser. There was a medium sized box there, gift wrapped and with a pretty bow on it. Curious, I picked it up.

"Go ahead, open it, honey, it's for you." I ripped off the wrap, then opened the box, and started laughing. "I thought your hand might be getting tired," Virginia said, smiling.

"Ha ha, it's perfect," I said, holding up the strap on dildo. It had about a 7" long silicone dildo on it.

"The, um, heads are interchangeable....depending on where you want to put it," Virginia said, blushing now. I stepped over to her and took her in my arms, relishing the warm feel of her nearly naked body, then kissed her deeply and passionately, as she returned my ardor. She grew increasingly passionate as we kissed, our tongues inside each other's mouth, our breaths racing over each other's cheeks.

"I'm already wet for you," she whispered in my ear, her breath warm on me. I could feel her unbuckling my belt, and pulling down my jeans, then she thrust her hand inside my panties, her middle finger slipping into my own, wet pussy, as sparks of pleasure raced through me.

I broke apart from our kiss, then shook off my jeans and panties, and ripped my shirt over my head, quickly naked.

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