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Jessica and John watch an erotic Hunt.

She loved coming here and she definitely had the feeling of being a kid in a candy store.

Katie just seemed to love sex and anything to do with it; she approached it with a different set of morals then most people. She believed fully that anything that two adults did to give each other pleasure could never be wrong. She had exhibited a hunger for sexual experience that seemed to be insatiable and relished in having new lovers. Last night however something had changed in her and she hadn't even mentioned it to either Trish or Donna. For the first time in all her experiences she had sex with someone she had true feelings for. All the others before last night were wonderful and fun but being naked with her mother and enjoying her body had blown every experience she ever had out of the water. For the first time she realized how much better sex is with love how much deeper the experience felt.

Even with that new found knowledge it didn't diminish her desire to keep exploring her sexuality to the utmost, the only difference now was she wanted her lover along for the ride. She had found it refreshing to refer to Donna as her girlfriend to Michelle earlier and Donna hadn't seemed to have a problem with it. She even smiled warmly at Katie when Michelle had mentioned it. As she thought of it her heart exploded with warmth at the thought of Donna actually being her first real girlfriend or relationship since she had moved here.

It was such a deliciously perverse feeling she got from knowing that her mother wanted her just as bad as she wanted Donna. The idea that she was the first person in her life since she married her father to have sex with her heightened the feeling too. Then when she realized that she was also only the second person ever to have sex with Donna she was bursting with an erotic need to let the whole world know their closeness. She wanted to fuck Donna over and over again, she wanted Donna to take every hole she had to offer and hammer her own daughter's pussy with any and all of the wickedly delightful toys in front of them.

It was with this frame of mind that Katie stood there with her hand firmly planted on Donnas' ass proudly letting everyone who was watching that she owned that butt. Donna helped the image along by molding herself to Katie's side and laying her head on her daughter's shoulder clearly adding to the signal that they were together.

All eyes were on them as they floated around the store and also on the other young woman with them. Trish thinking on her feet decided to take out her phone and start getting some more footage as Katie led Donna from display cast to display case. As they stopped at each case Katie would softly ask her mother if she wanted anything from inside.

The roles were now completely reversed in their lives with Katie taking total charge of her mother. It wasn't even anything forceful but it was as Donna had told her on Friday, she needed to be led sometimes. Her adopting the quiet girlfriend posture had signaled to Katie that this was one of those times.

Katie was just a little surprised with how easily they each slid into this role but in her mind she felt proud to have been correct about her mom. For a while she had suspected that Donna had a slight submissive side and it was totally on display while they selected their new toys from the wealth of options in front of them.

For her part Katie picked out a medium sized double headed dildo, an assortment of different sized butt plugs, and a couple of different sized dildoes. That was the conventional items out of the way she then introduced her mother to some of the more modern devices, first and foremost was the OhMiBod, a remote controlled vibrator that could be controlled through an app from your smart phone, the next was the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X, it was an electro stimulator with a finger pad delivery. It could deliver tiny electric stimuli to pinpoint areas of a lover's body.

Then Katie got a little extravagant and bought three Crave Vespers, thin line ultra vibrators di

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