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Crosswords, a memorial and a cold room.

Idly, Amy thought that these two women must be the men's wives or girlfriends. Amy also noticed that her mother's pussy twitched and released short streams of lubrication as each taser bolt did painful stimulating things to her body. She was obviously enjoying this new torture in her own perverted way.

As Amy leaned over the padded bench and watched the two stimulate her mother, Man number one quickly took his clothes and shoes off and stepped up to Amy's face. He stroked his hard cock and moved it toward her willing mouth. She guided his dick into her mouth and began her well-practiced ritual of cock sucking, working him toward orgasm with lips, tongue, and deep throat.

Man number two, also naked now, stepped behind her and slowly, almost gently, began rubbing his cock against her smooth hot ass and along her engorged pussy lips. He used his fingers to open the loose pink flap over the pussy and slowly pushed his cock into her torturously aroused pussy driving her to the brink of sexual insanity. All she could think about, could desire, could work for were the gut wrenching orgasms that awaited her around the corner of this sexual encounter.

Inch by teasing tormenting inch, she felt two's cock slide deeper and deeper into her hot aching cunt; closer and closer to the limits of her pussy, until she felt the head of the dick press against the opening of her womb. Her cervix spasmed at the pressure and her belly contracted in a mini orgasm that was the harbinger of the big one. The man in her pussy suddenly jerked his hips forward strongly driving her throat onto one's cock and her nose into the coarse hair at the base of his cock as his balls bounced on her chin. Then he slowly slid his cock from her sucking cunt. Man number one then jerked his hips driving his cock even deeper into her throat and shoving her pussy back onto two's dick. The two men played ping-pong using her body as the ball and their cocks as the paddles ripping her mind into a tattered wanting thing craving the big one that was just around the corner.

Hellie, watching the two women work on Alice's body, took sadistic pleasure in seeing the haunted look in Alice's eyes as she alternately realized that she had allowed Hellie, even encouraged her and Ted to make a slut fuck toy of her daughter in return for Ted fucking her regularly. Somewhere in her pain and sex filled mind, Hellie saw the cognitive spark of realization that Hellie was now her dominating mistress and that she, Alice had willingly, albeit under Hellie's torturous direction, traded Ted and his beloved cock for this pain that gave her orgasms even bigger and more intense than Ted's cock had.

Then the taser went off on Alice's pussy followed by a shock to her left nipple and the desperate look of the masochistic who is in too deep to get out but is terrified of where she might end up showed in Alice's eyes.

Hellie exorcised the green demon of jealousy she had secretly given birth to when she had found her beloved brother and his beloved dick so infatuated with this woman and her daughter. Hellie watched in gleeful amusement and extreme pleasure as the pain stopped and Alice again felt the mental anguish of watching her daughter the whore, slut, and fuck toy being used like no eighteen year old girl should ever be used. This awareness was again followed by the taser and the nearly insane look of the lost masochist came again into Alice's tortured eyes. Hellie actually laughed as Alice looked into her eyes while the pain lifted Alice to a pain-induced orgasm that only went on longer and became more intense increasing Alice's pleasure as the taser bit again and again into her nipples, breasts, and cunt.

"My God," the woman not holding the taser at the moment said in awe, "Hellie was telling the truth; this woman can be taken to orgasm, a big orgasm, with nothing but pain to stimulate her. I didn't believe it."

The woman with the taser in her hand moved it again and watched Alice's body spasm and clinch in a yet harder orgasmic contraction as she car

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