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Alex discovers a new side to his mother.

I looked over at Kim and she was finished, just pulling her panties into place, although her lingerie and stockings were jet black. I slid my crimson red panties up my legs but couldn't get them fully on due to my rock hard cock. Kim laughed at my struggled efforts to tuck it in. "Its Ok for you!" I giggled, trying desperately to squeeze it inside. "Lets give him some relief!" she gushed as she walked over and sat beside me.

She reached down and took my throbbing cock in her small hands and slowly massaged it. I leant back slightly, really enjoying her attentions. "Wow, he's really hard and throbbing, you must have enjoyed all of this tonight" she remarked "Oh god, yes Kim" I said "it just keeps getting better time after time" Kim leant her head on my shoulder and her hair was gently brushing against my face. Her smell was luscious and I inhaled deeply to fill my lungs with her sensual aroma while she continued to slowly massage my cock until it was nearly ready for bursting. I could see our reflections in the mirror facing us and it was so erotic that I nearly came on the spot. "Oh Kim" I gasped "I'm cuming!" She reached out for an empty glass on her bedside cabinet and said; "Ok girl, let it go" My orgasm built up to its heights and I emptied my hot load into the waiting glass, all of the time Kim kept massaging my cock back and forth, milking it for every drop. When I was done I sat up and she showed me how much cum I had produced. The glass was nearly quarter full, certainly more than one or two mouthfuls! "I'll save this for later!" she said wickedly as she stood and carried it off in the direction of the bathroom.

She came back empty handed and finally we were ready for our dresses. Kim had chosen to wear a three quarter length black chiffon cocktail dress with a long sexy slit up the back. It had halter neck straps that crossed at the back and had a deep plunging neckline to reveal her sexy cleavage. She slipped the dress over her head and let it slide into place. I zipped up the back for her and it fitted really snugly, highlighting all of her feminine curves. As she walked away I could see her long sexy legs and just the faintest glimpse of her stocking tops through the split of her dress. She went to get her shoes while I turned to put my dress on. I had chosen a crimson red satin cocktail dress. It also had shoestring shoulder straps but also had a large loose ruffle of material across the bust, which hung loosely to reveal the top of my breasts. It was just short of being three quarter length and the shiny material was cut in a subtle flare from the waist down. It had a sort of fishtail effect at the back, where the material had been gathered but finished longer than the normal hem line. I slipped the dress over my head being careful not to spoil my beautiful face and hair, and let it slither slowly into place, causing me to tremble as the cool satin slid against my warm skin Kim had her black patent 4 inch spiked platform sandals on and walked over to zip me up at the back. The dress was pulled tightly around my waist stomach and breasts as she slowly slid the zip up.

"Kim, we both look especially elegant tonight" I remarked "I know just what you mean" she replied as we both gazed at our reflections in the full length mirror. Kim was a good 4 inches taller than me since she had her shoes on, but we both looked so slim, sexy and elegant that I struggled to drag my eyes away.
"Come on girl, get your shoes on!" she cried "I'll go and book us a cab"

I picked my shoes from the trunk.

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