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Young nun is comforted.

I opened the door and stepped in my sisters bedroom. She had turned off all the lights and had lit several candles to give the room a warm, soft look. I could smell just the hint of perfume in the air, and I turned to see Marie standing by the bed. My jaw almost hit the ground when I saw what Marie was wearing: it was a sheer babydoll with pink lace trim. I could see her nipples thru the cups and the hem came to rest just low enough to cover her pussy and ass. Marie wore a matching g-string and gave me a turn so I could see the string running up between her cheeks.

"God, you are beautiful," I whispered.

"You know," Marie answered, "if you keep telling me that, I just might start to believe you!"

"Oh, it's true," I said, crossing the room to take her in my arms.

"Well if you like this outfit so much, you better hope I get that job at the lingerie store so I can model more stuff for you!"

Marie took my head in her hands and pulled my lips down to hers, we kissed passionately while my hands reached under the babydoll to caress her ass. We maneuvered each other onto the bed and I rolled Marie over onto her stomach. I knelt by her feet and started to kiss and caress her feet and toes. I lifted a foot up and took 4 of her toes in my mouth and let my tongue wander over and between each toe while Marie gasped.

"Wow, that feels really good," she exclaimed.

I let her foot drop and slowly licked up her legs until I got to the bottom on her babydoll and lifted it over her hips. I caressed her ass and marveled at the softness of it. I let my tongue wander over each cheek until Marie was whimpering. I reached out and pulled the string of her panties out from in between her cheeks and let my tongue replace it. I licked up and down her crevice, lingering at her pussy and asshole from time to time. Marie was getting impatient and lifted her hips up until she kneeling on the bed, her ass in the air. I knelt behind her and let my tongue dance up and down her crevice from her clit to her ass. I finally let my tongue come to rest between her pussy and ass, licking both alternately. I licked back to her clit and took it between my lips. I slid my thumb in her pussy, coating it with her juices, and slowly started to rub her asshole with it. I kept this up for a few minutes as Marie got wetter and wetter, and she started to beg for me to fuck her.

"C'mon, Ray," Marie begged, "I'm so close, but I want you inside me when I cum."

I backed off from her pussy and ass as Marie raised herself onto her hands and knees, waving her ass in the air.

"C'mon, Ray, fuck me doggy-style, a butt man like you should love this!"

I slowly approached her ass, marveling at the sight. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, coating the head in her wetness. Marie impatiently reached under her and grabbed my dick, centering the head at the opening of her pussy, and slowly pushing back, impaling herself on my cock. This was just the second time I had ever fucked a woman, so I still was getting used to the feel of a pussy wrapped around my dick. Marie moaned and started to move her hips back and forth. I soon followed suit and soon we were moving together like a well oiled machine. The headboard on Marie's bed had a mirror, and we both smiled at each other in the mirror as we fucked. We were really getting into it, when something happened that I still don't believe: the phone rang! Marie reached over without thinking and answered it.

"Hello? Oh hi mom!"

I stopped in midstroke as I heard Marie greet our mother! I froze, not knowing what to do next as Marie continued her conversation.

"Yeah, things are fine here, Ray is taking real good care of me," Marie said, winking at me in the mirror. "Do you want to talk to him, he's right behind me."

I took the phone from Marie as she handed it to me over her shoulder.

"Hi mom.

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