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Just a fantasy.

She deep throated me like a pro, sliding her lips all the way up and down my shaft, the head going down her throat, the muscles in her throat massaging the head of my cock each time she gagged.

"I want you to play with yourself, and make yourself cum," I said. "put a finger in your pussy, now!"

She complied, slowly working it inside herself, apparently something she had some experience with before tonight. She stroked herself in time with her lips on my cock, then without further prompting, she inserted a second finger into her pussy.

"I'm going to cum and you're not going to stop, you will swallow all of it, and lick me dry!" I announced. I grabbed her hair and held her head in place, pulling her mouth down hard on my cock, as I watched her eyes grow big in disbelief. Then in the next few strokes, I began shooting hot liquid down her throat, and into her mouth. As she swallowed, choking it down, she continued to suck the cum out of my cock. She slowed down, her fingers still inside herself. I said "Make yourself cum, now! DO IT!!!!" I pulled my cock away from her mouth, and she stayed there, on her knees, her hand rapidly shoving two fingers up her cunt, she began to moan, quietly, "Oh, oh, oh, OH GOD!!!!" as she reached her orgasm, my cum dripping from the corners of her mouth. As she finished, her body involuntarily shook, and she looked down, ashamed of herself.

I waved the knife toward the bed, "get on the bed, on your back" and she got up, and laid back on the bed. " I want your feet on the floor, and your ass on the edge of the bed" I ordered. She scooted over to the edge, putting her feet on the floor, laying across the bed sideways, her ass just on the edge. "Now spread your legs wide apart, put your hands over your head." I said, as I took a kneeling position between her legs. She laid back, eyes closed, hands stretched above her head.

I slowly began stroking the warm firm flesh of her thighs with the backs of my fingers, starting at her knees, moving slowly up her slim thighs, moving around the front of her thighs, and around to the backs, carressing the silky soft smooth skin, slowly working my hands up closer and closer to her pussy. My fingers now began to brush her smooth shaven pussy, gently, slowly moving closer to her moist core.

She softly moaned, "Oh.... Ohhhh... mmmmmmmm..."

My fingers parted her pussy lips, then slowly moved inside her. Using the index finger from each hand, I slipped them deeper inside her pussy, wet from her own juices. I moved my mouth closer, and closed my lips over her clit, sucking it barely inside, my tongue flicking it rapidly. She made a quick intake of breath, "AAAhhhh" My fingers were now pumping in and out of her depths, slick with her own wetness.

Licking her pussy was making my cock hard again, and I rolled a condom over it. As I licked and finger-fucked her, she began another orgasm, this one stronger than the first. She began throwing her head from side to side, quietly moaning, then a slow rocking motion of her hips, her pelvis rotating her pussy up toward my mouth, pushing herself onto my tongue.

She was lost in the throes of orgasm now, oblivious to everything else. She rocked and groaned, and I kept my mouth planted on her, continuing to lick and suck her pussy as she came strongly, almost violently. She struggled to keep it as quiet as possible.

While she was still cumming, her eyes closed, I moved to my feet, leaning over and sliding my hard cock inside her throbbing pussy, deep into her wetness.

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