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July 3 & 10 - Rai tries to figure out how to move forward.

John was aware of his mother's action, removing her panties, and taking his sister's nipple into her mouth. He noted a change in intensity in Tina. His firm erection twitched.

"Put your tongue into her hole." Rita directed, sliding her right hand over Tina's mound, her middle finger manipulating her daughter's clit as John tongue fucked her. Tina's ass became animated.

Situation aware, as his mother's finger retreated from Tina's clit, his tongue returned to take its place. Tina very much aware of the goings-on was rapidly climbing the ladder. The last few minutes, beginning with her busting through the door, all seemed like a blur, with her at the center of it all.

"Mama, I'm coming! Oh hell, I'm coming!"

"Yes, baby!" Rita encouraged, releasing her daughter's nipple momentarily only to suck on it more firmly when she took it in her mouth once more.

"OOoohhhhhhhh! FFFfffuuuccckkkkkkk!" Tina bellowed as her ass lifted off the bed, John following, keeping his tongue glued her clit.

Rita was fluid in her actions. As Tina's ass relaxed and dropped to the bed, Rita waved her son to a standing position, mouthing the words "put your cock in her", while pantomiming the action. She pantomimed the words twice more before John understood and complied.

"John, stop poking me! Damn, you sexually illiterate buffoon!"

Tina reached to acquire her brother's cock and placed it to her. "Now, dumb ass, push."

John shoved his cock into his sister's pussy sending it deep and causing her breath to catch.

"Mama, is this really necessary?" Tina exclaimed, all the while reaching to grip John's sides to lever herself up to watch their coupling. "Damn, it's good! But you owe me big time. Both of you."

"Your brother is well hung, isn't he." Rita stated more than questioned. "Slow down a little bit, John. Enjoy that first pussy. Don't let yourself ejaculate. That will really piss her off." John did as prompted, but he stared at his mother's vagina. "You like what you're seeing? Like Tina said, you're looking at a mature woman's pussy. Two children - 28 years of marriage - once, a demanding husband - having fucked in a variety of positions - you're looking upon the real treasure, John."

John was fucking his sister but he had lost interest in her female attributes. He was using her treasure hole but it was his mother's pussy that had his attention. Once, he glanced at his sister's pussy, but only for a moment to compare. The two vagina were very much like, except a thinner bush on his mother's mound. But like his mother had said, her pussy was the more mature - more experienced - well used and broken-in - and, from his point of view tenfold more desirable. It being mom's vagina was just icing on the cake.

Tina's gaze had went from brother to mother as her mother had talked seductively to her son about her own pussy, all the while lightly fingering it.

"John, I think mom wants some of your cock." Tina said, coming to a realization. "Go ahead. Pull it out and get between her legs. That's what you were saying while you were jerking off, wasn't it? You were fantasizing about fucking mom. Here's your chance. Look at her eyes. They're glazed over. Her pussy is there for the taking. Go."

Rita was indeed in heat. She smiled knowingly as her son moved between her lifted and spread thighs. "You do it, John. You stick it in mama's pussy." John took hold of his cock and placed it perfectly to his mother's treasure hole. Slowly and with intent, watching the head of his cock disappear, not feeling the resistance he had felt with Tina's young pussy. It was much to his desire. He pushed slowly into her.

Rita sucked in a large breath of air. She felt a new and different sensation - one of ample firmness and length - and the bitter-sweetness of being penetrated by one other than her husband.

John placed his hands in the crook of her knees, pushing them back as he began to stroke into her with a moderate rhythm.

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