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Nicole cooks for Josh, discovers oralgasms and herself more.


Back at the Phi Sig house, Tyrone led Sara to a room behind the kitchen. Sara was watching his ass closely as he walked in front of her. She was concentrating too much, as it turned out, and she walked right into him when he stopped.

Sara: "Sorry about that."

Tyrone: "No problem. Now that you've check out my front side and my back side, is there anything else I can interest you in?"

Sara: "I want to fuck you."

Tyrone: "I know that. Every girl in the house tonight wants to fuck me. But we have rules about that sort of thing. Tonight only the top earner gets my dick. By my count, Stephanie is in the lead with $650. What are you going to do to beat that number?"

Sara thought for a while. She only had one chance, not four like the other girls. She doubted she could even top the highest bid so far let alone beat their cumulative totals.

Sara: "I don't know. The big spenders have already made their purchases."

Tyrone: "You are right about that. Only the cheapskates are left."

Sara: "Do you have any suggestions?"

Tyrone smiled. This was the moment for which he had been waiting.

Tyrone: "Actually I do. We have a little tradition we use to end the night. Usually one of the girls is a little desperate to scratch an itch, if you catch my meaning, after they are done modeling. We have built a special contraption to help her find satisfaction."

Sara: "I'm definitely looking for some satisfaction right now. My mistress put a vibrating egg in my ass before I left her and it's been driving me nuts all night."

Tyrone: "I wondered by you seemed to shake your ass so much."

Tyrone seemed distracted for a minute, obviously thinking about Sara's ass.
Tyrone: "Anyway... I can put you in the box. There is a vibrator and some nipple stimulation involved and the brothers will donate money to your cause."

Sara: "I think I need to see this box. Am I on display while I masturbate or something?"

Tyrone: "Something like that. Are you game?"

Sara: "Show me the box first."

Tyrone moved to the corner of the room and pulled a canvas drop cloth off a big rectangular object.

Tyrone: "This is the box."

Sara looked closely at her fate. The box was about five feet long, three feet wide and four feet high. It was certainly large enough for her to fit. She had expected the sides to be clear, but they looked like regular plywood. Except for one round hole in the front, it was solid. The box was on casters to make it easy to move and the top was hinged.

Sara: "Can I look inside?"

Tyrone: "Of course."

Sara opened the top. The inside was padded all around. In the middle of the floor was a short bench about 6 inches tall. Sticking through the bench was a shape Sara was familiar with, the business end of a Hitachi magic wand. Sara loved her magic wand. Sold as an electric massager, woman had long ago found it to be most enjoyable when placed against their sensitive spots. The power cord ran to a control box of some kind. Sara traced a wire from the control box up to the box's top where she found two buttons. One was marked good and one was marked bad.

Sara: "What are the buttons for?"

Tyrone: "As you might have guessed, the good button is attached to the power lead of the massager. When you are in the box, someone on the outside can press the button and turn on the massager."

Sara: "And the bad button?"

Tyrone: "Well, that leads to capacitor which holds a small electrical charge which gets applied to some part of your body. Not a big charge, mind you, but kind of like putting a 9v battery on your tongue."

Sara: "So I just sit there and let you guys shock and tease me for cash?"

Tyrone: "Pretty much."

Sara: "Pretty much?"

Tyrone: "That and you need to suck our cocks through the hole."

Sara instantly had a flashback to the video booth in at The Vault.

Sara: "So I suck you guys off and you buzz my clit and shock me with electricity. That doesn't sound like a very good deal."

Sensing Sara's reluctance, Tyrone knew he had to act fast.

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