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Mistaken identity leads to rough & tumble lust.


"Holy shit," Robert said. "He paid that much to get rid of her?"

"He did," Patrick said. "It was less than half of what he stood to inherit from his brother's estate if he had no heir, plus it eliminated the major threat to him taking over the Moscow Pack. He borrowed heavily to raise the money, something we're taking advantage of."

"The illusion worked perfectly, I put the two of them into a remote cabin and we split the money. Jessie and John are now mated, and that broke the spell and her wolf is out now. She's powerful, a true Alpha Female, plus she is a powerful witch. We planned to keep them in hiding while we bled Yuri dry, but he found out who we were and grabbed my mate. That's when I got this." I played the video call I had recorded, and when I was done I sat back.

"That was Beta Shura," Alpha Viktor said. "Yuri sent his top Beta to the states for this. The man will not give up."

"I cannot give in to his demands," I said. "I also cannot survive losing my mate. I need help."

We talked for twenty minutes about various options, then Patrick asked the obvious question. "What do Jessie and John think we should do?"

I looked at him, embarrassed that I didn't think of it first. "I haven't seen them in a while. The lakes are starting to freeze over so I can't get a boat to them."

"Find a way," Robert said. "They need to be protected, and they may have ideas. Maybe she can do another spell or something."

I had no idea what she was truly capable of. "I will figure it out. We have to find where they are holding Linnea, that is the key."

"Start sending those who aren't fighters in your pack my way, in small groups so you don't arouse suspicion," Alpha Michael said. "I'll protect them in case they try and attack you. I'll also put my men on extra patrols, we'll see if we can find these Russian wolves."

"And we will send men as well," Alpha Stan said. "My men know the smell of your mate, we can search the areas beyond your border for her."

"If you find them, they are hostile and are to be captured to face trial, killed if necessary," Robert said. "The American Council will back you on this. It has been decades since a European Pack tried something like this, and we need to make an example of them."

"I agree," Councilman Javier said. "I have additional evidence that proves Yuri took out a contract on Alpha Jessie. Murder of an Alpha is a capital crime, and I intend to file charges with the Council."

"She's not an Alpha," Francois said.

"She is certainly one now," Javier said. "She has a wolf, which Alpha Sven has verified is an Alpha. She has the blood right to inherit the Moscow Pack, and is mated to a strong Beta. If we had known these things a month ago, there would have been no argument as to the rightful Alpha of this Pack. If they come to Moscow, I will hand it over to them in a heartbeat," he said.

"And I will stay on as their Beta," Patrick said. "She is strong, just, she will be a great Alpha in time."

"File the charges, then," Francois said. "I will contact the others and set up a conference. If the Council agrees, we will arrest Yuri and hold him for trial."

Someone came from offscreen and whispered in Javier's ear. He turned back to us, his expression grim. "It appears someone beat us to it. Federal Police forces raided Yuri's offices in St. Petersburg today, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest on charges of slave trafficking, smuggling and bribery of Federal officials. Someone tipped him off and he and his top men were able to escape capture."

"He's going to be more desperate for money than ever," Patrick said. "The Sicilians are charging him ten million dollars a week in interest, and with the police seizing his offices and properties he has no legal means to get it. They'll be going after his assets and his bank accounts too."

"A cornered, injured wolf is the most dangerous," Francois said.

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