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Things get hotter when a third joins in.

' I quickly obeyed and she struck me several times making me squeal. 'If I desire your partner to bite your cock, are you to say no?' She struck me again.

'No mistress, I am sorry.' I moaned as my cock twitched with desire, with the need to expel the semen that was heavy inside me.

I felt her hands, cool on my ass, spreading my cheeks, playing with my anus, making me moan and push back on her fingers. I felt the cool, unmistakable feel of the lubricant between my cheeks and moaned softly. Her fingers slid to fondle my balls hanging down and the length of my hard shaft. I moaned helplessly as her fingers caressed me, recalling the times she had made me ejaculate in ecstasy after so long being kept hard and unsatisfied and how I had thanked her profusely for her kindness.

She let me go and walked slowly past me and to Melissa, looking down at the kneeling woman. She gave her a large vibrator, switched on. 'Suckle this for me my dear,' said my mistress, 'show me your pretty mouth in action again.' I watched as she sucked deep on the fatness of the blue, throbbing toy, pushing it deep in her mouth to please my mistress and her own master who nodded encouragingly at his pet.

'Now, let's see how far you can get it in your pussy, Melissa.' I saw the girl redden as my mistress put two cushions down, one on top of the other, in the light. She patted it, 'up we get on here so you're nicely displayed for your master and everyone while you play with yourself.'

She moved slowly forward and put her ass on the red velvet cushions, raising her hips while my mistress pushed at her ankles with her stiletto shod feet, parting Melissa's legs wide. Her pussy faced away from me as I waited on all fours. She gave me a glance as she lay spreadeagled, her face upside down to me, her dark blonde hair splayed over the ground. I saw her lips part and she bit the lower one as her hands worked between her legs out of my sight. She moaned a bit and lifted her ass a little more then panted.

'Let go of the toy now my dear,' commanded my mistress. Melissa moaned but obeyed, placing her arms by her sides. My mistress kneeled by her and obviously played with the toy, causing Melissa to screw up her eyes and writhe a little. She gave a small cry and I could see the toy in my mistress's hand. Melissa panted and opened her eyes, lying where she had been displayed.

My mistress held the toy to my face.

'Lick off the juices,' she ordered. I lapped at the toy in front of my mouth, tasting the sweet wetness from Melissa's pussy. When I had finished she went around me again, rubbing the toy up my thighs, lifting my balls with it before sliding it along my ass. I felt her nails teasing the skin of my hip as she stood close, working the tip of the toy against my anus. I swallowed as she stroked my flank and pressed the toy deeper. I moaned and wriggled as it slid into my ass, parting me, spreading me with its girth. She slowly pushed it deeper as I panted and dropped my head, hips rocking against her, feeling my mistress close to my nakedness.

She began to work the toy in and out a little then and I clawed at the carpet with my fingers as I felt her turn on the vibrator buried in my body. She probed my prostate and I cried out my cock twitching. I felt her release the toy, leaving it in me, vibrating me.

'Up, onto your knees,' she said. As I obeyed I felt the vibrator moving in me. She took my hardness in her fingers, 'come along, into the light,' her fingers sliding down around my balls and tugging me, urging me to move.

She then took more of the lubricant and wet her fingers, kneeling next to me as I faced Melissa's naked, spread body, as she had not been allowed to rise.

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