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Lorelei embraces Geoffrey; a little moonlight dinner.

"It is so good to be away from Ma, I just can't tell you."

"Trust me, after today I can definitely make a good stab at imagining what it's like."

"You think she bought the story? Telling her I hate the mess and chaos of painting isn't to good a plan, considering I very nearly couldn't keep a straight face. You know I'm not a very tidy person, she must know it to, do you think she could suspect?"

"Nah, she was too busy planning the color scheme. How are you going to get her out of there? I mean, you are eventually going to have to face the problem. After all, you're not just renting, you own that place."

"I know, I know. Uhhh, look I can't really face it now. How about a swim?"

"Only if you let me skinny dip."

"Fine, as long as you leave the lights off and let me skinny as well. Mind you don't peek either."

"Peek at what, Ash? After all, you are a dog woman."

"Me a dog? Let me tell you something mister, I'm considered beautiful. A man's dream come true, long blond hair, long legs, perfect ass, tiny waist, c-cup tits, long neck, full lips, green eyes. I sound like an add for a porn star."

"You wish baby. Now let's go to that pool before my very own porn star has the neighborhood men smashing down my door."

"Humph, I have a very good mind to sulk now."

"Wouldn't you much rather have a swim?"

"Yeah, you do have a point."

Oh God the water feels good. So cool as it caresses my body, all around me, rubbing my nipples. I'm so hot, it's been weeks since I've had a man. Ok, stop you are at your best friends house, keep your hormones in check or you'll find yourself raping Josh, ok Ash? Mind you not that it would be bad, that gorgeous body of his, lightly peppered with sandy red hair, how I would just love to trail my tongue down that massive body. To feel his arms crushing me to his, oh so hard, chest as he devours my mouth, my hands in his hair. I bet he has silky hair.

"Hey Ash, you drifting? You haven't said a word in like ten minutes. What's on that mind of yours?"

Bad girl, give yourself a slap and for God's sake don't try to sneak a peek, he'll notice!

"Just the usual, lamenting over my numerous problems."

"You know Ash, I mean you're good at your job and everything but I always figured you would be happier at home with the kids. That guy of yours sure is an idiot; you'll make a lucky man a wonderful wife."

"If you tell anybody this I'll kill you but yeah, I would prefer to be at home with the kids. I would love to make romantic dinners for my love and massage his body after a he's had a ruff day at work, you know all the tender things you don't get to do when you just have a boyfriend."

"Hey you know where they make you're model, cause I sure would like to buy one."

"Hmm. You joker you, thanks though, it's nice to hear that at least I don't freak one guy out."

"Ash, come here, look at me. You're wonderful, any man in his right mind would die for a woman like you. I'm totally serious."

"Oh, Josh, thank you. I really don't know what I would do without you."

"Baby stop hugging me, I'm only human and this could get very embarrassing."

"Oh, dear, I'm so sorry Josh, I didn't think. Look I'd better go to bed anyway, it's been a long day."

"Yeah, I'm going to stay out a little longer, goodnight, I'll see you in the morning."

"Josh, one more thing, what time do you get up in the morning?"

"8 why?"


I'm so bad, I know I shouldn't have hugged him but the temptation was too much.

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