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Adolescent growth spurt causes accidents!

After some idle chatter I asked Marva to walk with me. Then I told her that we all here to have fun and she was under absolutely no obligation to do anything that she did not want to do. I explained all the guys knew the rules and if any girl said no thank you they had to accept it graciously or they would be asked to leave. She was a very attractive girl and you could tell she had some class. I asked her if she had ever been to one of these parties and she told me no. Then I told her that the people we had invited all had one thing in common that being they all truly enjoyed sex and liked a variety of partners. I confessed that I considered myself a slut and I was not the least bit ashamed of it. I also told her my husband was too and we enjoyed seeing each other have fun. She then told me that I had made a very big impression on Ron and he had told her all about me. Then she gave me a big hug and thanked me for the talk and said she felt so much more comfortable now.

As we rejoined the group Bill came over and I introduced him to Marva. He gave her a big hug and complimented her on her outstanding beauty. Then he excused himself to put the ham in the smoker. As he walked away she looked at me and said "that is your husband". I assured her he was and she told me if he was hers she would lock him in room and never let another woman near him. We both laughed and I thanked her for the compliment but interjected that if she did that he would be gone. Then looking me straight in the eye she asked if I had any objections to her being with him. I told her that was fine with me. Then with a big smile she asked if it was OK for girls to ask guys. I responded that was perfectly Ok. Before going our separate ways I told her that if she was a size queen she was going to love him. That brought a real big smile to her face and we rejoined the others.

For about the next half hour I went around meeting new arrivals and a few new folks I never met before. Then I went and found Bill. He commented how attractive Marva was. I laughed and told him she thought the same about him and not to be surprised when she approached him to play. He chuckled and told me his day just got better. Then I kissed him and told him to have fun. He said he would say the same to me, but it was pointless because I always had fun. After another very nice kiss we returned to the crowd. I went inside to check on things and the front doorbell rang. I went to the door and peaked through the peep hole, because I was only wearing my wrap and heels. I was totally surprised at who was at the door. If you have read some of my other adventures you know that I have played with a couple of the neighbor boys. Well they were at the door. I opened the door slightly and asked the boys what they wanted and they told me they wanted to come to the party. I tried to tell them it was for adults and they told me they were adults being 18. After more discussion and pleading on their part I finally let them in. Then I marched them to a vacant room and explained the rules and promised Bill would handle any violations. They respected Bill so I knew they would be OK.

Just to be on the safe side I told them to wait and I went and got Bill and told him about them. Thankfully he was agreeable but said he would introduce them. He introduced them and I was a bit surprised at the response they got from a couple of the women. They were hot for the young boys. In less than a __ hour both boys had been taken away by what they would call a milf.

I fixed myself a drink and went out to the pool area and found three of the new guys chatting.

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