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A big sister to comfort.

Then she pulled off slowly, cleaning with her tongue as she went, finally licking the tip of my cock and then her lips. She giggled as my sensitive cock jerked a few times under her ministrations. Slowly, I began to relax.

"Well how was that for a first time?!" She giggled again.

"You've got to be kidding!" I said, "You mean you've never done that before?!"

"Nope, first time. For that, and for something else." She looked up at me with just a trace of shyness in her smile, and I melted into her dark eyes. But my cock immediately began to come back to life. I had no idea how I deserved this, but it just kept getting better!

"Oh, man! This must be the most incredible thing that's ever happened to anyone!" I said. I sank down to my knees and sat back on my legs, joining her on the floor so I could look deep into her eyes. As my breathing calmed I said, "What you just did for me was mind-blowing, the best *ever*. And you're a virgin!" I paused, hesitating, but I had to ask. "How did you know... how did you pick me at the club to come on to so wonderfully aggressively? How could you feel safe about picking a complete stranger to do this with? I love it, but how?"

She was thoughtful for a moment, looking down at the floor, and I started to wonder if I had blown the mood and my chances. But then the shy smile returned and she looked up at me. "I just knew," she said, "I could see you in your eyes. I knew that you would be gentle and considerate and fun. I wanted someone like that for my first time. I don't trust any of the guys I know, so I made a plan to go out and find one I could trust, and after a few nights at the club I found you. I just knew, and I already know I was right about you."

I was flattered, but still curious, maybe too curious. "How did you know what to do? You are absolutely incredible, a fantasy come true!"

She grinned proudly. "I told you I've never *done* it before," she laughed, "but I've read about it and thought about it a lot as I made my plan." Her face became more serious as she said, a little uncomfortably, "And certain vegetables are good for practice." Then she looked steadily at me, her eyes daring me to challenge her further. But I believed her, loved her for her daring and determination. It must have shown on my face because she relaxed, smiled impishly, and said, "So, I've read enough to know that there's more we can do here, right?"

I snapped out of my meandering curiosity and happily focused on her. "You bet. I *really* want to return the favour, Kuri. I thought about tasting you in the first minute I saw you!"

She blushed a little, but then smiled happily. "How and where do you want me, sir?" she asked as I rose from the floor and sat back on the bed.

"Well, that should probably go," I pointed to her clinging thong, "And I'm looking forward to seeing what's under your bra too."

She stood up and turned around. My eyes danced over her perfect tanned back and then settled on her delicate fingers as she unclipped the bra behind her and slid the straps down her shoulders. She turned back slowly, holding the bra against her breasts.

"Did you want to see these?" she asked coquettishly, looking down at the tops of her breasts.

I nodded. "Yeah, yeah, come on!" I grinned.


"Really." I took a chance. "And if you want a spanking, Miss Kuri, you just keep on teasing me like this."

She didn't bat an eye; in fact she looked me directly in the eye. "Is that a promise?" A smirk passed quickly through her lips before she forced out an insolent look. Despite her effort, she still looked more impish than serious.

Holding her gaze, I moved slowly so I was sitting on the very edge of the bed, and pointed to my lap.

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