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Sadey gets sex-toys, spankings, and more.

"Yeah, I kinda did," said Kirstin in a sexy tone.

"Do me a favor," said Kirstin.

"Sure," said Parie.

"Turn around for me, slowly." said Kirstin.

"What?" replied Parie.

"Turn around for me. I wana see something," said Kirstin.

Parie starts to turn around slowly, as requested ever so nicely.

"There's something different about you," said Kirstin.

"Something different?" asked Parie.

"Yeah." replied Kirstin.

"What is it?" said Parie.

"Yeah, what is it?" asked Vicky anxiously.

"I'm around you," said Kirstin.

Parie starts blushing, as Kirstin laughs. Vicky doesn't get it, from the look on her face.

"Are you going to ride the bumper cars with us?" asked Parie.

"O'course," said Kirstin.

"Goodie," replied Vicky.

They all laugh.

"Tickets, tickets, please." said the conductor.

The conductor exchanged their tickets for a ride in a bumper car. Kirstin and Parie shared a bumper car. Vicky shared a bumper car with her invisible confidant. What should have been a romantic ride, Kirstin and Parie tightly pieced together like a puzzle, was intervened by an unforeseen hit to the back of their bumper car, stopping it in its place. The suspect was none other than Vicky.

"Oops!" Vicky yells.

Vicky starts laughing.

"Damn! Vicky." said Kirstin.

"Yeah, I was enjoying a lovely ride." replied Parie.

"Come on, you wana go somewhere else alone, just us two. No interruptions." asked Kirstin.

"Sure, if such a place exist." replied Parie.

"Oh, I know a place." said Kirstin.

They leave Vicky in confusion, when Parie and Kirstin exit the bumper car.

"So where are we going?" asked Parie.

"Where are we going?" said Kirstin.

"Yes, where are you taking me."

"You heard of the Ferris wheel," asked Kirstin.

"The Ferris wheel?" said Parie.

"Yeah, I know you rode the Ferris wheel before." said Kirstin.

"O'course, I have. I just didn't expect to hear those words from you," replied Parie.

"Why? What's wrong with the Ferris wheel?" asked Kirstin.

"Nothing's wrong. Nevermind, forget it." replied Parie, to make up for her rude comment.

"So, do you wana join me or not?" asked Kirstin.

"O'course, I do."

The line for the Ferris wheel was almost non-existence, except for the three couples, waiting to board the Ferris wheel.

"Put your ticket away. I got you." said Kirstin.

"Aww! Thank you." replied Parie, with a smile.

Kirstin hands the conductor their tickets.

"Enjoy the ride" says the conductor.

Kirstin and Parie are seated together in a comfortable Ferris wheel cage, with the bottom half of it metal plated so no one can see them from below. It was a hot summer night, by the time they enter the Ferris wheel. Parie's long hair blows in the warm summer night as the Ferris wheel starts up...and blows near Kirstin's face, who smiles at Kirstin, as if they have a secret.

"I have a confession," Parie says as the Ferris wheel starts going around. "These things turn me on...the rocking...the distance you can see...it's like flying."

"Really?" Kirstin says.

"Yes," says Parie.

"Yeah, this is the best place to take someone, if you wana be alone. No one can see what you're doing." Kirstin says.

"I know what you mean. You take someone here if you wana be intimate. Who would you take to the Ferris wheel, if you wanted to be alone or intimate?" Parie says as Kirstin struggles for an answer.

"Uh, I'm not sure who I would bring. Who would you bring... your boyfriend?" Kirstin says.

"No... There's only one person I can think of."

"Who?" says Kirstin. "You," Parie says.

"And what would we do on this half-hour Ferris wheel ride," Kirstin says as she finds herself sneaking a glance at Parie's tight silk black shirt...and how the area between the buttons reveal Parie's curved breasts.

"Whatever comes to mind," Parie says with a smile on her face.

"So is this like a date?" says Parie.

"It feels like one. Do you want it to be?" says Kirstin.

"Yes... Do you?" replies Parie.

"Yeah," says Kirstin followed by a smile.

Parie moves closer to Kirstin.

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