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Julez and the doc get closer. The doc promises to help.

" he said with a devastating grin.

I felt my heart give a funny little jump. Oh god, this man was gonna watch me during the most frightening moments of my life. I gave him a shaky smile and then glanced back up in the sky.

"Look to your right, that little speck up there is the plane you'll be jumping out of." he whispered in my ear. I gave a little jump at how close he was; I could feel his body heat even through the jumpsuit I had on.

I gave a nervous nod of my head, and thought to myself "oh god I'm gonna die". Well, apparently, I didn't think it, apparently I said it. As soon as I'd thought it, I heard a deep chuckle from behind and a strong hand on my shoulder.

"You'll be just fine, I'll make sure of it personally." he said as he kneaded my shoulder softly, causing me to relax just a little bit. At the sight of the little plane I was about to get in taxiing down the runway I took several deep breaths and felt his hand pull away and grasp mine. He gave it a reassuring squeeze that made my heart jump.

"Do you help all of your customers like this?" I asked him with a smirk.

Another deep chuckle. "Only the ones as beautiful as you, which never happens" he whispered softly in my ear before kissing my neck lightly, sending goose bumps over my skin again.

He tugged on my hand as the plane came to a stop, pulling me along behind him. I balked a couple of times, but he'd give me that killer smile and I'd follow like a docile little puppy dog.

We loaded into the plane and got all the gear on, it was a lot more than I'd thought! As we taxied down the runway I was breathing heavy and muttering, oh god, oh god, oh god. We were sitting next to each other in the back of the plane on a small bench. I felt Cord tug me closer to him so my hip was settled next to his. He pulled me so I was leaning against his hard body. No words were said as it was very loud, until it was nearly time for us to jump. Cord gave me instructions on what we'd do once we were in the air. I was terrified.

As we reached jump height we were strapped together, me in front of him so my ass was nestled snuggly into his groin. We walked to the now open door, and straight out into the open air. I screamed as loud as I could at first, it was terrifying, but at the same time, thrilling. My terrified scream took on an excited one as we plummeted through the air. I heard Cord's chuckle from behind me. I felt his arms drape loosely over my shoulders and then I felt his lips against my ear and neck, kissing me as we fell at what felt like 4000 mph toward the earth! Then I felt something poking my back and knew that Cord had just developed a... rather large... boner. I smiled to myself, wondering if he got one every time he dived.

After what seemed like mere seconds, but I know was more, we were approaching land, everything had gone amazingly smooth. We landed, and both stumbled a bit, so we ended up in a heap, me crushed beneath Cord's rippling body, but amazingly unhurt! I couldn't help it, I busted out laughing. The hysterical kind of laugh that says I just defeated death and had a blast doing it. I felt Cord's corresponding laugh throughout my body. I looked up at him and watched as he untangled us from the heap of parachute that was pinning us down. Finally I was free to get up and move. I stood and stretched my arms high above my head, that's when I felt Cord's arms snake around my waist and him pull me to him. My body flattened against his hard body willingly. I looked up at him smiling and he looked deep into my eyes.

"You survived," he said softly, smiling, before leaning in to give me a breath taking kiss. I might have survived plummeting 30,000 feet towards earth, but I didn't know I was going to survive this wonderful kiss. I might die from pleasure.

Slowly he broke the kiss and I stood there, mesmerized, smiling. He glanced at his watch and grinned.

"C'mon, I'd off work now, lets get out of here." I readily agreed.

We changed into our regular clothes then I met him at his Jeep out in the parking lot.

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