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Cheyanne will learn the line is not so fine after all.

. . soaking my panties.

As Raf snored beside me I used my entire hand, ruthlessly punishing my pussy. Although my hand was about the same size as Mr. Diaz's cock, the results just weren't the same. After I had a small, unrewarding cum, I felt even worse. On the third day, Raf said I looked as if I'd recovered sufficiently from my flu, asking when I was going back to work. That next morning he practically insisted that I go to work.

Walking to work, the closer I got to the Diaz mansion the more that stuff I'd done came crashing back in waves. Each time I forced it aside, it immediately returned. I knew I was constantly wet. I could feel it on my thighs, my panties sticking to me. I stopped half a block from the Diaz Mansion and turned back toward home.

Quickly retracing my footsteps toward the safety of my own home, I'd only gone a few steps before I turned back again. Finally, I just ran toward the large front gate. Tito was in the front garden and he stopped to leer at my pumping legs as I ran past. Briefly, I wondered if he'd heard me crying out that day in Mister Diaz's office. That was too awful to think about.

I went directly to the office, finding Mister Diaz working at his desk, dressed in dark slacks and white shirt. He looked up as I burst through the door, smiling knowingly. Without saying a word, he turned toward me, slowly unzipped his fly and removed his thick cock, smiling all the time like he simply knew I'd be back.

I didn't even protest. I just walked over, dropped to my knees and took his delicious cock all the way into my mouth. Okay, maybe I am a whore, but it tasted so good I didn't care right then. I sucked him until he was ready to give me the treat I wanted, but then he pushed my head away, allowing himself time to calm down a bit before pulling my mouth back over it.

After a few moments of working on it with lips and tongue, he pulled my mouth completely off his throbbing cock and shoved my head downward while holding his cock up out of the way, directing my mouth to his balls.

This was new territory for me. Lovingly, I took each velvet orb into my mouth, sucking gently, nibbling both it and the tiny place between his cock and balls, making love to that delicious place. I was in total ecstasy.

After a while, he pushed my face even lower, allowing me to nibble the tenderness underneath his balls. Hungrily, I did that until slobbers ran down my chin. Then, his hands wrapped in my hair, hurting a little. I felt more pressure as he pushed downward on the back of my head, towards his hairy asshole.

Frightened and repulsed, I initially resisted but he was simply too strong for me. Finally, I saw his wrinkled little hole directly in front of my face, retracting in and out as it waited impatiently. Now that I saw this forbidden place, it looked tender and inviting. Feeling cheap and nasty, I tentatively touched the puckered ring with my tongue, finding it to be clean, soft . . . delicious.

I guess I lost it completely then; biting, licking and sucking his open asshole for a long time. I was finally able to force my stiffened tongue past the resistance, completely inside, rimming him until he literally pushed my mouth away. Feeling like the lowest of whores I squirmed forward and swallowed his cock again.

He immediately flooded my mouth with delicious floods of cream. I swallowed every bit of it, milking his shaft with my hand to get every precious drop. I almost purred as I licked his cock clean and kept nibbling until he insistently, almost angrily, pushed me away again.

Even then, I wanted more. My mind was a mess. I just couldn't get enough of him. Maybe I was going crazy.

Pulling me to my feet and roughly shoving me over his desk, he entered me from behind, pounding my pussy without mercy - without any warm-up.

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