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The mystery woman's cyber signature spikes his heart rate.


At first they drank in silence. Both boys were having trouble dealing with the thought of actually being brothers and living together, but even more difficulty grasping the possibility of getting along. Finally Ben turned to Harper, "Aren't you worried about your dad finding out?"

"He's going to be too wrapped up in his wedding night. He already warned me about staying in my room and not causing trouble- as if I'm that stupid. I don't think it occurred to him that I could get into mischief in my hotel room."

Ben chuckled, "He obviously doesn't know me as well as he thinks he does."

"No, I'm sure he expects you to pull something.. he just also expects me to not only refuse to participate but also to rat you out in the morning." Ben froze with his drink halfway to his mouth. "Don't worry- I'm drinking too aren't I?"

"You put on a very convincing front."

"I have to."

Ben wasn't sure what to say to that. The bottle of whiskey was 3/4 gone the next time they spoke "I don't really get along with my mom either. I don't know what your dad sees in her."

"Maybe her pussy is really tight."

Ben was shocked into laughter and he almost spilled his drink. "Oh my god, dude, that's mi madre you're talking about! Gross!"

Harper shrugged, "I don't know what she sees in my dad either. He's a controlling ass."

Ben nodded knowingly, "Both our parents are fucked. Your dad is pretty hot though."

"What?" Harper was looking at him with wide, bloodshot, eyes.

Should you really be saying this? "I mean, he may be an ass, but I'd be the May to his December."

"Are you.. gay?"

For the second time that evening Ben stopped with his drink partway to his mouth. "Fuck."

"Does anybody know?"

Ben blearily regarded Harper and grunted. He didn't want to admit that he was liking the kid more and more as the evening progressed. The one good thing was that in the morning he could just blame it on the booze. "My mom does- that's why I have so much trouble with her... She found out when I was younger, 14 to be exact, and she was furious. She refuses to acknowledge it now but it was a big deal with her and her last husband. I think she blames me for their divorce."

"I'm sorry.."

"Don't be."

The silence this time was more comfortable. "So you think my dad's hot?"

"Three words: stone. cold. fox. You look a lot like him the ladies must be crazy about you."

"Not really... Can I ask you something?" Ben considered, he thought they were on some pretty shaky ground conversationally, but said yes anyway. "Have you ever jerked off thinking about my dad?"

His heart thumped in his chest. He suddenly thought that this conversation was a very very bad idea, especially while he was this drunk. Especially since he couldn't stop himself from answering. "Yeah... I have."

"I've seen him naked. His cock isn't even that big. Mine's bigger." Ben tried to swallow only to discover his throat was very very dry. It only got worse when Harper continued. "Have you ever jerked off thinking about me?"

Ben felt very odd as he answered. He felt detached and full of a strange certainty that he had already passed out. "Yea; even before our parents started dating. I went to a couple of your games just so I could watch you..."

Harper stood up and calmly sat down his glass. It was obvious he handled his alcohol well. His feet were quite steady as he moved to stand in front of his step-brother. "You're blushing- I bet you're hard right now. You are, aren't you?"

"Ye-yes..." Even if Ben was taller standing up, and two years older, he felt small under Harper's shadow.

"I want to see it. Take out your cock."

"Wh-what? Harper, you're kidding with this right?" When it was obvious that he wasn't, Ben tried to comply, but his hands couldn't seem to get his fly undone. It seemed very important that he not upset Harper- so important that he please him. He had the horrifying thought that he might start crying. "I can't get it.."

Harper knelt in between Ben's knees.

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