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Preparations for war. Not all aliens are bad.

You continue to rub, pinch and pull until both my nipples are hard and pressing uncomfortably on my white t-shirt.

"Take off your shirt." you command.

I immediately realize you are playing the role we discussed and for this sex play you are going to be my master. This realization makes me anxious yet excited. I wasn't sure we were going to dive so quickly in to this, but oddly I'm suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to obey you. I pull my shirt over my head exposing my hard nipples. You now put one hand on my back and pull me a little closer too you. You continue to play with my breasts, squeezing and kneading them, alternating from one to the other. They are swelling from your touch. You lean in to me and flick the tip of your tongue over one of my nipples, which is already red and sensitive. Your tongue on my sensitive nipple sends a shiver through me and I can't help but moan. I can feel my crotch getting damp and a strong tingling in my lower abdomen and between my thighs.

You continue your assault on my breast for a few more minutes pinching, pulling, and slowly sucking them in to your mouth, your teeth nibbling on them oh so gently. You are very aware at how turned on you're making me. Just when I think you will bring me to an orgasm like this you pull away leaving me flushed and wanting more.

"Take off your pants," you command.

I unbutton and unzip my jeans and slowly pull them over my hips. For a moment I suddenly get self-conscious and begin to stiffen, you haven't seen me naked since I was twenty-eight years old-pre-babies, pre-middle age. You know me well and sense my hesitation.

"You're still beautiful," you whisper, instinctively knowing I need to hear it.

As I stand in front of you completely naked while you are fully clothed on the couch anxiety and fear overcome me. We both sense it and it seems to only make the sexual charge in the room increase. I begin to move.

"No moving unless you want to get punished," you say.

The threat sends a new round of juice from my already wet pussy. With no warning you shove two fingers inside me causing me to whimper, but somehow I remain still. You tap on my inner thigh with the other hand signaling me to spread my legs apart so you have better access. I am now fully exposed standing in front of you, your fingers deep inside me exploring my inner most places. You are especially pleased that I followed your orders and shaved completely. As your fingers slide in and out of me your thumb circles my clit, which is completely swollen. I close my eyes and can't help but begin to move my hips towards you to meet your fingers with every new thrust.

"I told you not to move, didn't I?"

Your voice is firm but I hear laughter and pleasure underneath. The next thing I know I feel a slap on my ass, my punishment for moving. The sting sends an electric current straight to my pussy and my muscles squeeze down on your fingers.

"Stay still and keep your eyes open," you command.

You want to see the desire, pain, fear and longing in my eyes. I glance at the bulge in your jeans and can't help but smile you are rock hard and about to burst. You notice my gaze and with your free hand you undo your jeans and release the most beautiful hardest cock I've seen in years. I can almost feel my mouth salivate at the thought of that beautiful piece of meat in my mouth. You sense my desire through the changes in my breathing, which is getting shallow and rapid. You put your thumb directly on my clit and know that I am getting ready to orgasm. Right when I'm about to explode you pull your fingers out leaving me longing to the point of pain. I want to plead with you to let me cum but know that that will just earn me another slap on the ass.

All my reactions are making you harder and harder, your cock almost pulsating.

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