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Jennie said "thanks for a great time baby, I'm going to leave so you can finish saying your good byes, give me a call tomorrow."

The next morning while my daughter is cooking breakfast and making me fresh coffee, she said that was one of the best times I can remember thanks daddy. I looked at my now 18-year-old daughter in her little t-shirt and pink panties. My cock started to stir, as she bent over to pull the biscuits out of the oven. I couldn't help but to see the outline of her pussy through her panties. Just A little moist spot in the center. Her breasts were perky and her nipples stuck out begging to be freed. As we eat our breakfast, me with my biscuits and gravy and her with her strawberries and bananas. I asked her if she wanted some cereal.

She snickered a bit and said "that is for kid's daddy I am a woman now." "I have to keep my womanly figure," as she pushed out her chest and rubbed her smooth stomach.

I was carried away in a thought "wow her breasts are so firm and her nipples so hard." I wonder if she has ever had sex before.

I am brought back to reality when she asked me if I wanted more coffee? I accepted and tried to push those thoughts out of my head. Since she moved in I haven't had to cook or clean, but agonized over her doing so in her t-shirt and panties. As our breakfast ended and we closed up our conversations of the party, I found it hard to stand up, my cock was hard from the thoughts I was trying to put out of my head.

After she cleaned up breakfast, she said she was going for a dip in the lake and would be back in a little bit. It was Sunday so I caught a glimpse of the game scores on TV. My cock started tingling when I looked out the kitchen window and watched my little girl strut to the lake in her sexy white bikini. I loved the way she looked with her honey tan skin. Taboo things were rushing through my mind about my hot sexy girl.

I jumped in the shower and started to stroke my cock, imagining her. Our showers are mostly stalls, and she insisted when she moved in, on clear shower curtains. I was really into my stroking session and didn't hear the door open.

I was moaning "oh yes my lovely little girl suck daddy's cock." "That's a good baby," "want me to cum in your mouth?"

I was really into it imagining what she looked like out of her clothes. I came thinking it was on her pert tits. Coming back to reality I finished my shower.

That night at dinner we talked about her birthday party at our lake house. She kept going on about what a great time her and her friends had here. She was bragging about how good she was skiing and how much fun she was having with her friends.

She said "I'm glad Jennie showed up she is pretty cool."

As we finished our dinner she began to cleaning up, still wearing her bikini bottoms and a white button down shirt. I couldn't help but watching her wash I the dishes, her tight ass slightly shaking back and fourth. I was confused about what I had been thinking lately with all the sexual thoughts about my own daughter but I just couldn't help my self.

She asked me if I had a good shower? "Sure baby" wondering why she would ask me this right now. She said I think we should celebrate with a little private drink. I put in her favorite movie Cruel Intentions. You know the one where the sister wants the brother. I thought a bit, is this a hint? She downed her drink and innocently asked for another. The part of the movie came on where the sister was rubbing against the brother and my daughter, a little intoxicated started to move slowly in her seat. I pretended not to notice, then she asked me what a hard cock feels like. Stunned by her question, I gasped. Thinking to myself I have one right now wanna feel? I just said the right man would show you. Wanting it to be me. As I made a joke we laughed a bit and she moved closer to me. We both had several drinks by then and we were a bit buzzed. She said man it is hot and started unbuttoning her shirt, showing me her cleavage. My cock rose a bit watching her skin glisten.

My sexy da

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