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"Alex, you are so smooth. You slipped a very nice compliment in there and didn't even pause for effect. I thank you."

"If I never lie I'll never trip over my own words." The waitress finally came back and I ordered decaf for the lady and another menu. "I'd say we have gotten off to a very nice and comfortable start wouldn't you Alex?"

"I'd say so yes."

"Dare I ask about the stunning woman you were with that day?"

"I'll tell you her first name is Jennie and she is someone I date from time to time."

"You aren't seriously involved with that gorgeous creature?"

"Not seriously no. Just occasionally."

"You are unique you know."

"Not necessarily but thank you for thinking so."

"You don't have anyone you are more than casually acquainted with?"

"I have a very close friend of many years that I see frequently but there are no marriage plans or anything of that sort. If I may, you said you are married?"

"Yes I am. The marriage consists of me being on his arm at certain social functions, have the occasional gathering at our home and so forth. Your basic window dressing I guess."

"Does he know you are meeting me now?"

"Probably not, but as long as I don't embarrass him he doesn't care. That's what makes this place perfect. His sort would never come here plus I'm not from the Glasgow area."

"Interesting. May I order for you?"

"Please if you would. I like my meat medium rare." The speedy waitress finally graced us with her presence and I ordered Elise a T-bone medium rare, baked potato with sour cream and butter, the vegetable of the day, house salad with a light dressing on the side and more coffee. I ordered the same just to make it simple for the waitress.

"How did I do?"

"You did perfectly. Are you sure you don't know me some how?"

"I just followed logic. The T-bone is likely their most tender cut, you told me how you like it, greasy fried potatoes just didn't seem to fit you, by ordering sour cream and butter I covered both bases, I figured the light dressing was a safe guess and on the side in case they drown their salads here."

"Very nice. You do impress me Alex."

"Thank you Elise. I assume you would like to discuss business after dinner over coffee?"

"Yes I would prefer that."

"Tell me what you like to do for pleasure."

"Some of that will come in our discussion after dinner. Other than that I like to go out on our boat on the lake, that's how I came to find your camera and I like to travel but not to exotic places."

"What about you Alex?"

"Work doesn't leave me with a lot of time to develop a long list of pleasures so I try to grab my entertainment where and when I can."

"Enter the beautiful woman."

"Enter the beautiful woman."

"What of travel?"

"I travel enough with my work so I don't do a lot for recreation. I'm sure that will change as time passes though." Elise was making great eye contact and I was doing my best to be the gentleman and not look at her cleavage, but I was having a difficult time of it. Her blouse was cut sufficiently low for me to know she had nice breasts. Not huge by any means but very nice indeed. I finally said hoping to cover up a wandering eye, "Forgive me Elise if my eyes wander a little but your skin is flawless and I can't help but notice it." I thought that sounded better than forgive me for staring at your tits!

Chapter Six

"Thank you Alex. That was a very sweet thing to say. I do try to take care of my skin. I'll be old and wrinkled soon enough."

"When you see eighty you will still have beautiful skin I'm willing to bet."

Elise put her hand on my arm and said, "I wish I could keep you for myself!" The waitress bringing our salads and more coffee saved me.

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