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Friends find love and sexual satisfaction.

I will come check on you later. Ask Marcus or one of the attendants if you should need anything, anything at all." He turned to walk away, but Naya stopped him with a whisper.



"Please stay."

Damian gave her a surprisingly tender look, and to Naya's shock he dutifully slid underneath the covers with her. The couch was wide enough for the two of them, especially as long as they spooned like lovers, tightly wedged against one another. Damian enfolded Naya in his warmth, his muscled arm draped over her breasts, his breath warm on her neck. He stroked her glossy tresses of charcoal-black hair until they spilled like fine strands of silk down the other side of the pillow. He kissed the nape of her neck softly, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

Chapter 6

She listened for a long time to the rhythm of his breathing rather than let sleep take her. Naya couldn't help it.

There was a fierce aching in her chest. 'Is this what love feels like?' she wondered. She had fancied men before. She had had crushes before. But she had never felt THIS, whatever THIS was. A secret grin slid over her face and she snuck one eye open. There was a couch across the way, and Pierre and Claire seemed to be making full use of it. She peeked, seeing Claire on hands and knees, her hands on the armrest as Pierre fucked her from behind. She had a leather collar around her neck attached to a silver leash. Pierre pulled on it just a little, forcing Claire's neck higher as she sputtered and groaned.

"You heard me, slave. I told you to slam that hot pussy back to meet each of my fucks. Now FUCK me, little bitch. I want to feel you encase every inch of my cock!!" he growled. Naya shivered. This was a little rougher than what Naya had expected. Perhaps Pierre's tastes were different than Damian's, but somehow Naya doubted it. If anything, Naya suspected that Damian's strong personality would rub off on his employees rather than vice versa.

She watched, fear surging through her head. Should she wake Damian? Had he ever needed to discipline one of his employees who'd gone too far? Naya watched as the slender blonde moaned, pushing her cute buttocks backward as the slap of two sexes joining filled the air.

" me your bitch. Fuck me HARD, sir. I want you inside me. Deeper. Deeper! Uhh!" Her guttural growl was almost bestial rather than feminine, and Claire's breasts shook with the force of Pierre's thrusts. Seeing the huge black man dwarfing her lithe, feminine form was a strange contrast. If Naya didn't know better, she'd almost wonder if Pierre would break her fragile, naked body at any moment.

Instead, slowly it dawned on her what was really happening. She heard Pierre's voice suddenly whisper, insistent and genuine.

"Is this what you want, slave? Is this the fantasy you envisioned?" He kept thrusting forward with hard, powerful lunges, but it was the young blonde who was furiously ramming her ass back to meet those thrusts, begging him to call her names that made Naya blush.

Pierre stilled, one hand still jerking the leash back, the other hand gently slapping the firm buttocks cheeks at his disposal. He looked at her velvety sex ramming backward each time, encasing him. Pierre was barely moving now, letting Claire dictate the force, the rhythm of their coupling. "What do you hope for, slave? Tell me what you feel or I won't move another muscle. Talk to me."

Claire sighed, her hips lunging backward as she moaned. "I...this has been my fantasy, Master. To be fucked from behind savagely. With a collar around my neck. To be treated like a slave."

"And then?" Pierre prodded. "Don't mindlessly immerse yourself in the fantasy. Pick up the threads, and let them guide you. Think about the subconscious desires underneath it, Claire. What do you want me to do next?"

The revelation appeared in Claire's vivid blue eyes. She sighed, her husky reply unmistakable. "Eat out my pussy, Master. Please."

It took only that simple request, and the formerly dominating Master had pulled out his manhood, k

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