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A hot wife story.

This was the first time I'd been fucked in the ass immediately after an intense and completely satisfying orgasm. I didn't like the feeling much. I felt as if I was done and I didn't want to do this. Of course, my wants didn't matter. So I just lay there, on the desk in a pool of my own cum, providing a tight wet hole for Tim to use for his pleasure. I felt as if I had a glimpse of what it would be like to be a frigid woman who put out for a man: no pleasure, just duty.

Tim talked to Murphy as he fucked my ass. He told him that he really didn't know whether he liked it in my mouth or my ass better. But, he said, that it didn't matter because he didn't think *I* knew which *I* liked better. And, we had plenty of time to do both as much as he wanted. But, he emphasized, that the variety was really important.

As he was talking, he was getting closer and closer to his orgasm. My eagerness for this to end, now that I'd already shot my wad, made me realize that the other times I'd been fucked in the ass I'd derived more pleasure from it than I'd been willing to admit to myself. Now I knew what it was like to just feel a hard cock sliding in and out of my ass and get no sexual excitement from it.

Tim was getting a lot of sexual excitement, though. I think that watching me with Murphy, and maybe performing in front of Murphy, got him especially excited. He held my hips tightly and thrust violently in to me as he spewed his sperm in my ass.

After Tim pulled out of me, I didn't know what to do. There would have been no doubt in either of their minds that I'd cum on Murphy's desk. I stood up and it was even more obvious as a string of cum pulled like taffy from the desk to my cock.

"Shit, Jason," Murphy yelled. "That's my desk you came all over. Can't you control yourself? Do you love taking it up the ass that much?" These were rhetorical questions and I didn't have to answer. But he went on. "Clean it up! Right now!"

I looked around for his box of Kleenex but he stopped me with his next words. "No, Jason. Clean it up with your tongue!"

Well, what could I do? Tim had me blackmailed good and Murphy was my boss. I was stuck (well, in more ways than one, it seemed). I leaned over the desk and, in clear view of my two impalers, carefully licked all of my cum from Murphy's desk. When I was done and I'd straightened up, I realized that my little soldier had straightened up, too.

Tim saw it: "He likes cum so much even the taste of his own turns him on. I guess the downside for Jason of taking it up the ass is he doesn't get to taste the cum." I was embarrassed and I didn't think what he was saying was fair. Some scenes are just very sexually charged. You don't have to like the taste of cum to respond to that. I didn't try to argue or defend myself, though. I just put my clothes on and thanked my lucky stars that they were done humiliating me for the time being.

A couple of new lines had been crossed today. For a few weeks after that, we were in a holding pattern. Murphy was banging my butt more than he was fucking my face. I guess he liked the novelty and I'm sure his old lady wasn't giving him any anal. Sometimes Tim would be with us and sometimes not. Tim still made more demands on me than Murphy. He seemed to like the new dimensions of his control. When he had me on my knees in the storeroom, sucking his cock, he'd often talk about Murphy fucking me. He'd ask me if I liked it and whether I'd cum when Murphy fucked me. He didn't expect an answer; he didn't even want one given that I'd have to take my lips off his cock to answer. He just wanted to humiliate me. He did. He also made me very excited. Sometimes I would cum in the morning when Murphy fucked my ass, then again, later, as I sucked Tim off to his patter about Murphy fucking my ass.

Part 16: The Plan

Things went along in this new pattern for several weeks.

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