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Two girls lost in the jungle find a strange plant.

And okay, that could have been a little white lie to boost her confidence, but Sara had never lied to her, unlike some people. And first Sara had and now Caitlin was very much seeming to enjoy her work.

Felicity felt guilty about thinking about her ex-girlfriend during sex with her current girlfriend, but it was kind of impossible not to. Sara had been her first woman. Actually she had been her first for a lot of things, so, no matter what happened Felicity would always think fondly of Sara.

However despite her return from the dead tonight was not about Sara or about their relationship. No, tonight was about Caitlin and their relationship together. Specifically showing Caitlin how much she and their relationship meant to Felicity, the hacker hoping that this long pussy worshipping would help achieve that.

Caitlin loved receiving oral sex. It was hard to imagine anyone wouldn't, although as a scientist she knew there were a wide variety of phobias and dislikes in the world, but she couldn't recall any right now that were against oral sex, and that was far from the point.

The point was she loved it, and what she particularly loved about it was that there were moments during it that she could just turn her normally oh so busy mind off and just enjoy the wonderful pleasure of someone else's tongue against, and eventually inside, her pussy.

The beginning of a pussy licking was definitely one of those times, and no one could turn her brain off like Felicity Smoak. Which was ironic because normally Felicity did a great job at stimulating her mind, the scientist and the hacker talking for hours on a variety of topics.

It's what made them great friends initially, and then even better girlfriends. But, as with most people, Caitlin greatly valued the opportunity just to turn off her brain and relax, especially now her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend was back from the dead.

Unfortunately the same fears Caitlin had been having inevitably came back, especially as she knew she and Sara were the only women Felicity had ever been with, meaning that everything Felicity knew about pleasing a woman she had learned from Sara.

Which made it impossible for Caitlin not to imagine her girlfriend having sex with her ex, Sara going down on Felicity and then talking the adorable hacker through returning the favour, Felicity licking Sara's pussy at least twice as eagerly as she was now lapping at Caitlin's cunt, and then the Canary doing all those things Caitlin was still hesitant to do.

Even if she vividly imagined those things in her head Caitlin found herself being turned on by it almost as much as it made her jealous, which was very disconcerting, but she just couldn't help it.

Sara was just so hot, and a total bad ass. She could easily kick Caitlin's ass without breaking a sweat, Caitlin suddenly finding herself imagining Sara bursting into the room, shoving her onto the floor and then grabbing Felicity's hair and shoving her face into her cunt. She'd then order Felicity to lick her while staring at Caitlin, daring her to do something as Felicity began happily licking the pussy of the woman she truly loved.

The vivid image actually had Caitlin whimpering in a mixture of arousal and jealousy. It was mostly the former, but the latter actually helped the image to fade as her whole world became a need to cum.

Caitlin didn't normally get jealous when Felicity went down on her, but now Sara was back she would be happy to put up with thoughts of Felicity's past as long as she continued to get a long drawn-out pussy licking like this one. Although as a scientist Caitlin definitely knew it was possible to have too much of a good thing, and she had definitely reached that point. Luckily there was an easy way to get what she now so desperately wanted.

"More! Please, fuck me, oh God! Felicity! Oh Felicity.

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