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She is still being watched.

Further emboldened, she coupled their third kiss with the laying of her left hand against the underside of the blonde's breast. That action had brought a quick rebuke when Danny Zuko had done it, but now it produced just a soft moan that was swallowed by yet another press of their lips together.

Giving in to the warm rush racing through her body, Sandy threw her arms around Rizzo's neck, pulling the older girl down on top of her as she stretched out across the length of the couch. The caution she normally would've exhibited with a boy in this situation was nowhere to be found. Desire had taken hold with an intensity she'd never imagined, and the previously inhibited young woman had no inclination to try and hold it in check.

Never having had any inhibitions in the first place, Rizzo simply let her passions take her where they may. She again pressed her tongue deep into Sandy's mouth, even as both hands massaged her body through the pink dress. The neophyte lover responded with equal fervor if not experience. Her hands ran down the length of Rizzo's back, grabbing the cheeks of her ass and pressing their bodies hard together. The press of Rizzo's leg between hers brought on another set of loud moans.

Rizzo began to work the buttons on Sandy's dress, opening the front all the way down to the belt around her waist, the buckle of which came just as easily undone. Her hands slipped inside the pink garment and under the simple white bra that now lay exposed. It took but another heartbeat's time for that to be lifted aside, bringing into view the symmetric orbs of soft flesh beneath, each capped by an eraser-sized nipple jutting out from light pink halos.

Filled with excitement, she kissed Sandy once more, then began to work her way downward. She kissed and licked her way down across her neck, while at the same time, working her hands up the length of the blonde's body from the opposite direction. Her open palms cupped the bottom half of Sandy's breasts, even as she buried her face, and darting tongue, deep in the valley between.

Sandy's head was swimming in erotic delight as tiny waves of pleasure radiated from her chest. Previously the preserve of only her own hand, she gave it, and much more, willingly to the pleasures Rizzo had to offer. Pleasures that continued to grow in size and scope with each new touch.

Rizzo shifted her head slightly and ran her tongue across Sandy's flesh, passing over her excited nipple and pausing just long enough to give it a quick caress. Sandy let out a loud cry, signaling both her enjoyment and an urgent plea for more. A plea Rizzo was already answering as she closed her mouth around her nipple, drawing it deep inside as she sucked softly.

Sandy was ecstatic as the wet touch engulfed her and Rizzo moved from one mound to the other. She had often dreamed of someone playing with her breasts, but none of the boys in her fantasies, not even Danny, inspired the reactions now taking hold.
Back and forth Rizzo moved, producing tiny sparks with her teeth and tongue. She kept this up for a few minutes, then unexpectedly stopped. Sandy looked up as Rizzo lifted herself just high enough as to be able to grab the bottom of her shirt and lift it over her head, dropping it to the side. Then, with equal quickness, she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra, quickly pulling it off and letting to fall on top of her blouse.

Sandy's eyes opened wide as the beauty of Rizzo's breasts came into focus. Similar in size and shape to her own, they were set apart by much larger areola, darker in color and capped by much thicker nipples. They were hardly the first breasts she had seen, but never had she looked at another girl's endowments in quite this context.

Rizzo cradled each breast in an outstretched palm for a moment, rubbing her flesh and working away the stiffness that had set in while confined. Then, letting them fall free, she leaned forward and brought them to within easy reach of Sandy's mouth.

Eager to accept as a baby with a bottle, Sandy quickly drew one

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