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Georgia get hypnotised and fucked in public.

I have a three day weekend to play and I am not going to miss any of it. Friday morning I decide to start off by dressing a bit risky for work. I dress in an ultra short latex mini that barely covers my ass and I add to this one of my latex corsets, the one with half cups that push my tits straight out and also bite into them a little. I wear a tight jacket over the corset also made of latex. I wear no panties so I will have to be careful of bending over. I finish the outfit off by wearing 6 inch heels. Wow do I feel slutty.

As soon as I walk into the office all eyes are on me and boy am I hot and dripping. By lunch I have be propositioned by all of the men and most of the women in the office, but alas no one had the right price. I decide to call it a day at lunch and go home for some fun. As soon as I get home I make sure that the house is locked up, I go prepare a bubble bath. I soak for an hour and get out and prepare myself for the game. I give myself not one but two good enemas so that I am cleaned out. I put on some lotion to soften my skin and then I start to dress.

First is another of my corsets, this one goes from my hips to my neck and has a place for a lock and also has some holes for my tits all be it small holes. I pull my tits through the holes and cinch the corset on tight. Next I pull on a pair of tight latex short shorts, and just before I pull them all the way up I insert a 10 inch plastic dick up my already soaking pussy and also a 6 inch one up my ass. I then put some knee high nylons on so that I can put my knee high black latex boots with & inch heels on them on. I have had a clasp put on the boots so that they cannot be removed until the locks are opened. I the go over to the computer and start the program and once the program is started it cannot be stopped because it is password protected, and I don't know the password because the computer comes up with it itself and then e-mails me the password but only after a certain length of time.

Now it is time for step two, I stand in the middle of the bondage device and lock first one then the other to the ropes at my feet. Next I put on some elbow length latex gloves and lock my hands into the cuffs hanging from the overhead bar. I almost forgot to mention that I have inserted into the boot, corset, and shorts some discs that when triggered will give me a shock. As I am waiting for something to happen I get a shock in both boots, shit that hurts. Then the vibrator in my ass starts up and begins its torment. Then the one in my pussy starts. As I hang limp the computer goes into a series of shocks, right side, left boot, left ass cheek, right ass cheek, both boots, left side, etc., etc., etc., on and on for a good ten minutes. I never dreamed that so much pain could fell so good.

Then as suddenly as it started it stopped.

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