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Sexual stirrings of dad & daughter.

Not filthy but you never get the feeling that they are 'clean', and, given the type of clientele they get, is that any wonder?

As usual there was some typical wham-bam trailer trash porno flick showing as we made our way down the aisle to the sparsely occupied theatre. You know the type, some air-headed teen bimbo gets talked into getting fucked by a bunch of guys riding around in a beat up van. Give me the old style, badly acted story-line movies any day - but I digress. If the seating capacity was 200 then there were barely a dozen people in there that I could see, all apparently male. I sat with Louise about two thirds down with me in the aisle seat and close enough to the screen to clearly illuminate us. I wanted everyone to know we were there.

Louise was wide-eyed in awe at what she saw on the screen as we approached our seats and seemed oblivious of the surroundings. As this was obviously her first time in such an establishment, I gave her a few minutes to 'enjoy' the movie before leaning across to kiss her ear lobe, which made her jump slightly, and whisper, "Don't panic. Just go along with whatever happens and I promise you will enjoy yourself."

She relaxed as I kissed her neck and slipped my right hand into her blouse, cupping her left breast. I gently massaged her breast all the while praising her for her beauty and sexiness whilst also keeping my eye on the other patrons. It was not long before Louise was aroused by my ministrations and what she saw going on on-screen. She began grinding her hips into her seat and emitting low appreciative moans.

It therefore came as no surprise to see several of the other patrons begin to move closer to where we were sat, eager to get a better view of the live action.

On-screen a rather trashy looking bleach blonde gave an unconvincing speech about how her mother would not approve of her showing her already well used pussy to a quartet of men she had apparently never met before. As lame as the movie may have seemed to me, it had captured Louise's attention better than the latest main-stream blockbuster. Sensing my stare, she glanced in my direction but was immediately captivated by something going on to my right.

I looked across the aisle to an elderly man, possibly in his mid-60's and fairly well dressed, who was blatantly staring across at us and openly masturbating in his seat. I leaned back into my seat to give Louise a better view, withdrawing my hand from her breast to drop it down to her lap where I quickly pulled up the hem of her skirt to reveal her stocking tops for all to see. Her eyes darted, briefly, to mine before observing the show across the aisle. I quickly slipped a finger into her already slick cunt and she gave an appreciative moan.

It quickly became apparent that Louise was becoming the centre of attraction in the theatre as I noted how the other patrons had all moved from their original seats and were now gravitating towards where we were sat. The boldest of them to date, who I decided to call 'Bob' because from the moment I saw him all he seemed to do was vigorously nod his head up and down in obvious appreciation for the luck he had been dealt with this day, was a gentleman, off to Louise's left, who seemed not too dissimilar to myself in age and demeanor. Sure he was balding and had an obvious paunch, but he looked clean so when I indicated for him to come closer he did so with admirable speed and dexterity.

Bob sat to the left of Louise and, after first checking with me, slipped his left hand into Louise's blouse as he rubbed his crotch with his right hand. Louise barely flinched as she must have assumed that it was I who had resumed fondling her breasts despite the fact that I was still fingering her pussy. I couldn't help but smile to myself and decided to up the tempo.

By now Louise was moaning aloud as she ground herself onto my fingers and ran her right hand up and down my thighs.

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