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Feedback from Lit reader starts wild fling.

The oddest most fucked up thing was taping my dick down and out of the way.

That and panties and the bra...they felt totally strange and off and sort of alien.

The weirdest thing was the fake lashes and gluing them on.

Press on nails I oddly liked since the whole claws thing and I kinda dug the whole glossy gel coats.

And Roxx had this chinese mudsilk dress she had gotten when she was younger and on a trip to Hong Kong with her folks.

I didn't really know what Mudsilk was only that it was really fancy looking.

Plus we were smoking up and doing shots with her and her friends through the whole thing.

I even fit Roxx's shoes.

Pumps are a trip. Four inch heels made me feel pretty good and I can walk in them just fine.


It's a little heel and half a shoe...it's literally no harder than walking on hockey skates.

And while I was a guy I wasn't a deep pitched voiced one. Heck I was sort of just a medium I think in pitch but again that whole Asian thing which just meant that I could like hit higher notes and stuff than a white guy.

Add in the fake Chinese accent and I was set.

And it was kinda fun too.

Dancing with the girls.

And messing with some of the guys.

Catfishing I think they call it.

Dancing, drinking, flirting nd even sitting on the laps of a few guys while teasing and flirting the into popping boners then freaking them out when I reveal my real voice.

I could have gotten into fights if it wasn't for Roxx usually being there to calm shit down after it happened.

And then everything changed.

At first all I saw was this shape that my drunk brain said guy. And he was sitting down in one of the easy chairs so I headed over with my drink and slipped or rather slid onto his lap.

"Hey you, you looking to like party?"

I looked at him as I took a drink of my drink and was stunned.

He was like the Anti-Roxanne.

Or like the guys version of her or something.

Long blonde hair with all this sort of metal band like wavy in it and it looked thick too. Blue eyes that were intense and sucking me in and big, big like well over six foot if he stood and muscled, like really muscled and broad too like probably two fifty.

He was good looking too like male model or movie star kind of good looking as well.

The only thing that threw it off or maybe made it perfect was that he had a couple days of scruffy beard going on.

"Well I wasn't but maybe that changed?"

"I'm Pan."

"I'm Jax."


"That's weird."

"It's Australian."

"You don't have an accent."

"Neither do you."

"I'm Chinese Canadian."

"I'm Aussie Canadian."

"For real?"

"Yeah my folks are from here and I grew up here I was just born there."

"Oh, cool so like have you ever been?"

"Four or five times. It's a continent so there's lots to see."

"Wow so you travel?"

"Yeah for work after I got out of the armed forces."

"Thank you for your service."

I finished my drink and Jax offered me his and I took it and it was straight whisky and pretty powerful stuff and tasted like...I think it was scotch.

And he tipped the glass's bottom up a little more to make me drink a little more and when I lowered the glass and cough he kissed me.

I was going to spring this on him and stuff after the drink but he kissed me and it shocked me.

And I was double shocked as his hand went up the dress and inside my panties and his finger sank into my ass.

He kissed me harder and started fucking finger fucking me!

My brain was trying to respond and react and maybe freak out when Jax`s finger touched something inside me and this really pleasurable feeling popped through me from inside my ass?

I groan grunted trying hard to keep my voice low. `Hhh..ghnnn...

And he did it to me again.

And again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck...oh fuck... "Hhh...ghnnn..."

Jax pulled from the kiss. "Shssh...c'mon babe just keep it quiet, let it happen, I'll take you there."

His finger rubbed me inside there and fucked me faster and the feelings got better, stron

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