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Lindsay loves Brian.

He popped the next button free.

"You can't do better than Stanford," McDonnell agreed. "You'll fit right in there." There was one button left.

"Do you really think so?"

Megan rolled her eyes. Ashleigh would fit in best at the local community college.

"Absolutely!" McDonnell popped the last button free.

Abandoning her pretense at stopping his advances, Ashleigh dropped her arms and let McDonnell slip the silk top past her shoulders. He let out a whistle.

Even with Ashleigh turned largely away from her, Megan could tell the brunette's set didn't disappoint. She was wearing a white bra which plunged deep, pushing her breasts up and together. It was trimmed at the top with a touch of lace that failed to conceal her areolas. The contrast of her tanned breasts against the white bra was striking.

McDonnell gently turned Ashleigh away from him until he could pull the blouse the rest of the way off. Running his hands down the bra straps, he stroked slowly around the outsides, then cupped them from below. He was staring directly at Megan.

Shit! Megan felt the familiar twinge of arousal. The growing heat started out slowly, but was unmistakable.

Still staring directly at Megan's hiding place in the closet, McDonnell lifted both of Ashleigh's breasts. His thumb and index finger quickly located her nipples beneath the lace and gently squeezed. Ashleigh's lips parted; her eyes pressed shut. McDonnell released then repeated, this time squeezing the bottoms of her breasts, pulling them upward. He held them firmly for an achingly long moment before releasing both. Ashleigh made a barely audible 'oh'.

Megan was definitely damp. Unbuttoning her shorts, she slipped three fingers to her slit and probed. A small shock of pleasure shot through her. The sensation of arousal was unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.
McDonnell's hands continued their journey over Ashleigh's ripe body. One hand pressed against her belly, while the other slid around her back. McDonnell seemed to be looking for the clasp of her skirt. She turned to stop him.

"Mr. McDonnell, please, I'm sorry." Her breathing had a noticeable edge to it. She pressed her hands against his abdomen, keeping at him at a slight distance. "Do you think I could just..." She trailed off as she lowered one hand to press against McDonnell's erection.

"Just what, Ashleigh?"

McDonnell was playing dumb, Megan knew. Giving out a blowjob, or even better a handjob was one of the easiest ways to deal with a guy if you'd taken him too far but didn't want to fuck him. "Handie," Megan or Ashleigh would say proudly if the other asked how a date had ended. Megan knew well enough from her recent experience that McDonnell wasn't going to settle for anything less than sex. The thought warmed her.

"You know," Ashleigh said, squeezing his organ through his pants. She bit her lip suggestively.

"Ashleigh, why don't you just show me what you have in mind?"

"Okay," she said reluctantly. "You'll like it though." Ashleigh went to work on his belt and zipper. In no time McDonnell was stepping out of his pants. The girl sat on the edge of the mattress and tugged down his boxer briefs. "Fuck," she said softly.

"Fuck," Megan whispered to herself. The man's cock looked even heavier than she remembered. For a moment Ashleigh could only stare at the engorged meat before her.

"You were going to show me something, Ashleigh?" McDonnell had a slightly amused expression.

"Oh," Ashleigh muttered. "Yeah." She grabbed the shaft of McDonnell's cock tentatively and began to tug at it. After a few strokes she give the head a small kiss, looked up to see how McDonnell was responding, then resumed tugging.

After a moment McDonnell placed his hand on her wrist. The girl looked up at him, confused. "Ashleigh sweetheart," he started, "college guys like blowjobs."

It took a moment to settle in. "Oh," she repeated.

Community college guys like blowjobs, Megan wanted to say.

Ashleigh started over, pulling McDonnell's cock closer and sliding her tongue u

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