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YoYo, DeDe, and Captain Kirk.

"I'm so tired." Elunara sighed. "I'm so sick of all this."

Grogek scooped her up. "Come; let's take you back to bed." She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Renwa watched them leave. "I guess she's still not up to snuff."

"Yeah," Jordan sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. "She can sure act a mean game, but I was surprised she'd popped right out of bed."

"She'll need a few more days I'm sure." Renwa nodded.

"I still fail to see how Elunara keeps so many lovers. Do you not get jealous?"

Jordan laughed. "With a woman like Elunara, it's difficult to be jealous. She pours her whole heart out to both of us, and we know it to be genuine. She works so hard to keep all of us happy, that I wonder how she has the energy."

Tyrande shook her head. "Forgive me for even asking. What I have heard is making my head spin. She's been tested over and over again. Not one test has shown even a flicker of... this." She sat down with a sigh. "In fact, a priestess must maintain purity of body and soul. Because my own abilities are so strong, I was allowed to take a lover in order to continue the line. Then when Malfurion came back to us..." She shook her head. "The end point here, is that with as much as Elunara... desecrates her body, ruins any chance she would have of entering the sanctum."

"With all due respect ma'am." Jordan sighed. "Elunara would slit her own throat before attempting such a thing. To even go so far as to suggest the idea... shows me that you don't know a damned thing about your own daughter. As someone who loves her just how she is, I am insulted to consider you her mother."

Renwa stared. "Jordan...." He warned.

Jordan straightened his back. "No, Sir. In fact, I'm rather pissed off at the moment and I'm not afraid to say it. I love that woman. Grogek loves that woman. Tulani loves that woman. We love her as she is, no holds barred. Either of us would give our lives to see to her happiness. You sit here and not only judge us, but insult us for being who we are." He shook his head. "I used to have such huge respect for you. Now, I realize that you can be just as catty and bitchy as the rest of them." He walked out the door and slammed it.

"I agree with Jordan." Zelinnia shrugged and picked up Darguni. "I'll be back later." She kissed Renwa's cheek. "I'd rather not be in the same room as her right now."

"I believe I just got put in my place." Tyrande whispered. "Again."

"Ma'am... I'm in the nasty place of my rank, and the fact that Elunara is my friend. I was in love with her once, and even I never truly understood her. Not like they do. Even my own wife loves Elunara in a way I cannot comprehend. Your question and subsequent rant were both out of line."

"I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this. If Elunara was so powerful, how come we didn't see it before? If the priestesses of Elune are to be pure and chaste, why does someone like Elunara get to wield it so freely? She goes against everything we believe and stand for."

"And she hates every bit of it. She didn't ask to be some angel of mercy or whatever the hell they're calling her. She wants it to all go away. She physically assaulted Leslia after Leslia tried to trick her into using it."

"Leslia did WHAT?"

"I don't know all the details, but I heard about it."

"That little fool, I'll have to speak to her."

"Your priestesses have been harassing Elunara left and right. They keep trying to provoke a reaction, or ask her annoying questions. She's blown it off so far, but it truly bothers her."

"Oh! Madam! I didn't expect to see you here." Leslia fidgeted.

"Get Tia and Nona, I need to speak with the three of you."

"Yes ma'am!" Leslia ran upstairs.

In the little room the three shared, Tyrande stood and looked around. It was modest and sparse, like they had been raised.

"Now explain to me, why have you been harassing Elunara?"

"I'm sorry ma'am.

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