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Young teacher learns a lesson from randy students.

Of the many times I've seen that seen that glorious, firm rack of hers, there was something about seeing them perfectly strapped and But covered in a bikini top that set me off to a point where I couldn't wait. We had only been sitting at the edge of the pool for about 20 minutes talking and drinking beers when I announced, "Excuse me, but I have to show this young lady to the powder room."

"I don't have to go to the bathroom," she said while we walked toward the house.

"I know, but if I don't take you right now, I'm going to have a very embarrassing situation in front of all of everyone," I said.

We raced to the house, through the back patio door, and headed straight to the half bath off the kitchen. I grabbed both breasts, slammed her against the wall, and started kissing her desperately. She managed to break away to say, "I can't do this here. Not in your brother's house. I just met them not even an hour ago."

"And I've had a raging hardon for you since I left your house this morning," I said, pressing my ever hardening cock against her so she'd get my message. "And I bet you're wet for me, too."

I slipped my finger through her bathing suit bottom I and could tell that she had just started responding. Her kisses left me with a feeling that spread through my body like wildfire yet she kept pushing me off.

"No, no ... we really shouldn't," she said.

I rammed my finger straight into her cunt. She took it in tight and wet. Her breathing became even more rapid as I pulled the bottom of her bathing suit down.

"We'll be quick, I promise," I said under a heavy whisper. "I can't hold back any longer."

I threw her up on the countertop, kicked over the kid's step stool so I could stand on it, dropped my trunks, and went at her and kissed her deeply. It was intensely deep fucking and foreplay all at the same time. Our tongues twisted around each other wildly as our orgasms built. I untied her top as quickly as I could so I could feel her breasts that she pressed hard against my bare chest. Her walls clenched my cock as hard as ever in a constant state of lubrication urging me to come. When I felt myself ready to blast, I grabbed her by her ass cheeks and pulled her in as hard as I could.

I felt as if some kind of force blew me back to the wall after I came.

"My legs feel like putty," I told her as I barely propped myself up against the wall.

Andrea leaned back, let out an enormous breath, and started laughing.

"We've done some crazy things, but this is certainly the craziest," she said.

"Even crazier than last night on the roof?" I asked.

"Umm ... that was pretty crazy, but there's something even crazier about doing it on the sly with family nearby," she said. "Now that's pushing some limits for me!"

We both started laughing. We both wanted to laugh hard, but wanted to keep a low profile in case anyone was nearby, or worse, at the door waiting to use the john. The smile on the inside of me was bigger than my laugh when I realized that neither one of us was totally going to go soft on each other knowing this just wasn't wild booty call sex.

We got cleaned up and dressed as quickly as we could and hoped no one had noticed we were gone for too long. I think Rick did as we walked through the kitchen.

"There you are, dude," he said. "We're ready to get the steaks on the grill. You know the deal; we buy 'em, you grill 'em."

At family parties like this, it was my job to do the grilling because I didn't have a date or spouse to entertain or kids to run after, and quite frankly, I was pretty damn good at it. Andrea jumped into the kitchen with the other women and seemed to make friends fast. It was a side of her I had never seen, being with other woman, and she seemed at ease and fit right in with the other women who tended to be a bit on the catty side, especially when it came to a new woman in the mix. Or maybe they were impressed with her ability to make the perfect mojito.

My dad always said you can tell how a woman will treat you by the way she treats other people the.

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