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Sister discovers I like panties.


"I quess you're right."

"Ok good now for a fashion show," Ashley joked.

They soon were both nude and trying on item after item. Sandy kept noticing Ashley watching her with a look she'd never seen before. But Sandy watched Ashley as well and realized what an attractive young woman she's become. She thought about how Ashley felt against her every time they brushed against each other. Each time she'd get a little bolt out of feeling the sexy young thing rub against her.

"Oh my god what has gotten into me?" she thought, "Why am I getting so turned on by feeling her body touch mine? I've never thought about women like that before and to make it worse it's my daughter. Stop it."

"Mom are you listening." Ashley asked snapping her back to reality.

"What honey?"

"I asked do you think I look sexy in this?"

Sandy looked at her daughter in a matching pair of bra and panties. They were silk and just dark enough to be purple and not pink. "Yes honey you look really good in those," she said almost in a whisper.

"Good then I'm getting them. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes baby I'm fine."

They both tried on a few more items each, commenting on each one. When out of no where Ashley asked, "Mom have you ever fucked a woman?"

"What! Have I ever... why would you ask me that?"

"Well you said dad was the only man not the only person so I thought maybe."

"No I've never fucked a woman ok."

"Would you want to?"

"Well... I ... I've never really thought about it. Would you?"

"I would, I have and I want to."

"What do you mmm..." Before Sandy could finish asking her question Ashley grabbed her and kissed her. At first she was too shocked to think then she fought back and broke away. "Ashley what the fuck are you thinking I'm your mother. We shouldn't ... I mean we can't do this... it's ... it's ... it's wrong."

"Mom maybe it is but I don't care and I think you don't either," she said as she kissed her mother again. Sandy tried to pull away but Ashley held her tight but soon Sandy was kissing her daughter back.

Sandy couldn't believe it, she was in a public changing room naked and making out with of all people her 18 year old daughter. She knew she should stop this but she couldn't get herself to do it, she was just enjoying the kiss too much.

Ashley let go of Sandy but neither made a move to part. Her hands never left her mother's body though as her hands moved down her back until she was holding her ass, but they didn't stay there long and roamed all over her mother's body. Sandy felt like she might cum just from feeling her daughter's hands exploring her body and the feeling of their bodies pressed tightly together.

Ashley broke the kiss and pushed her mother back until she was sitting on the bench along the wall, "Oh god mom that was so fucking hot. Are you ok?"

"We really shouldn't be doing this Ash but god you're right that was the best fucking kiss I've ever had."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it but that was just the beginning."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm going to do something I know daddy's never done for you," she said as she dropped to her knees and crawled between her mother's legs, "Mom I know you're going to love this."

As she kissed Sandy's legs inching toward her pussy she smiled up at her mother never looking away from Sandy's face. And then she licked her pussy from the bottom up to her clit ever so slowly and as she got to her clit she gave it a hard suck.

Sandy all but bit through her bottom lip trying not to scream as she had the strongest orgasm of her life as Ashley sucked on her clit. Ashley didn't stop though, she just drank all her mother's juice as it flooded her mouth. She continued licking her mother until she drove her to a second orgasm. Sandy grabbed the back of her daughter's head and pushed her face hard against her grinding pussy.

After she finished cumming she had to push Ashley away, "Oh god baby please stop I can't take any more.

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