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She gets in a bind when she can't pay the yard man.

"Baby, you shaved your pussy for me," you breathed. "So pretty and pink and soft ... I'm just gonna have to lick it now ..." and your tongue traced over the newly-bared skin, leaving a wet trail over my pubic mound, licking it thoroughly. Your tongue moved in slow smooth circles, pressing firmly, then lightly teasing, then you blew on my damp, bare skin. I shivered, feeling that warm breath turning cold when it reached my heated skin. And then you bit me. You slowly sank your teeth into my smooth tender skin, and then you sucked it into your mouth, that mound of flesh just over my clit ... and I moaned, and spread my legs wider, and pressed my hands into your hair and pulled your head down hard against me, wriggling against your warm wet mouth.

"I do love you all smooth and soft, baby," you whispered, and then used the tip of your tongue to separate the lips of my quivering, fluttering pussy. Your tongue slid all the way down from my clit and further, slowly ... making tiny circles as you pressed harder, wriggling it just a little down to the hot, wet opening ... circling it slowly, delicately, and then plunging deep inside, swift, hard, deep penetration, and I arched my back and nearly came off the bed, crying out. You withdrew your tongue, and I moaned, twisting under your mouth, trying to press my hungry little cunt against your stiffened tongue, but you pushed my thighs upward, and then your tongue circled lightly around the tight little opening of my ass, and I gave a high-pitched little whimpering moan and pushed two fingers deep into my pussy while you tongued my ass, and in no time at all I came, my pussy pulsing over my probing fingers, your tongue strumming across that tight sensitive bud, and the lights flashing brilliant dazzling white behind my eyes.

You laughed and pulled me to the edge of the bed, your big, strong fingers stroking my soft skin. "You did an excellent job shaving, baby," you told me seriously. "This sweet little pussy is as soft as that pretty nightgown ... and it feels so good against my tongue, I think I'm gonna have to try something more."

I started giggling as you reached out to the pillows, and then showed me a long, smooth, pink plastic vibrator. "You think this is funny, do you?" you murmured, smiling against my ear, "OK, but in just a few minutes you're not gonna be laughing, honey ... oh no ... you're gonna be moaning ... you're gonna fight me to get this thing inside that hot little pussy of yours..." You paused, rubbing it slowly against my lips. "Hmmm ... I think I may have to take action here ... to keep you from getting too excited, you know. Now lick this thing, baby, get it all wet ..." I opened my lips to the smooth hard plastic, eyes locked with yours while you pressed the tapered tip in, licking it, wetting the smooth shaft. I loved watching you watch me while I did it ... seeing your eyes turn brilliant green, hearing your deep sigh of satisfaction as I swirled my tongue over it. You leaned forward to kiss me as you pulled it out, and your tongue replaced it, stroking sweetly in my mouth, and I sucked that tongue like I was sucking your cock.

You pulled away, smiling, but shook your head. "No, I don't think I can trust you," you said solemnly, and again reached for the pillow ... pulling out the silk scarves.

"Honey," I said, half laughing, half alarmed, "You are NOT going to tie me up ...!"

And you smiled.

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