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The toys are out but is that a good thing?

Diana held the crop out in front of her and as she slowly walked toward her, Maggie realized that it was a pair of panties hanging from the crop. "Yes, so busy trying to be a tough little bitch that night. But I guess my finger buried in your ass got you over that pretty fast now didn't it?" Diana's lips curled into a thin devilish smile.

Maggie's mind whirled as she tried to sort out what was happening. Her anxiety grew in her chest and she could feel her palms sweating atop her thighs.

Diana slowly and deliberately strolled past Maggie. Beyond her gaze she rubbed the panties over the hooded heads of the reaming two men and then came up on the other side of Maggie.

Maggie could see her stubby purple-nailed toes as Diana moved past her. She stepped up next to the pile of clothes Maggie had folded and placed neatly beside the simple chair. With her back to Maggie Diana kicked the clothes to the side of the room where they landed in an untidy heap. She then grabbed the chair and slowly slid it backward and away from Maggie.

She again turned to face Maggie, the crop and dangling panties held at her side. She was such an imposing and intimidating figure. She was beautiful yet frightening.

"Well now Maggie, any confessions you'd like to make? Any misdeeds you've committed?" Diana stared down at the kneeling naked Maggie.

Maggie studied Diana's face and her mind raced to seek the answer the big woman so obviously desired. But she couldn't think of what she had done. Her mind busily replayed the events of the past few days but kept coming up blank. Diana hadn't even given her any unusual or difficult tasks recently. She desperately struggled to unveil what infraction Diana had discovered. For a moment Maggie wondered if Diana wasn't just making something up so she'd have an excuse to punish her. But she quickly dismissed the idea. Diana was always very serious and now was no exception.

The only thing Maggie could think that she'd done was her time in bed the night before. Her eyes roamed up along the crop to the panties hanging from the end. But there was no way Diana could've known about that. Maggie's room didn't have a window and she'd been extra careful to look at her door before delving into her much needed relief.

"Hummmm...nothing huh? Well, maybe you just need a little something to jog your memory." Diana stepped up closer to Maggie and looked down at her. With her free hand she reached behind her back and fished a long thin remote control out of the tight pocket of her jeans. Diana's arm extended back and up but her eyes didn't leave Maggie's.

Maggie could hear the subtle whirl of a small motor but was unable to see around the large woman before her to understand what caused the sound. Then Diana turned around and stepped to the side. It was then that Maggie saw the television that was tilted down from the ceiling. She licked her dry lips as she waited.

Diana pointed the remote at the television. Maggie saw quick flickers of light on the screen. Her breaths came shallow and her heart hammered in her chest. When the picture finally flashed onto the screen, Maggie's mouth dropped and her eyes grew wide. The video was in the strange green light of one of those night cameras. The picture was quite clear and not at all grainy. And there just as plain as day was Maggie lying in her bed, legs spread open and flat, and her hand buried inside her underwear.

Maggie watched in horrified wonder as she saw herself buck and writhe on the screen with her obvious orgasm. She could even see herself biting her lip. She suddenly realized the two men behind her could see it all as well. And beside her Diana stood watching.

Maggie watched herself on the screen as her orgasm subsided and she pulled the sheet over her and fell into sleep. The screen suddenly went blank and the television slowly disappeared back into the ceiling. Maggie was shocked, embarrassed, ashamed, and scared.

She turned her head to Diana who still stared at the ceiling. "Miss Diana, I'm so..."

"Shut up!" Diana's ha

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