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Tara is working late when she gets two unusual visitors.

You tell me that you want me to rest my hand over my pussy. You tell me to not put anything between my lips yet. That you just want my hand to rest there a moment, lightly stroking the flesh. You tell me to run my fingers along my slit, but to still stay outside. I cannot go in until you tell me that I may. You tell me to press a little hard as I do it, so that I can feel the pressure against my clit. I do as you say and I tell you that I want to feel you inside of me. You tell me that I will be able to feel anything I want soon enough. You tell me to slowly put in one finger and push it deep inside of me. You want my finger to get nice and wet. I do so willingly and as I do, you hear me take in a long, deep breath. You tell me to pull out and push in a few times to get my finger nice and drenched. You then tell me to bring it out and up to my clit, that you want me to run that finger around, encircling my clit. You tell me that I should do this slowly and to think of your tongue doing the same to me while I am. You tell me that you want me to bring my fingers to my mouth and suck the juices from them and to describe to you how it tastes. I do so and tell you how it's sweet and that tasting it makes me think of kissing you after you have been eating my pussy. That tasting myself from your lips is one of the sweetest things. You tell me that you love kissing me after tasting me because you love to share such a great flavor with me.

Next you tell me that I should now run two fingers into my wet pussy. You want me to thrust them both in and out, not too fast. I do as I am told and my fingers begin to slide easily from the sweet juices between my legs. You tell me that you want me to run each finger along either side of my clit. To move it up and down, slightly pinching my clit between my fingers as I run them up and down again and again. I start to moan a bit more as my excitement builds. You whisper to me through the phone how you wish you were there to watch me as I played with myself. That you would find it hard to not throw me down and ravage me if you were with me now. I breathe in quick through my teeth at the thought of you just taking me for your own pleasures. You tell me to keep rubbing up and down on my clit with those two slick fingers. Go slowly, you tell me. Be sure to enjoy what you are doing. I tell you that I am and that I am thinking of you taking me, forcefully, to bend to your will.

I continue moving, moaning as I do.

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