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A Male nurse and his advenures in his new career.

"Today is nude day, but for us it will be nude week! Nudity isn't mandatory, here ... or maybe I should say that here, nudity is "man"datory". There was just a hint of a smile at her own joke, "... just not for the women. So you're our first guest. You are here for us to examine."

She looked to the left and to her right and I then noticed an array beautiful young college students and professors, each lovely in her own way. Rani was the most beautiful of all with her dark dark eyes, slender frame, and pert breasts. She had an easy smile but a stiff posture that gave her an air of authority. She was graceful in her slight movements and seemly always composed though she sat with her legs tucked under her. Her shoes were on the floor and her eyes were on me. She smiled easily and confidently, speaking softly so as to put me at ease. "This is all voluntary. You may leave at any time, but while you are here you will do as you are asked to do, ok?"

I nodded. I wasn't planning on leaving.

"You will spend the evening with us, possibly longer if we both are pleased. You are here so that we can see the male form as it moves, as it relaxes and as it gets aroused. Let's start with arousal. We'll help you if you need it, but judging from the bulge in your slacks that won't be necessary. Please take them off. We want to see how your sexual parts move as you move, how they move as you become aroused, and we want to see you ejaculate. We'll be watching you and some of us may wish to touch you. You've signed the release forms?"

I nodded.

"Stand here then, in front of me. And strip!"

I stepped out of my loafers, unbuckled my belt. I could see Rani's eyes on me. I could feel her eyes on me. I was so hard my cock caught in my boxers and snapped against my belly as I pushed my underwear and slacks down over my hips all at once. She never stopped smiling. Claire, I think she was in my psych class, had a nearly perfect profile view of my cock as it curved up hard and proud from my hairless groin. I raised my shirt and T shirt over my head. I was so excited that I'd forgotten to unbutton my dress shirt. Finally, I stepped out of my shoes. I was naked. I was nude in a room full of women. And proudly erect. I could feel Claire's breasts pointing into my back as she reached around and so so gently glided her fingernails softly up my cock, just barely touching it. Her other hand, her left hand palmed my sac and pushed it out for the ladies to take a look at. She whispered in my ear.

"Now climb up on the coffee table onto your hands and knees. The ladies want to look at you."

To the women she said, "We'll check the flaccid state and motion conditions later on, let's just make him cum for now and get him a little more relaxed." She was so bold! But then, as my cock showed, I was into it. "We have the whole evening and day!" She cheered "Now come up and have a look. Touching is allowed."

I recognized Janet from my first psych class on Erikson. My response was strictly Pavlovian. We made eye contact as she walked around me with the other ladies. She spoke as got to the other end of the coffee table. "I love the way his balls dangle like a dog's." She raked her fingernails up my thigh, and hefted my testicles. "Ooh and I love to feel them! They're so heavy!"

Stiff as a tent post my cock extended all the way to my navel. When she touched my balls I tensed and it hit my belly. "Oooh Janet do that again!" whispered another one of the women. "His erection touched his stomach!"

"I've never seen one so big and hard!" I'd never been any harder. There I was on display like a Best In Class at the Westminster show, and the judges were touching and examining me like a prized boxer.

"The head of his cock is so ... purple!" Someone nudged my knees further apart. My elbows were locked and my back was straight. I could feel someone sliding her hand up my thigh. No, that was two hands. I could tell that it was two different women's hands from where their thumbs were. They met at my balls.


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