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Her unique talent has the chef sizzling.

And of course Greg and I were like Siamese twins joined at the hip the entire time. Being with Trent and Ethan meant we had to keep our emotions and lust under control but we did manage to get a Ferris wheel car all to ourselves and got in a little playful groping and teasing. When it came time to unload for the next group of patiently waiting customers, we ended up stopped at the very top for a moment. I was holding Greg's hand and gazing off over the ocean lost in the fantasy of what this new friendship might turn into when Greg suddenly elbowed me gently in the ribs. "Check out the car behind us," he suggested.

As I turned my head to look, I saw two other young guys wrapped tight together and swapping spit passionately. "Damn," I mumbled. "That is so brave and sweet at the same time," I added just as Greg's grip on my hand tightened.

"I like the idea of being brave," slipped from his lips right before they pressed against mine.

Even though my initial thought was 'What if Trent and Ethan sees us?' I rapidly let my lips part for Greg's tongue to invade my mouth. As we kissed, I realized for the first time that the feelings I had developed for him was giving me bravado I never knew existed. I wanted his touches and kisses and didn't care if we got caught. Even if Trent freaked on me and our long close friendship ended up damaged, the new one I had discovered with Greg would be worth it. When the car jerked forward to shift us closer to the ground, we finally broke off the embrace, but the look on both our faces said we didn't really want to. That notion was solidified as our fingers laced tighter together and Greg whispered, "I really do think I am falling in love with you, Kevin." All I could manage as an answer was to smile as big as my mouth could handle and nod my head in agreement. Until it was our turn to leave the ride, my mind kept replaying the words Greg had said and how I knew my own feelings matched his. It was becoming so obvious that my heart was becoming as invested as my body already was.

Greg and I rejoined the guys and spent another hour or so pigging out and playing a few more of the carnival games. If Greg and I had been seen kissing, nothing was said. When we finally tired of all the food and activities at the boardwalk and were discussing heading back to the motel, Greg nudged me as he made a statement. "I think Kev and I are gonna walk up the beach instead. It's only a mile or so and I know I could use the exercise to work off some of the gazzillion calories from all the junk food we ate." The sly wink he threw at me said to just trust him and agree.

Trent looked at us and simply shrugged his shoulders. "Just don't get lost or mugged by a herd of sand crabs," came with a grin.

"Nah! It's the rogue horny dolphins you have to watch out for, " I replied. "Just wanna enjoy the moonlight and waves and peacefulness of the beach. We will probably be back there in a hour or so."

"Suit yourself but the Trent taxi service is only making one trip 'cause I wanna get comfortable on a bed and watch a movie and don't plan on being back out of the room tonight." Ethan did nothing but shake his head in concurrence with that idea.

"OK then," Greg announced. "Come on buddy, let's start the hike and see what all we can find on the beach between here and there. It's low tide and I bet there are more sea shells laying around than at the tourist shops." I knew he had something in mind besides collecting shells and wasn't about to ask or speculate...just let him surprise me. With that, Trent and Ethan headed for the parking lot and Greg and I sauntered to the beach and headed north.

We had only walked a couple hundred yards on the sand when Greg reached over and took my hand in his.

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