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Going for the Gusto.

She let them lead her to her mother's bedroom where they sat her down, mum standing in front and Bobby sitting beside her. She shook her head and hands and spoke: "OK, OK. I'm not sure what's happening. So, you saw us fucking. And did what?"

Margaret thought carefully before answering: "I just watched with pride until you were done."

There could be no mistake in Jessie's mind - her mother's words and her calm tone told her it really was OK. Margaret saw her moment. She knelt before her daughter. "Jessie honey, let me explain something to you. These few days have been the biggest high for me. Suddenly being free of your father has made a huge difference. I've suppressed desire for so long that maybe it's just boiled over. Probably the same for you two. So it's OK."

Silence reigned as Jessie processed it. Then she asked: "Yeah, OK. Weird but OK. Is that why you... and Bobby..." She looked with horror at her brother because she'd just realised she'd betrayed a deep confidence. Bobby's brow creased but his smile remained. Margaret looked at her son, he had to explain: "I told her about the first episode, and she, er, set us up for the second one."

"Oh really?" She pretended to be cross but it wasn't working. She went on: "I should have known, you two have always shared everything. OK, back to the point. Jessie darling, I want what started to continue. All of us, together. So we can all share everything, like we agreed."

She saw confusion in her daughter's eyes and she needed her to understand. Actions speak louder than words. Margaret held her daughter's gaze as she placed her hands on the tops of her thighs, pushing the towel up deliberately. Jessie looked at Bobby then back at her mum: "What are you...? Do you want...? Me?"

"Yes darling."

Jessie's heart skipped then beat hard in her chest. Now Margaret untied the towel and peeled it away from her daughter's chest, leaning forwards to kiss each nipple in turn. She never took her eyes from Jessie's partly to reassure her and partly for permission. Now Jessie was sure. Her mother wanted sex with her, and she was going to get it right now, even if Bobby was there in the room. She wanted to let her mother know, so she said: "Mum. Undress for me?"

Margaret smiled, stood, and pulled off her top before pushing her pants to the floor. She stood still while her daughter looked her over. Deliberately, she parted her feet wide so her pussy was open to her daughter's gaze.

Jessie was turned on but didn't know what to do next. Bobby had an idea. He scooted behind his sister and drew her backwards onto his knees, cupping and squeezing her breasts. Margaret again knelt and Jessie got the message. Opening her thighs, she shyly put her hand over her pussy. Margaret kissed it, then gently took it away.

Jessie swooned at the gentle first probing of her mother's tongue into her secret place. Margaret didn't know what to do so she just probed and licked until she found the right places. She had tasted her own juices before and knew what to expect on that score, but she had no idea how quickly her daughter would accept incest with her mother, and was pleasantly surprised at how much she bucked and squirmed in ecstasy at the intense arousal she experienced. A cock is one thing, a tongue is another, and Jessie knew now that she loved both.

Margaret knew her own clit was sensitive on the very tip and found her daughter's to be the same. It was just a tiny bud. Margaret learned how to suck the hood to drive her daughter wild: Jessie began to pant and grind on her mother's face: "Oh Jesus mum. This is fucking heaven. Bobby! Do it to her too. Lick her too."

The thought hadn't yet crossed his mind but now it seemed like the obvious thing to do.

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