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The Honeymoon

"So your husband doesn't mind his beautiful wife dancing with another man who must surely discover that she has removed her panties. What a fun and sexy situation don't you think?"

I couldn't think of a suitable reply to that, so I said nothing and anyway I was distracted when Jacob's fingertips traced the gentlest of paths over my dress and across my pubic mound.

Fortunately the number came to a close before Jacob could make any further progress, because I must admit I was tempted to let him explore. I led him off the dance floor and Carole and Tom followed us.

"Have you spotted them?" Carole said.

"Spotted who?" I asked rather stupidly.

"Our husbands," said Carole. "They're watching from the shadows. Let's give them something to think about. Tom wants to show me the view from his top floor suite, apparently you can see the London Eye."

I didn't know what to say, but Carole didn't wait for a reply, instead she took Tom's arm and led him towards the exit. Jacob took my arm and I stifled a protest and went with him.

We returned to the main hotel building and the reception area was very busy. We'd gone a little way past it and Carole craftily looked back and confirmed that our husbands were attempting to follow us. I could see them scanning round trying to spot us.

"Come on," said Tom. "Nip in here, they'll miss us and head past." He pulled Carole into an alcove and Jacob and I followed.

I stood tensely, hidden from the main walkway, but able to see people as they passed by. My heart was beating much faster than normal. Perhaps it was the thrill of the chase, but I knew it wasn't the fact that our husbands were searching for us that was so exciting, rather it was an awareness that Carole and I were sexual quarry as far as these two young men were concerned.
I almost gasped when Paul and Robert passed within a few feet of us, but they failed to spot the alcove and didn't even glance in our direction. I waited a moment then turned to say something to Carole. I froze and couldn't say anything. She and Tom were staring intently at each other, but what really made me stare was the fact that Tom's hand was between her legs fingering her pussy. Tom realised I was watching, gave an odd smile, then guided us all out and in the opposite direction to our husbands.

We took a lift up to the top floor and all the time I was wondering what was going to happen. But of course there wasn't really any doubt; Carole had let Tom touch her intimately and if he was any sort of red-blooded male then he would want to fuck her.

Where did that leave me? It was obvious Jacob would like to fuck me, but was I willing to let him? One part of me said no, but another part of me was carried along with the flow of events. Our husbands were at least partly responsible for the situation and I have to be honest and say that I was excited. I could feel a definite moist arousal between my legs and if I had been wearing panties they would have been distinctly damp.

We got to the room without mishap and I made a nervous and rather corny comment about the view being worth coming all the way to up here. Jacob guided me out onto the balcony and pointed out the London Eye, but we also had a good view of the marquee which distracted us temporarily.

I realised that Carole and Tom hadn't joined us and was about to turn back into the room when Jacob took me in his arms and kissed me. I didn't resist and in truth it was very pleasant. Inevitably one of his hands started to caress my backside, while the other moved to my breasts.

At first I didn't stop him, but then I broke and moved into the room to rejoin Carole and Tom. I don't know what I had been expecting, but I hadn't anticipated they would have gone so far so quickly. There was a trail of discarded clothing across the floor and Carole and Tom were on the bed. Carole's eyes were shut tight, though her mouth was open in a perfect O and she was gasping as Tom thrust vigorously between her spread thighs.

Jacob was behind me and I must have been completely di

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