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Donna's story and Lisa's new life.

Also, I am kind of nosey when it comes to that kind of thing."

"So you want me to tell you what me and this girl do when we have sex?" I ask. Mom gives a simple nod.

"This is weird..." I mumble to myself. I shake my head before saying, "She likes to give and receive oral... um... she likes..." I trail off.

"Can you make her cum?" Mom asks.

"Jesus Christ Mom! Has something gotten into you?" I almost yell at her.

Mom shrugs, "I just feel like this is an important conversation to have. If your starting to go out and have sex, you should at least know what you're doing."

I don't answer her, instead trying to push this conversation from my mind. Why did she have to bring up sex? We were getting along so well... I think, focusing on the bubbling water. Mom clears her throat and I look back up at her.

Mom has lifted herself out of the water and is sitting on the edge of the hot tub again, only her feet remaining submerged. "I think it's weird that you find sex to be a... taboo topic now. I know you were watching me right after I put this on. Hell... I even put on a little show for you there!"

"What?" I ask, trying to sound offended by the accusation.

Mom smiles, "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone feels horny at one point or another."

"You're my Mom! Why are you even saying this?" I ask, almost pleading with her to stop.

Mom sighs, a look of sadness coming over her face, "Well, since you asked, I'll answer honestly. Since you left for college I've been lonely."

"I call you almost every day though." I say, starting to understand where she is coming from.

Mom nods at me, "I know, but that isn't the same. I don't have anyone in my life for support."

I sigh, "I shouldn't be saying this but... you look amazing for your age. Any man in your age range would love to be with you."

Mom smiles, "Thanks for the compliment but there's really only one man that I want in my life."

My face turns red when I realize she means me. "Mom... that's..." I struggle to phrase what I want to say.

Mom moves next to me and puts her arm around me. "That's something you want to try?" She suggests, using her free hand to rub my leg gently. Each stroke moves further up my leg, closer to my semi-erect penis.

"You're my Mom though..." I start to say before she holds a single finger up to my lips in a shush gesture.

"Can you just humor me for a minute?" Mom asks. Before I can respond, she takes her finger from my lips and grabs my hand that was resting on my lap. She guides it up to her face, and I gently stroke her cheek before she guides my hand to her body. Mom rests my hand on her breast, before letting go of my hand. Feeling horny, I leave it there for a second before starting to slowly feel her breasts through her tight black bathing suit. Mom lets out a happy sigh as she reaches into my bathing suit and grasps my cock, slowly beginning to stroke it.

"What if someone sees us?" I ask, feeling nervous about this whole situation.

Mom smiles at me, "They'll probably just think they walked in on a random hook up." Using her free hand, Mom slips the straps from her one-piece and her large breasts spill over the top of the black material. They are pale, each topped with a large, pink nipple, both of which are hard. I begin to palm Mom's breasts, feeling her hard nipples press into my hands.

Mom smiles at me as she pulls my cock free. "Still not want to do this?"

I swallow, through my hormones, my mind isn't thinking right, "What man has ever turned down a blowjob?" I hear myself ask.

Mom lets out a laugh as she lowers her mouth to my cock, giving the tip a lick before taking my tip into her mouth. She begins to slowly take more into her mouth as she bobs up and down on my member. While she sucks, she plays with my balls, working me to orgasm much faster than any girl I'd been with before.

Maybe it's because of who is doing it, not how.

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