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My sister's boyfriend bullies me into an unusual encounter.

..Joe had definitely made it out to seem like they were men in wigs. But even though I now knew they were not crossdressing men, I was still shocked to learn that they still had dicks instead of vaginas.

"I um... think I'll stay in my car tonight."

"Really," she asked, shocked and annoyed. "You're going to bail on us now because of that? You are really going to be missing out if you don't come with us Alex."

"Look, I'm sorry...thanks for the offer, but I'm not gay."

"Honey, there is nothing gay about it," said Taylor walking over towards us with Wendy at her side.

"Besides, you won't be the first straight boy who's opinions we've managed to... alter, just a little bit," Wendy said with a seductive smile.

Robin stepped closer to me, and I backed up as far as I could. She had me in a corner now, with her hands against the wall above my head keeping me pinned there. I didn't think she had any intentions of hurting me, but she had the sexiest look in her eyes at that moment.

"Give it a try," she said. "It beats sleeping in a cold car, right? By the morning you'll be frozen solid. At least if you go with us, then all three of us can keep you nice and warm for the night. By the time we're done with you, you'll forget all about pussy... I promise."

I didn't really have much faith in the idea that they could completely turn me off of pussy, but I had been horny since they offered to let me stay with them before Joe told me... what he had told me... and I realized now that even with what I had learned, I was still just as horny as I had been earlier. It hadn't changed, not even a little bit.

It also definitely beat sleeping in a car that did not have the ability to start up and could not keep me warm overnight. Who knows if I could even survive in that kind of cold until the morning.

Robin didn't need a reply and could see in my eyes that my resistance was failing. She moved her hands down from above my head, and took me by the hand, backing up slowly and pulling me out into the parking lot towards their car. Taylor and Wendy followed close behind, as Robin opened the front passenger seat for me and I climbed inside.

That felt a little awkward, since normally in a situation like this, being the guy, I would be the one opening doors for the person I was with. Robin came around the other side and got in the drivers seat, while Taylor and Wendy got in the back. We drove away from the bar, and slowly and carefully made our way back to their apartment.

The entire drive there, my heart was pounding in my chest as I thought about what I was getting ready to do tonight.

I was deep in my train of thought, when we arrived outside of an apartment complex and Wendy leaned forward over my seat and with a finger on my chin, turned my head to face her and kissed me on the lips.

"We're here," she announced, as she broke our kiss.

We all got out of the car, and I followed the three of them into the complex and up a flight of stairs to the fifth floor of the six floor building. Down a hall and to the left, we entered what was indeed a very large apartment just as they told me it was. There was a living room, with two large couches and a recliner that sat across from them.

Behind the recliner, was a sliding glass door that led out onto a balcony, which overlooked the parking lot.

To the left of us was a small, narrow hallway with three bedrooms and a bathroom, and across from the entrance to the apartment was the kitchen and dining area. This truly was a very nice place and I was happy I had agreed to go with them instead of staying in my piece of crap car for the night.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable," Robin suggested, pushing me onto the couch once she had removed my coat for me.

She handed the jacket to Taylor who went to hang it up along with her own. Wendy followed her, to hang up her own jacket as well. Robin simply removed her jacket and tossed it onto the recliner, before turning to smile down at me.

"Let me show you how much of a woman I really am," she said, seductively backing up.

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