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He and his ex have a wild time together.

Your right, he didn't show. I just felt like some fun, now I feel embarrassed. Sorry for unloading. I gotta get out of here."

And she started to get up to leave.

"Stay for a bit, you haven't even finished your drink," I begged her.

Her eyes were very beautiful, her face kind and determined. I continued, "Are you from around here?"

"Seattle area. I'm here on business, I had an unexpected extra meeting today and will return tomorrow. I thought I'd try something crazy and it didn't work out. Maybe I'll just drink it off."

"What's 'something crazy?' I asked, intrigued.

"Oh nothing. Diane, what are you doing here with all that work. This is a bar, you know, alcohol, creepy guys, television sports, noise. Why are you working here on a Saturday night?"

"I know it might seem strange... I live here in town, actually a little bit out of town, but my editor lives here and we were meeting til late this afternoon. He knows I work best out of the house, so he suggested I come here for the night. You know, nice hotel, dinner taken care of, sheets pulled down, I can concentrate solely on my work. Only for a few days. My husband's away for the week so I'm not really accountable, you know. Were you going to set up an affair, a fling with a stranger? Is that the crazy thing? Excuse me for prying, but you did refer to me as your girlfriend, so at least allow me that question." I felt emboldened.

Her glass was empty, but she was definitely loosened a bit. I threw the rest of mine back and ordered another round. She looked at me gratefully and we toasted.

"Well, I don't know you, and I probably won't ever see you again, so I'll tell you," and she laughed. Great white perfect teeth smiled. She really was sexy. Robust, voluptuous. I wanted her then. I needed to drink her cunt and I knew it then.

She was getting tipsy, but not sloppy by any means. "I'll tell you, just promise you won't judge me, ok?"

"I promise," I returned.

"So I had this extra day and thought I'd treat myself to a little fun," she began. She told me the story of the casual encounters section and that she had wanted some 'no strings attached' nasty fun.

"What do you mean nasty?" I asked.

"I've been living with my boyfriend for over 6 years. We have a pretty good sex life but it's gotten kind of mundane, if you know what I mean, I mean, he's tired, it's the same thing most of the time..."

"Like what?" I asked.

"You know, touching, kissing, he likes me to go down on him," and she caught herself, embarrassed a little at the intimacy of the comment, "uh oh, TMI... too much information. I'm sorry."

Our drinks arrived and she took a generous swig.

"Don't be sorry sister," I said, "tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine, we'll drink, then we'll leave and never see each other again, bars are just an excuse to release. What do you mean nasty?"

"Well," she started, "before Michael, my boyfriend, I was with Chloe for four years and.."

"You're bi? You were with a woman?" I interrupted?

"Yeah, the cunt. I loved her but she broke my heart, left me for a fucking motorcycle twat dike with a buzz cut. Bitch! But I love Michael and we're happy, so fucking good riddance. She was such a dependent thing."

"But the nasty, what do you mean? I insisted.

"You seem so intuitive, try to guess"

"Come on, don't avoid the question, I've been around the block."

"Well... Chloe and I used to love bloody sex, during our periods. We drank each other's goop. I had this forbidden thought that in a foreign city I would hook up with a decent and good-looking guy who would enjoy my blood, since I'm in the middle of my period right now. I wanted a hundred orgasms of the kind I don't normally get, no questions asked, never see the guy again."

"So what did you do?"

And she told me about placing the notice online.

"Can I use you as my toilet?" I repeated back to her, "you wrote that? What did you mean?"

"I want to pee into a guy's mouth, maybe more, I want to make him submissive, I want to feel the power.

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