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Donor X discusses his pre-diagnosis life, Dan has a visitor.

rn and asked "Was one of them a tall guy wearing a cloak?"

Tanya replied with her own question "Yeah you know him?"

"Yeah, he calls himself Storm. He's a desert pirate that lives in the desert with this crew and robs weary travelers sometimes killing them. He also likes to come into town and cause trouble."

Tanya sips her drink. "Hmm, sounds a lot like him."

"He's also got a thing for molesting full-bodied women. Y' know, women with big tits, fat asses, kind of like us."

"How do you know so much about this guy?" Tanya asked curiously?

Crystal swirled her drink in her hand. "I had a run-in with him a few years back. He tried to take a piece of my ass but I was having none of it. By sheer luck, I got away."

Tanya scratched her head. "Damn, all this trouble just to get to New Las Vegas."

"Wait a minute, you trying to go to New Las Vegas."

"Yeah, that's why I'm traveling. I heard it's got untold riches and treasures in the city but I keep running into trouble for some reason."

"Hmm, sounds promising. Listen, I'll make you a deal. I'll help you get to New Las Vegas safely and you'll give me a cut of the dough when we get there. What do you say?"

Tanya started to contemplate. "Well I could use the extra help. I'd say you got yourself a deal."

"Excellent, you won't be disappointed. Besides us big butt women have to look out for each other."

"Yeah, you got that right." Tanya laughs. "Come on Crystal, let's get out of here."

"Alright, cool. We'll take my truck."

After Tanya had finished her meal, she walked out the bar with Crystal to continue the journey to New Las Vegas. They loaded their supplies onto her truck and drove steadily down the road. They rode into the remote parts of the desert to find the lost city.

Tanya was excited. "This is great, we're making great time."

"Yeah, I pulled a lot of strings to get this bad boy." Said Crystal.

"Hey, Crystal what's the story with you?"

"Well, you can say I'm a bit of a bounty hunter. I travel the land hunting bad guys and throwing them in the slammer."

"Wow, that's cool how do you do it?"

Crystal started to explain. "Eh, well you see, I mostly hunt down men. My lack of clothing comes in handy as men tend to think with their dicks half the time. When I find them, they don't take me seriously they just drool looking at my curvy body, that is until I come bustin' out with both guns blazing. Then I tag 'em and bag 'em."

"Whoa that's amazing." Said Tanya impressed.

Crystal then asked: "So anyway how far is this place?"

"It's not too far; it'll probably take a day or two to get there by truck." Tanya answered.

Crystal adjusted her mirror. "Oh, that works we could definitely- oh shit!"

"What's wrong?" asked Tanya?

"We got another truck on our tail!"

As Crystal looked in the mirror more closely and she realizes that the passengers of said truck were Storm and his crew chasing them down with the intent to fuck them brutally! The girls both knew that if those bandits get their hands on them, they can expect to get gangbanged so they start to develop a strategy of defense. Crystal hands Tanya a handgun and tells her to shoot them. She starts to fire to the weapon and while she was able to hold them at bay for some time; she was unable to do any real damage. Meanwhile Crystal struggles to shake them but just then Tanya shoots the front of the bandits' truck and it starts to lose control. Just as Crystal was about to pat her on the back, the bandits respond with return fire. They shoot out one of the girls' tires, causing their truck to spiral out of control and crash. The impact knocks both the girls unconscious.


When they wake up, the girls find out that they've both been tied up. Over yonder, they notice that the bandits are salvaging what was left of their totaled vehicle and taking whatever valuables that survived the crash. They struggle to get out of their constraints but find it difficult. Just then, Storm makes his way towards them and observes their current condition.

He crosses his arms and smiles.

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