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Mary is forced to be a slave.

Again another message appeared from him.

"Did you enjoy those sluts putting on a little show for you?" I paused as I remembered the girls and felt my heart flutter slightly. Seeing both of them like that had certainly aroused something. I typed out my reply.

"They certainly know what they're doing." There was a pause before Dom69 wrote back. "I'm rubbing my dick thinking about doing that to you. I think I need some help." I smiled and bit my lip as I wrote out a suitable reply, talking about sucking his shaft until he finally blew his entire load down my throat. I clicked send and sat back with my wine, waiting for his reply, it didn't take long.

"Well aren't you a good little Slut. Prove it. Click yes." Another message appeared on my screen. This time with the windows logo across the top.

"Allow upload to run?" I frowned as I read it out loud. I guessed it must mean that I was going to allow it to play the video that I was waiting for. Maybe that was why the video wasn't playing and was just a black screen.

I clicked the "yes" button and watched as the black screen flickered, it appeared to be buffering. All of a sudden the screen came alive and was filled with an image. A young brunette sat in front of the camera, her hair tied back in a messy ponytail. She was wearing a creased white shirt which was unbuttoned down to her cleavage and appeared to have on a suit skirt. I gasped as I recognised the girl on the screen... It was me. I sat still for a moment as I tried to comprehend what was going on before finally reaching forward for my wine. The girl on the screen did the same.

"Oh fuck," I whispered as I realised it was a live feed. My laptop camera was filming me right now. I looked down as another message appeared.

"That's it slut. Now put on a show for me. I'll start by seeing your tits."

I sat there dumbfounded for a second. Thinking through my options as I gazed at myself on the monitor. Suddenly there was another message. "Undo your shirt now slut." Something inside me shifted. This wasn't a request or a flirty message, it was an order, something to be obeyed. I remembered the two girls from the videos and wondered if they had been given similar instructions. I imagined Dom69 sat on his computer, watching me right now, maybe stroking his cock whilst he watched. I could feel an element of fear and reluctance rising inside me as another message popped up. "Now slut."

I reached up and felt one of my buttons before slowly unclasping it. I waited and watched the screen but there was nothing else, just my image staring back at me on the screen. I felt myself start to smile as I imagined Dom69's face as he realised what I was doing. A mixture of shock and lust as he watched me start to obey him like a real cam whore. I started to undo more buttons as I thought about that word "slut". Its meaning was awful, a woman with no morals, an awful girl only looking for sex but somehow it seemed different now. Like maybe being a slut was something good, someone capable of pleasing someone else. Something to aspire to perhaps. Certainly the way Dom69 said it, it appeared more of an earned title than anything else.

I undid my final button and slowly pulled my shirt open, cupping it behind my breasts. I looked onto the screen and could see myself grinning back, my cleavage central on the screen. Then another message.

"Good girl but not far enough.

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