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Journey into domination and transformation.

Still, you stand as a bright beacon before me.

On our last night together, we captured some small part of our innocence again. You were not the prowling predator of these past few months. We dined like gentlefolk and danced as we once did; not like children, but like a man and woman. I held you, soft and yielding, in my arms and looked into your loving eyes. At that moment I could forgive you anything.

In actuality, it's I that needs your forgiveness.

We danced. I held you in my arms. You gazed into my eyes as we turned around the room. Upstairs, I held you in my arms, too. I held your naked, warm body against mine. Your full bosom pressed to my chest where I could feel your excitement as if two jutting acorns firm and round. And I dare say you knew my own thrill trapped between us as it lay hard across your smooth belly. We kissed.

Our lips parted only for you to kiss my chin, neck, chest and parts lower as you slid from my grasp to your knees. My heart soared as you knelt to worship my endowment. Loving kisses you bestowed upon my manhood form crown to crotch. With eagerness you grasped me around the shaft and plunged your mouth around my circumcised crown. Heavenly was your tongue to which I would readily have delivered had you not other intentions for my deposit.

Rising, you drew me to the bed we have shared these few months, our place of bliss and passion. Reclining you pushed my face between your smooth thighs where I found the sweet nectar of your love which I had not known until you had shown me. With my head held firmly to your sex I probed and lapped into your most intimate places until you threw me off by your convulsions. Again and again I returned to the feast, nibbling your sensitive button. Only when you were fully satiated and your juices gleamed in the moonlight streaming through the shutters upon my face and your thighs did you finally draw me to your breast.

As I rose to your embrace my staff once again penetrated to the core of your essence. Can you feel my throbbing member wrapped in your tender folds even now? Do you rub the itch that surely rises with such memories? I know that I will most assuredly do so as I think of last night. You drew me close holding me in place with your arms around my neck and your arms around my waist. Granted, our embrace ended too soon as with only a few thrusts I filled your womb with my seed due to the intense arousal you brought me to.

I do not blame you for I should have mastered myself to provide to the utmost for your satisfaction. Still, you found no fault in me for which I love you more dearly.

But, you had still a greater purpose last night. Again you descended to my softening and coated penis. And, like myself between your thighs, feasted upon our combined fluids until my manhood was restored to full attention.

Trudee, the thing you asked next never entered my mind before. How can it be that you have found pleasure in such a thing? But I can refuse you nothing. So with trepidation I took my place beside you as we have often fallen asleep with my arms wrapped around you side-by-side; my front to your back. I have always thought your derriere to be finely formed and firm, the sight of it always stirring my heart.

Even with your encouragement I was hesitant and allowed you to lead as you lifted your leg and, reaching between, grasped my thick pole guiding me to your forbidden entrance. If not for you pushing back against me I still may not have given you what you craved. The pressure against my blunt end felt unrelenting at first. Slowly you gave way before my lance. I took your hip in my hand and added my own force to the assault upon your anus.

When the entrance was breached; when my weapon penetrated suddenly to feel your defense close around the rounded crown I knew at once a thrill unlike any other.

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