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The year was 1980 something.

The night before, when I was putting my idea into a plan, I called my good friend Nick Stevens. He was a frat brother during college. As he had done in college, Nick had dealt in, well, let's just call it "underground business." He could get you anything you wanted short of a nuclear bomb and I sometimes wondered if he couldn't get you one of those for enough money.

"Nick, it's been a helluva long time, what's happening buddy?" I said into the phone after he answered.

"What's going on Joe? It's been too fucking long. What's your pansy ass up to these days?" he replied. Nick was half Italian. Listening to him on the telephone, you would have sworn he was full-blooded.

"I've been playing house with an ole girl for like four years Nick. I'm hardly worth shooting anymore," I replied.

"Aw hell Joe, you could have run with me and the boys and we'd been rich as fuckin' hell," he replied, "You still with Jenny?"

"Yeah, we're still together," I answered.

"So, what's on your mind?" he asked.

"Nick, I'm not really sure what exactly I need. But I figured if they made it, you'd know what it was and be able to get it."

"That's right," he replied with a laugh.

"I need something that will make someone so fucked up that they won't remember shit the next day. I don't want them just to lay there. I want them to walk around and act as if everything is okay, but once they wake up the next morning, they don't remember shit," I replied.

"Damn Joe, that's pretty fucking easy to get," he replied, "How much do you need?"

"Hell, I don't know. I'd say $300 or $400 worth will do for starters," I replied.

"Unless you are planning on fucking up the entire state, that'll last you for a while," he replied, "When do you need it?"

"When can you get it to me?" I asked.

"Noon tomorrow good for you?" he asked.

"That'll be perfect. I can meet you at the Shoney's across the road from my car lot. Is that okay with you?" I asked.

"That'll be fine. See you then," he replied and hung up.

That was last night. I had already made the pick up. It was a white, powdery substance that you are supposed to put in someone's drink. It dissolves completely and has no taste. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to kick in (depending on the size of the person and the amount given to them). The person will look like they are totally normal for the next five or six hours. Not only does it make them forget everything about the five or six hours, it enhances the alcoholic beverage and makes them horny as hell-which was exactly what I was looking for.

Mike showed up on time. I let him in the apartment and immediately offered him a beer, which he accepted. I had some beer mugs in the freezer (I always drank my beer out of a chilled mug). I poured us each a beer and spiked his with the drug Nick had sold me. I wanted to see what it did.

I brought the beer into the living room and sat down. We had an entertainment system on the wall in front of the couch and a recliner. The entertainment system was complete with a 42 inch big screen television, DVD/VCR, and surround sound system. I had already activated the camera system in the apartment. Everything from what was on television to every word that was spoken would be recorded on my computer.

"What is on your mind, Joe," Mike asked after taking a long swig of beer.

"I want to show you something I thought you might be interested in," I replied, "Just watch

it and we'll talk about it after it's over."

I picked up the DVD remote and pressed play. A 42-inch picture of Mike taking Jenny's shirt off on the couch at Amber's popped onto the screen. I looked over at him, his mouth was agape, stunned.

The rest of the erotic night, at least the part I was there for, played out before his eyes. I had gotten a close up view of his cock slamming into Jenny's pussy, as he pulled out, you see her lips remain wide open. If I would have had a flashlight, I could have videoed inside her. The surround sound system almost made it sound like we were there.

Finally the video ended.

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