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College woman learns how much she loves sex

Additionally, as she is a college student, we have to assume she has at least average intelligence and is therefore aware of herself and her surroundings. I don't think anyone would seriously argue that she did NOT know that her nipples would/will stick out a bit in that top before she left her dorm room, yet she wore it any way. There are no temperature or wind factors to explain stiffening, nor is she moving in a way that would indicate the soft stimulus resulting from the rubbing of the nipples against the fabric. Her conversation is with same-sex friends and does not involve erotic or sexual subject matter. She is also not making any attempt to cover her breasts with her books, arms, sweater, or anything else. We can therefore conclude that she is not embarrassed at their appearance, or self conscious about them. Finally, we can also conclude, with a high degree of certainty, that she is not wearing a bra.

So what does the appearance of nipples tell us in her case? They tell as that she feels sexy in the outfit. They tell us that she is proud of her appearance and is willing to show us that pride. They also tell us that she doesn't mind complete strangers looking at her, especially her (covered) breasts. That fact also leads to the better than average probability that she would be open to approach from men - conversation, possibly flirtation. In short, her nipples are saying "come on over and say hi!" It may go no further than that, but that COULD be just the beginning...

What about the exact same set of circumstances, but substitute a 45 year-old woman: At least average intelligence; skin-tight top; no bra; warm, breezeless day; her breasts are motionless behind the fabric; non-sexual conversation; and two nipples clearly protruding, just from slightly lower part of her chest than the 20 year old's. At 45, she is more experienced and, therefore, more calculating in her selection of attire. Rather than just some nebulous expression of sexiness, she likely wants to draw attention specifically to her breasts, and possibly the nipples themselves. The likelihood of this being the motivation increases proportionally with the length and circumference of the nipple: The longer and/or larger the erect nipple, the more likely the mature woman is aware of it, and the more likely she is purposefully showing them off. If she's married (and faithful), she is probably at least a little horny and is compounding that with the knowledge of the effect she is having on men, especially the tease factor when her husband sees the little cherubs (her husband is probably going to enjoy his evening). If she is single or an unfaithful wife, her nipples may be saying "you might want to try some of this." A variation on the theme established with the 20 year old, but more direct and to the point(s).

As an example of the difference in motivations based on age, I offer actress Farrah Fawcett. Somewhere in her mid- to late-20s, she poses in the red swimsuit for that famous poster. Her long nipples are clearly protruding from the front of her swimsuit. At that age, her motivation (other than the obvious fame and fortune) during the photo-shoot is probably limited to just being sexy. The encouragement she gets from the photographer and crew reinforces her feelings of sexiness, and the nipples are semi-erect. Jump ahead to Farrah at age 50. At that age, if she wears a tight blouse without a bra in public, she wants you to see those delectable nipples of hers. She is old enough to know EXACTLY what they do, how they look behind various clothing fabrics and styles, and she knows the effect they have on men. This is especially true for a celebrity who knows that she is constantly being scrutinized and photographed. She now wants you to see her nipples, wants you to show reaction to them, and she takes some level of sexual pleasure in the effect they have on you, whether she knows you or not.

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