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He gets his favorite thing in the world.

"This is your clitoris, or 'clit'" he slid his finger further down, right over the place where she peed from, "this is where your piss comes from, I'm sure you know that." His finger slid down between two flaps of skin, "These are your pussy lips, or labia." She went rigid as his finger went to the entrance of her vagina. Though she had never explored herself, it was obvious what this was. "This is your sex whole, your cunt. Ah, I see our little good catholic girl is already a little wet." He pushed his finger slowly into her whole, pushing through her virginity with his thick finger.

She looked a little confused, wondering what he meant by her being wet. It didn't take him long to translate her look.

"You don't know why you are wet, do you? I am not used to such na__ve young ladies! You see, when you become aroused, or when you start to feel pleasure, your cunt starts to get wet. The better it feels, the wetter you will get. It is your body's way of lubricating you so it won't hurt as much when I put my dick in you."

Anger flashed across her face. He was smug, but she would show him. She would NOT enjoy his touch, she would remain dry and he would not have the pleasure of making her 'wet.'

He pulled his finger back out and went back to making circles on her clit. "Close your eyes, Katy" he said softly. She fought with all her might to deny her body's craving to give in to his hand. She could not believe her own weakness. He also began to manipulate her nipple with his mouth again as he did this, and the double sensation was hard to fight. Her nipples were hard and sensitive to his touch.

His hand began to move more urgently, and a slow fire began building between her legs. She fought to keep her breathing even and recited prayers to keep her mind distracted. But as his hand moved over her clit, her labia, the entrance to her sex, and back to linger on her clit, she could not deny her body's reaction. Slowly she began to feel something she could not explain. It was like a yearning, a burning need in her vagina, and only his hand could meet it. She gasped against her will, and he knew he had won.

He slid his finger all the way in her, and found her very wet. He began to move, and position his head between her legs. She lifted herself up on her elbows, momentarily distracted. What was he doing? At that moment, he kissed her gently on her clit. She jumped.

"Oh, please, sir, please don't do that! Do not kiss me... there... please!"

"Lay down." was all she heard from him, and as she obeyed, he continued to kiss all over her thighs, her labia, her clit, her slit, slowly driving her crazy. It felt amazing... she couldn't believe her own weakness again. The, he started to lick her up and down the length of her pussy, stopping to flick his tongue over her clit. She gasped, and a quick moan escaped her lips before she caught herself and quieted it. She would at least not give him that pleasure. He put his whole mouth over her clit and began sucking, nibbling, and flicking it with his tongue. Waves of pleasure shot through her whole body.

While he continued his manipulation of her clit, he took his right hand and slipped his thick middle finger into her pussy. He began slowly moving it in and out. She felt herself grow wet. She could actually feel the warm liquid form in her vagina and then slowly trickle down. Soon, he pulled out his finger, and put two back in. She subconsciously began to move her hips up and down, pressing herself into his face and fingers, and then away, and then pressing it harder into them. Before long, she was humping softly and quickly, almost as if she could not control her own hips.

The pleasure building in her was like nothing she had ever known. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts, she could not hold on to a single thought long enough to make sense of it. The moisture between her legs made her feel even more amazing; she loved the way it made his fingers slide in and out of her. A puddle was forming on the sheet.

Suddenly she buckled, and gasped.

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