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Stopping for a beer takes an unexpected turn.

Her blouse and skirt were arranged just as impeccable as ever and not a hair out of place. I was beginning to think it hadn't gone as she expected. I asked if she was disappointed and she looked confused. I explained about her attire and she said she didn't want anyone knowing she was doing the walk of shame. She pulled her bra and panties out of her purse. "No regrets, just like you said. I do need a drink and when I finish with that I'll need a stiff cock. Can you help a girl out with that?"

I poured her a glass of wine. "If you want to keep today to yourself that's fine with me." I reminded her.

She said no secrets and she would tell Kate and Lynn when we got home but she wanted to wait for the right time. I said that it was best not to keep secrets.

"Was the evening everything you hoped for?" I asked her.

She sipped at her wine while she got undressed. "Would you refill my glass while I take a shower. I know you like to hear sexy stories and I will tell you everything you want to know."
A few minutes later Mel came into the room dripping wet and took a sip of her wine and looked at me accessing her options. She said, "I need to dry my hair." She peeked back into the room and pointed up and down my body as she said, "You better be out of THOSE when I get back."

I put her glass on the bedside table. Romantic music was already playing so all I needed to do was strip and get into bed.

Melanie came out after drying her hair. She picked up her glass and sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed facing me. She asked what I did all day while she was gone. She sipped her drink while listening to me explain the events of the day. That I left the group early and that it didn't feel right without her there and that everyone asked about her. I said if she was asked that she was seeing an old college friend. I told her I had been imagining what she was doing ever since she left for lunch and hoped she had at least half as good a time as I imagined she did.

She blushed while I explained everything that went through my mind earlier. I had a completely exposed sight of her pussy as she sat cross-legged in front of me. I could see her clit begin to swell beneath it's hood as I told her what I imagined she was doing all afternoon and into the night and her pussy lips flushed as they engorged with her arousal. Her nipples were hard as I told her more.

Mel looked down into her glass as she swirled the wine and said, "I have been about to cum or cumming ever since I left here." She lost herself in thought staring into her glass. "I've begun to realize that the more sex we have, the more sex we want... I know you already know that because you said that on the way here Sunday and I believe it now. I think I understand Lynn's fascination with gangbangs too. I DON'T WANT ONE, but I understand it, believe me, I think I just had one with only two people." The last part of the sentence trailed off. "Flo fucked me so many times I lost count. She would fuck me and then we would talk a while and then she would look at me and it was... I can't explain it, I just wanted her to fuck me again until there was nothing left of me." She finished her drink and told me to lay back and she would give me a back rub.

I rolled over face down on the bed and she sat on my ass and started to give me a massage.

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