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Two girls are snowed in at remote cabin.

"Yes." he moans as she sucks them one after the other.

Ted closes his eyes and just enjoys the sensations, one thing he does know is she does know how to give head. He loves the feeling of her hot,wet mouth on his cock and balls.

Patti moans as she sucks his balls, she loves the feeling of them in her mouth.

Making them so wet with her spit, this makes her so hot. He pulls her up slightly, she knows what he wants. She loves that she can make him hard.

"Suck me." he tells her looking down at her, gripping her hair a little tighter.

"Take my cock, suck it now baby." He tells her as she licks her way to the head of his cock. She takes the head of his cock into her mouth as he moans, "Mmmm make love to my cock."

She goes back and forth sucking and then nibbling his cock, pulling away and flicking her tongue over the head of his cock.

"Ummm, you know just how to please me." he tells her as he holds each side of her head and he gently thrust his hips to give her more of his dick. Opening her mouth wider she takes his cock a bit deeper. "Take it." he tells her.

Patti reaches down with one hand and strokes his balls at the same time. All she can think is "Give me your cock baby." She loves how it feels in her mouth.

Damn, he is loving the way she is stroking his balls and sucking his cock at the same time. " Mother fucker." he moans as she suddenly deep throats him, taking his cock as deep as she can. "Suck it baby lick that cock."

She sucks him a bit faster, in and out of her mouth. Pulling her hair a bit harder he fucks her mouth. "Mmmm." she moans tasting his pre-cum. Pulling away from him she looks up at him.

"I'm your slut." she tells him as she goes back to sucking his cock.

"Yes you are, Daddy's slut." he tells her as he thrusts at her and holds her hair tight. Watching her giving him head makes him so hot.

"Take Daddy's pre-cum." he moans as she sucks him harder. " Nibble on my cock head." he tells her as she sucks him faster and deeper. "Fuck Patti, do it." he suddenly pulls her closer forcing his cock down her throat. He knows it won't take him long to cum this time. He had been so busy at work and so exhausted when he gets home he usually just had time to shower, eat dinner and fall into bed. He had been planning to make it up to her, he finally got an entire weekend off and was going to enjoy it. The way she was making him feel he knew he wouldn't last long this first time.

Patti takes his cock as deep as she can, feeling him holding her down, thrusting into her mouth. In and out he fucks her mouth, he is loving this. Holding her down as long as he can he pulls out, then rams it back down her throat. "Take it my whore, take my cock all the way." he looks down at her and watches as she takes him all the way. She is such a slut and he loves it. "Mmmmm oh yeah, gonna cum soon." he tells her as she sucks his cock harder. "Suck harder baby, that's it." he moans as she sucks as hard as she can. She can feel his cock getting harder she knows he's going to cum soon. She wants to feel and taste him filling her mouth with his cum.

Faster and deeper he fucks her mouth, damn she can suck dick. He holds her down on his cock.

"Awwwww fuck! Cumming baby do it suck my man juice out of my dick!" he says as his cock explodes in her mouth. "Yeah baby cumming." he holds her head tight as she takes spurt after spurt of his cum. Swallowing the last of his cum, he lets her go. "Omg! That was so good baby girl." he tells her as she licks and cleans his cock.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it baby." she said as she crawls up on the bed next to him.

Pulling her to him he kisses her deeply tasting his cum on her mouth.

"I'm sorry I didn't last long enough to make love to you, guess I just needed to cum."

"It's okay honey really, you can please me in other ways." she says with a wicked smile.

"And how would you like me to please you? Hmmmm?" he asked knowing what he wanted to do for her.

"Anything you wish, I'm yours.

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