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A story of sex and pastries

The surface of her skin was cool with rainwater, but where his hands touched, the mutual heat of their bodies made it feel as though she was burning from within.

He bent his head and took her right nipple in his mouth. She made a small sound in her throat, and arched her back, laying a hand on the back of his head to pull him closer. He swallowed a few drops of rain water, faintly salty, and tasted her more fully.

When he had taken it in his mouth, it had been soft--the softest thing he'd ever touched, he thought to himself--but after only a few seconds it was hard enough for him to take it between his teeth and tug gently without worrying about hurting her. He loved the taste of her. He let go that nipple and bent his head to the other one, savoring it.

He was dimly aware of her hands plucking at his shirt, and he raised his head to help her take it off him. She slipped the sleeves of her blouse down her arms and tossed the sodden garment away. "Isn't that better?" she murmured, he inviting smile visible in another brief second of light. He made a sound of assent, enjoying how their slick torsos moved against one another, as he clasped her to him.

He craved another taste of her, and bent his head once again, taking a long swipe with his tongue between her breasts. It must have tickled, because she giggled. He grinned and laid his cheek against her breast. Over the sound of the rain, he could hear her heart beating, and it sounded as if it were going almost as fast as his own. Excitement? Nervousness? Fear? Probably a little of each.

He loved feeling the shapes of her body. Laying a hand on her shoulder, he slowly slid it down her front, cupping her breast again briefly before continuing down, past her navel, over the sodden material of her skirt, down her thigh to her bare knee, which he squeezed briefly. After pausing there, he began to slowly move his hand back upwards, along her slick thigh underneath her skirt. When his fingers found the thin cotton panties, and trailed along them, she gasped. Her mouth quickly found his, her tongue enthusiastic against his, which gave him one of his best ideas all night.

He removed his hand, causing her to make an involuntary disappointed sound, and began to tug her skirt down over her hips. She got the idea very quickly, and arched her hips to help him, pulling down skirt and panties together. He hoped he wouldn't have to wait too long for another illuminating flash. He was quickly rewarded, the light showing her body eagerly arched and turned toward him, the soft triangle of dark hair pointing like an arrow to buried treasure.

Her hands were at the fly of his jeans, but he pushed them away. He had other ideas. With one hand, he pressed her back flat on the cool grass. With the other, he applied gently pressure to her thigh, coaxing her legs open. She was willing enough and took little encouragement. Before long, he found himself settled on his elbows between her knees. If there had been light, he would have seen her pussy like a flower opening to him, lips swollen and flushed dark pink with desire.

He laid one hand on her thigh, and reached the other out, until his fingers rested lightly on her softly-furred mound. He heard her make a sound, and felt her hips move enticingly under his hand. He knew what she wanted, but he wanted to make this last as long as possible--she deserved to have everything done properly.

With a single finger, he stroked slowly downwards, along the edge of the pouting lips. He felt moisture that had nothing to do with the rain, an heat--more than he had expected. He wouldn't have been surprised if she had radiated a soft glow. His finger continued its leisurely journey to the end of her slit, where he drew it away. She made that little disappointed sound again, but he ignored it. He brought his finger to his mouth and tasted her for the first time. The taste was like her skin, only more so, and he wanted more at once.

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