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The Diary continues...

"Oh fuck, that was so delicious," you say with a devilish grin.

I run my fingers down your chest again, stopping to pay attention to your nipples. I pinch them and roll them between my fingers until they stand at attention. Then I spend more time nibbling and sucking them, waving my ass in the air for you, knowing it excites you.

Slowly, I begin working my way down to your cock, a little at a time, over your stomach. Then I slowly reach down to cup your balls with my hand, giving them a soft, loving caress. I run my finger tip up your hard shaft and you moan in response.

"Mmmm, I love that beautiful hard cock," I whisper. "I wonder how long I can keep it." Then I back away, bite my lip, climb off the bed, and walk over to a chair just a few feet from you. There is a bag next to the chair and I reach down slowly exposing my ass to you, and pull out a beautiful, black vibrator that stands out against my milky skin. I reach around and use it to trace down my ass. Then I turn around and sit in the chair facing you. I spread my legs, fully exposing my wet pussy. It is glistening and swollen from my desire.

I lick the tip of the vibe and turn it on, the humm gently fills the room. Then I slowly place the tip in my slit. I begin rubbing my clit with it, up and down, then in small circular motions.

"Ooooh, that feels just lovely," I smile and let out a breath of delight.

You tilt your head as if you are trying get a better view, but you're not missing a thing. A light moan escapes you lips, almost a sigh.

The vibe grows shiny from my juices as I place the tip inside me, then pull it out. I push it in again, each time a little bit deeper.

In...and out...in...and out. More and more of it disappears each time. My fingers begin working my clit and I moan with pleasure. I see your flushed face and perfectly hard cock as you watch me. Your hips raising off the bed, your chest rising and falling with every breath. Seeing you gaze at me like that, turns me on.

"Fuck, that is so hot," you moan.

"This should be your cock inside me, but you're not ready yet." I gasp as I turn the speed up on the vibe. I slide it in and out as I use my finger to work my clit again. My hips are moving and I am alight with lust and pleasure. My breathing quickens, I arch my back. My skin grows flush and I gaze back at you, your lips parted, your cock so hard it is glistening with precum. I love making you wet.

I look over at you with a wicked smile because I know I am m going to cum again. Your gaze is intense and you gasp, "Cum for me. Cum for me again. I want to hear you. I want to see you."

I move faster. In and out, the vibe is probing me. I whimper and lick my lips. Looking over at you, I can see your cock twitching with delight.

Then the wave hits. I throw my head back as my pussy tightens around the vibe. "Oh fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm cumming so hard!" My eyes roll back. I press the vibe in deeper, I slow my fingers. My pussy tightens around the vibe and I can feel it deep inside me. I moan through the pleasure knowing you enjoy the sounds I make. I want to drag it out and make you beg. My hips stop moving and I hear you moan in response to my cries.

I pause, breathless, and gaze back at you. Slowly, I pull out the vibe and you watch it reappear. Then I sit up straight, and turn it off. The vibe is dripping with my juices. I proceed to lick it gently and playfully up the shaft.

Your eyes go wild. "Oh that's fucking hot."

I stand up and walk toward you with it and sit next to you on the bed again. I take the vibe and place its tip on your lips so you too can taste it.

"Suck my juices of that cock. You know you want to," I demand with a sweet smile. And you devour the vibe with glee.

"Mmmm you taste so good." Your tongue expertly retrieves my juices as I hold the vibe, making certain to roll it around in your mouth and get some on your lips. I am smiling with delight.

Once you have licked it clean

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