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Lovers invite waitress to watch.

No this time directly they started to kiss sex was inevitable, was needed and was demanded. There was no hesitation or waiting From where he was towering over her it seemed so natural to run both his hands over her breasts. From where she was it was natural to run her hands over his bulge that seemed to explode as his erection shook the restraints of his shirt free and leaped upright. With her sitting and him standing the logical actions were for him to undo her top and caress her breasts inside the white, net, totally transparent bra and for her to slide his zip down. For him to push the top of her dress away from her chest and for her to pull his trousers down. For the son to squeeze the mother breasts and pinch her already swollen nipples and for the mother to stoke her son's erection that pulsated in her hands.

She struggled up and fell into his arms her breasts squashing his chest his erection pushing strongly into her belly as their mouths ground together.

"Oh Jesus Grant, oh my God," she moaned.

"K, oh K yes, yes , this is amazing."

They wiggled themselves towards the large sofa and collapsed onto it, their mouths still clamped together, their bodies writhing and grinding against each other..

His shirt came off with his boxers so that he was naked in her arms. He pulled her dress down her legs and dropped that on the floor. Looking at his mother his heart pounded when he saw the very sexy lace and silk thong. The front barely contained her pubic mound and the ridiculously, flimsy strand of lace that dissected her rounded cheeks and vanished so wonderfully mysteriously between them excited him so much.

"Bloody hell that looks so sexy," he whispered into her ear.

She smiled, "I'm pleased you like it," feeling more relaxed with him now than she had before as she added, "But don't you think I'm a little overdressed?"

Grant surprisingly also felt more confident and at ease with her and replied. "I think you are, yes."

"Then, darling," she breathed, "why don't you take it off? Why don't you take my panties off so I'm naked as you are?"

He shuddered with excitement and anticipation as he rolled the delicate garment down her hips and legs to then drop it on the floor with the rest of their clothes.

Kissing and stroking each other they simply enjoyed their mutual nakedness and the others body for some time. Kate stroked his erection, cupped his balls, chewed his nipples and ran her soft fingers all over his body and particularly his firm, pert arse. Grant cupped her breasts, pinched and chewed her nipples and rubbed her clit and her lips.

Together they squirmed their bare bodies together loving the feeling of the others flesh on theirs. He was laying half on top of her with his legs hanging off the edge of the sofa. Her arms were around his neck her breasts squashed by his firm body. She took his face in her hands and lifting it up stared deep into his eyes. They looked at each other for a moment or two before Kate, slowly and softly whispered.

"Darling, take me to bed and make love to me. Take me to bed Grant and fuck me."

They were the most exciting words Grant had ever heard. They sent such a thrill through him and it all became too much for the young man. "Oh no, oh no," he moaned as Kate felt his body shudder.

"What darling?" she asked realising the problem before he replied as she felt the warm wetness on her belly.

"I'm cumming, I'm only bloodywell cumming," he whined as his cock continued pumping his seed all over her tummy.

"Yes cum for me Grant," she whispered thrusting herself against him. "Cum for your mother baby, cum on me, cum all over me darling." She went on reassuring him. "It doesn't matter it'll just make the next time so much better."

"I am sorry K," Grant said sitting up on the side of the sofa.

"Don't be silly, it's a compliment really and as I say when we get to bed you'll be more relaxed. I loved it."

"You're so understanding, thanks K."

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