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The adventures of two hunky young superheroes.

The garage was also next to the washroom and we would be able to hear if Jane came home. I told her that her mother and I had done the same thing many times.

We sat in the floor with the door open and stated drinking and smoking. We shared the same cigarette as two would be twice the amount of smoke to get rid of. I kissed Jen on the lips very slowly and then with deep passion. I pulled up her top and started playing with her little titties and kissed them a few times. After drinking most of the drink she said she wanted to suck my dick and for me to lie back against the washing machine. She took off her shorts and bent down in front of me and pulled it out of my shorts and kissed it all over very slowly and delicately.

She said she loved the taste of my dick and had been thinking a lot about sucking it more. I told her she could have all she wanted. I said of course you will have to share it with your mother. She said she didn't mind and it turned her on to know she was tasting something that had been in her mother's pussy. I told her that every chance I got I would let her taste her mother's pussy juice that was on my dick. She said that watching us fuck the night before was so good and she would have loved to come jump in the bed with us and grab my dick and show her mother how she could make me cum in her mouth. I told her that would be a dream come true to be able to fuck both of them together.

I reached around her cute little ass and played with her butt while she sucked on my dick which was about ready to tackle her. She pulled me on down on the floor and climbed on top of me. I lit another cigarette and held it to her lips for her to take a drag. She slowly slid my very hard dick into her and began to fuck me so good. She could really gyrate her little ass and she was a good fuck. I told her we probably should finish soon as her mother might come home. She said she would fuck my cum out and to pull her tits and kiss her. She squeezed my dick and sucked the juice right out and jumped down and took a mouthful that was coming out of me. She came up and kissed me and gave me some. She is so hot. We grabbed our clothes and went upstairs and dressed to go out to eat that night.

As hard as I tried, I just couldn't find an opportunity to have Jen alone again until her mother went out of town two weeks later. So I was content to fuck Jane until that fun time came again. I was so horny thinking about Jen that her mother got her brains fucked out the next few days. I took her to the rock cliffs and tried to pose her for pictures in the same exact poses that I had Jen do. I wanted to put the pictures in a collection with the two of them side by side and look at them when I was alone. I fantasized about getting both of them naked together on the rocks to add to my collection. That would definitely give me a hard on that would make my dick want to fuck all four of their holes. I also dreamed what fun it would be to have sex with each one while the other took pictures of us. I dwelled on this fantasy for the rest of the day.

Jane went out of town again on a Wednesday and was to return Friday afternoon so it gave me another great opportunity to explore my newly found gold mine. I told Jen that I wanted to do something else with her that I had done with her mother. It was to take her flying in my airplane and play around at the airport. The airport is a small one and at night it is very dead with no one around and no flying activity. We stopped at a convenience store and bought a large coke to drink later and went on to the airport. We untied the plane, checked it over and crawled in. She looked so pretty and wore a tube top and a pair of very short hot pants and I rubbed her legs as we taxied down the taxiway. We got to the end and I kissed her before taking off. She held me tight and we took to the air.

The sun was setting and I wanted her to see the sunset and then after it turn

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