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Kristen and Brandon bring their playmate home.

The planning was harder than I thought but after some time it came to me. I would drive out to this empty barn that looked like it had not been used in a while. To get some prep work done I stopped by the barn after work the next day and looked around and found that it was indeed unused and so was the rest of the land, it seems the owner died and the land was in dispute so the only thing that could be done was basic up keep to the place and the only thing that seemed to be done is the fence line was kept cut. I pulled my car into this road that lead into the woods and used a previous spot to park my car so no one would see it and to make my work more fun I stripped down to just my panties and heels and nothing else. I quickly walked to the barn with my stuff and got to work.

I fixed the door so that there was no way to lock it. I then got to work on the pulleys, I fixed a couple of them to the walls on either side of the barn and to the bottom side of the hay loft, the ceiling here looked about 12 feet tall and I had a time getting these in place but wit a little effort I managed. I strung the rope and measured it so that all four pieces of rope would be pulled by the same weight thus holding me tight and spread out for anyone to discover. Boy just the work was getting me hot and I still have things to do. I looked all over the barn and finally found what I was looking for an old half drum and some rocks.

Here is the plan, tie all four ropes to the barrel fill it up to ten pounds short as the same weight as myself, put enough holes in it so that water could get out. If it worked out I would be hanging completely off the floor being stretched out and only being able to get down after the ice melts. The ice would be the extra weight I would need to be stretched and when it melts I would be free. Back to the car I went and when I got there I noticed some tracks by my car that did not look like mine but they were definitely heels, I put an over sized shirt on to be able to drive and did not think much about the tracks.

The day came and I was up at the crack of dawn to start my little journey. I decided to dress before I left so that the ice would melt as little as possible. I started with the stockings and heels, I tied the straps as tight as I could stand and then put knots in the straps. I then put on the corset and had already made it as little as possible, which would mean I would be going from a 22 inch waist to a 16 inch waist. I was able to do this by this handy corset tightening device I got with the corset. I then attached the garters to the stocking. I put on one of denim mini skirts that I had cut of the bottom couple of inches so that standing flat footed I would be exposing the bottom 2 inches of ass cheek.

I topped the outfit for the drive only with a tee shirt I mean to remove it at the car before I go to the barn. I put the cuffs, collar, and spreader bar in a bag and off I went. Just before I got there I had stopped to get some ice, 20 pounds of it to be exact. This was the extra weight I would need to spread me out. I stopped the car by the fence in front of the barn and put the ice on the other side and I then parked my car. I got out and took off the shirt and grabbed my bag of goodies and quickly lock my keys in the car. Not to worry I had the spare key in the barn, I hid it so that I would not be able to quickly retrieve it.

I put the cuffs on and set to work on the ice I opened every bag and dumped it in the barrel. I the attached the spreader bar and the ball gag and lastly I put my favorite dildo up my pussy and used a piece of rope to hold it. Now with the dildo buzzing away and me in a state of who knows what I used a pole I had set up and tipped the footing under the barrel and it started to move and it slid down the plank I had set up for this and when it got just over half way it dropped and bam I was as taut as a piano string.

It must have been about a half hour or so and I was at the point of coming.

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