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Jessica and Noah are reunited.

She was sure her heart stopped beating at that touch. She was sure the world stopped moving.

"Here let's get you off the trail and out from all the rain," he said has he helped her to her feet.

"Thanks," she said weakly, not from her ankle, but from the nearness of him. He was a lot taller than she was, so she put her arm around the upper part of his back and he supported her as they went to sit behind a nearby rock.

He sat down with his back against the rock and had her sit in between his legs. Moving her blonde hair off her neck, he began rubbing her shoulders lightly and leaned forward and began kissing her neck. He leaned farther forward and whispered in her ear.

"We'll sit here for a while until the rain lets up some." His hot breath sent chills of pleasure down her back. It felt so good to her to be in his arms again.

With that, he nibbled on her ear and she relaxed, the pain in her ankle forgotten. She leaned closer into him, feeling his warmth on her back. The rain trickled down the side of her face and he licked it off, motioning for her to turn her head toward him.

As she turned her head sideways, he nibbled on her lower lip, lightly kissing her. She rolled farther toward him, careful of moving her ankle. She got up on her knees and put her hands around his neck, not breaking the kiss.

He deepened the kiss and darted his tongue inside her mouth. She began grabbing his hair and pulling him closer to her. She moved one of her hands down and ran circles around his nipples. But, she didn't linger long. She trailed her hand lower, grabbing his manhood through his shorts. It was his turn to lean into her and moan.

She stopped her for a second, but only long enough to take her t-shirt over her head. Her hand found it's way to his zipper in his shorts and had them unzipped in a snap. He reached around her and unfastened her bra and threw it to the side.

Once her tits were free, he cupped them in his hands and buried his head in between them before taking one of her nipples in his mouth. She moaned and rubbed harder on his throbbing dick. With his other hand, he kneaded her other breast.

He wanted to feel more of her, so he reached down and unzipped her jean shorts. Careful not to disturb her ankle, he motioned for her to sit down so he could remove her shorts and panties. Once they were removed, he took his off as well.

While she was sitting there, he took off his shirt and put it underneath her before lying her on her back. He couldn't believe he was here with her again. He knew he should've explained better why he ended it with her but at this moment he didn't care. He just wanted to taste all of her.

He took her nipple in his mouth and trailed his hand lower to her moistness. He moved his fingers over her waiting lips while he trailed kisses lower.

His lips replaced his fingers and he darted his tongue across her clit. She moaned and arched her hips toward him. His tongue stretched lower and darted in and out of her. She bucked harder against his face and he could feel her pulsing against him. He flicked his tongue a couple more times over her clit and she exploded, the telltale signs of her orgasm spilling forth from inside her.

She lay there for a moment, unable to move. He trailed kisses back up her, stopping when he reached her neck. He sucked a moment on her neck before kissing her lips again. He began nibbling her ear and whispered a loving command.

"Get on all fours."

She moved around and obliged him. He came around behind her and was about to stick his throbbing manhood inside her when he paused for a moment. He reached and grabbed his shorts, and in the front pocket removed a package.

She tried her hardest to keep from laughing, but couldn't stop. When her laughter stopped enough to speak she said, "I see you didn't take those condoms out of your pocket."

He looked at her puzzled for a moment and then remembered the first day he met her, when he stuck the condoms in his pocket, just in case.

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