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Vesta and her virgins do as the title suggests.

..crass. And embarrassing.'

'There's no need for embarrassment.' He locked her eyes with his and ran his tongue along her thigh. She shuddered. 'I think it's safe to assume that I don't mind your eccentricities.'

She grabbed him by his tie and pulled him up, her smile crooked and devilish. She kissed him, deep and sudden, tasting herself on his lips and tongue, a small, amorous noise disappearing into his mouth. She pulled away slowly, pushed him back onto the couch, and began to stand. 'Then let me show you some more.' She stepped out of her heels and began on the zipper at the back of her dress. He wondered if she would turn and feign modesty as all of the other girls had insisted on doing, but she only broke his gaze to pull her dress over her head and stood in her stockings, garter and bra for his perusal. He drank her in, leaning further into the couch. 'Your brassiere?' She grinned and took it off. 'Oh my.' Her smile increased as she lowered to her knees, running her hands along his thighs and bending to nuzzle the crook of his hip. Her hands fell to his fly and she unbuttoned it, pulling down his trousers and briefs. Her hand wrapped around him as her tongue teased his head. 'Oh *my*...'

'You keep saying that.'

'It expresses my feelings exquisitely.' She laughed again and enveloped him with her mouth. Her tongue pressed against his shaft as she slid down lower and lower until his head just grazed the back of her throat. He reached to run the tips of his fingers along her breasts and felt the undeniable push of her chest back into his hand. Then she began to pump him with her mouth, lips sucking in, cheeks hollowing. Her tongue caressed his tip, licking up the tiny droplets of pre-cum as they beaded from his pleasure. His head fell back against the musky leather of the couch. 'Beverly...' She moaned around him and bathed him with her tongue. 'Oh, Beverly... And Holloway said you were no good at dictation.' She laughed at this, too, but low and quiet, still concentrated on the task at hand. He sat up and watched her work. Her soft, pink lips encompassed him easily, as if this action was second nature. The warmth and moisture of her mouth launched his mind into fantasies of things soon to come and he grew inside her at the thought. She looked up at him from beneath her curled bangs, her eyes shimmering and pleased. He grinned back at her and this action was so wonderfully out of character, her heart swelled to see it. A small hand with practiced fingers crept to hold his balls, massaging them gently as her head tucked down further and she took more of him into her mouth and down her throat.

The phone rang, piercing their thoughts and both went rigid. Beverly began again, only to hear it ring a second time. She looked up at him and his eyes twinkled devilishly.

'Aren't you going to get that?' She pulled off of him and stared at him as the phone rang again. 'Ms. Pine?' He was enjoying this far too much. 'Answer the phone, Ms. Pine.' She rose and walked to his desk, bending over to reach the receiver. He leaned back on the couch, his face the very picture of contentment.

'Hal Steadman's office.

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