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Older brother takes advantage of his sleeping sister.

Dean was pushed to the left and Henry to the right, so they ended up in chairs directly across from one another. The folding chairs were plastic, not metal, but they were still incredibly cold and Henry's balls felt like they were shriveled grapes. At least they were spaced far enough apart that he wasn't brushing up against the next to him.

"You've made it through Hell Week," Marcus announced.

"Almost," Henry heard the fraternity brother behind him murmur and then chuckle.

"After Hell Week, you all deserve a reward, don't you think?"

A murmur went up among the pledges in agreement. Henry glanced over at Dean, eyebrow raised. Were they kidding?

"The kind of brotherhood you are about to enter can't be explained. It can only be experienced." Marcus picked up the remote control and pointed it at the television. Henry watched it come to life, but there was no picture on it yet, just a blue screen. He couldn't imagine what they were going to show them-some video about the history of the frat? Why in the hell did they have to be naked for that?

Marcus was still talking, but it wasn't anything he hadn't heard already this week. "You should always be able to trust your frat brother. You should be able to do anything for each other."

"Or next to each other." The guy behind him again. Henry felt a hand on his bare shoulder. What in the hell did they have planned? Henry's sense of foreboding grew as the guy next to him passed him a bowl and whispered, "Take one." They were full of condoms.

No fucking way, he thought, taking one anyway and passing on the message and the bowl to the pledge next to him. Dean had a condom in his hand and he was trying to suppress a smile, but the other guys looked just as scared as Henry felt. Trust me. That's what Dean had said. But did Henry really trust his roommate? He'd been making a bee-line for the girl Henry liked, and had been close-mouthed all week about the fraternity rituals, although admittedly, Henry had gotten off pretty easy because of Dean. At least so far. Dean kept telling him he was a pledge, too-which was true. But he also obviously had inside information he wasn't willing to share.

"You're gonna want to buckle up for safety, boys." Marcus turned on the DVD and Henry stared as two women appeared-two very naked, very sexy, very lesbian women. They were crawling all over each other, kissing and touching. The blonde wasn't his type-too busty and fake for his tastes. But the redhead? Oh Jesus, she looked like Libby with all that hair! Her breasts were perfect, a pert handful of flesh, her nipples puffy and pink. And her pussy?
His dick was getting hard. Henry covered his crotch, condom still in hand, trying to keep his boy down, but the girl was so much like Libby, and when the blonde knelt between the redhead's legs, parting her pussy lips covered in curly red fuzz, the camera zooming in for a close-up, it was a lost cause. Even though he was sitting naked in the middle of a group of guys, his cock wouldn't obey his "down" command.

"We're all going to play a game."

Henry looked reluctantly away from the screen to see that most of his pledge brothers were having the same problem with their dicks. Dean wasn't even hiding his-and Henry was surprised to find his cock was rather small in stature, maybe six inches-but instead had his hand wrapped around it, stroking idly as he peered up at the screen where the women were rubbing their tits together now and moaning loudly.

Marcus picked up a black bag off the floor, taking out a bottle of KY gel. No way, Henry thought again. Was this going to be some sort of circle jerk? He could only hope-because he didn't have any sexual inclination toward guys, and there was no way he was going to consent to anything that involved one of his pledge brothers touching his cock. Or doing anything else to him, for that matter.

"Here we go.

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