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Rosebud bathes her lord and master.

She is breathing heavily, as am I. We kiss passionately and I go to my car.

She is wearing a loose sleeveless dress that ends just above her knees. I asked her to wear the tiniest black thong she had. It was a gift from me on her birthday. She is not wearing a bra. She had avoided moving in ways in front of Bill that would draw attention to her breasts but now, turning to her lone guest she has undone 2 buttons and asked him to please sit on the couch he and I had just moved. She could feel his eyes on her as she purposefully puttered about the room making tiny adjustments to plants and a lamp making sure to bend over often. She turned and asked him if he liked it. Bill said that he did like it, he liked it very much. "Are we talking about the same thing?" she teased with a slight smile. Bill was silent. He shifted uneasily on the couch as Marsha sat down next to him.

"Peter will be gone a little while. Why do you look so nervous?" she asked.

Bill shifted again and his leg brushed against her knee that she had brought up with the rest of her leg folded underneath her.

She thought it best not to tease him too much because he was not here to flirt with. She had a mission and wanted to get on with it. It was obvious that her breasts were on his mind and she knew that if she placed a hand on his body anywhere it would be the only signal that he needed that she was not merely flirting with him. The problem now was to decide the best place to touch him. She reached towards his hand that was on his lap.

"Don't say a word, let me do this, relax." she whispered.

She took his hand in hers and held it so she could touch herself with its back. First up the inside of her thigh to her stomach and then to her breasts below which pounded her heart.

Bill was fully erect below his trousers. Marsha's other hand undid his zipper so deftly that he was almost unaware. As he became more aggressive she told him to just sit still and let her do some of the work for a change. He obeyed.

His full erection now lay displayed on his lap, it twitched slightly. Marsha got to her knees on the floor between his knees and while looking him straight in the eyes gently examined it with her finger tips taking note of the tiny glistening glob of pre-cum that rolled out the tip and down the side. She stopped it with a finger and dabbed it onto her tongue.

Still looking into Bill's eyes she asked, "May I have some more?"

Bill nodded his consent and before he could take a breath she was moving her red lips down his shaft. His hands each caressed the sides of her head as she worked. Sometimes with eyes closed she moaned with satisfaction. But with every several strokes she opened her eyes wide to look deeply into his.

The corners of her busy mouth showed a smile of pure lust and desire. She knew that the unexpectedness of her attack could bring on his gush and slowed, letting it leave her mouth despite how much she wanted to keep sucking it.

The phone rang. Bill gasped and grabbed his stiff cock and started stuffing it into his pants. Marsha laughed out loud at this and reached for the phone on the wall above the couch. She tucked it between her cheek and shoulder.

"Hello." she said in the calm and sweet way she always does. It was me.

"Oh hi Peter, yes we are doing just fine except your friend Bill is just sitting about like a bump." As she spoke she had freed Bill's dick again and massaged it gently making use of her saliva that still glistened on it. She continued talking to me pleasantly while she proceeded to move her chest close to his face. She practically buried his face with her beautiful round breasts.

"Oh honey, I can't remember what it was. Maybe Bill needs something, I'll put him on with you."

Bill shook his head violently.

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