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Should he or shouldn't he have spoken earlier.

"You're only saying that because I said it first and you're trying to be polite" I whisper as I move my mouth past yours and close to your ear. Even more quietly, I whisper softly into your ear, "You don't have to lie to me. You know I'm all yours. Your wish is my command." and as the last word drifts from my lips, I slip my tongue out around your earlobe and suck gently as I sigh. You slump from the touch of my mouth on your ear and whimper softly. I love that you respond to me this way. My confidence soars each and every time I sense your arousal from my attention. The thought of such a strikingly gorgeous woman sharing such an intimate moment with me gives me such strength, no matter how many times you have devoted yourself to me, or how many times I have felt you melt in orgasmic bliss at my touch. It's the most satisfying feeling I have ever experienced.

Your lips move to mine and we kiss deeply, our tongues dancing deliciously as we share each others sighs of passion. Your hands reach up to hold my face to yours, your mouth pressing and sucking against mine, pulling my lower lip between your teeth as you look into my eyes with animal lust. I can feel my own excitement growing faster as you kiss me again, moaning and whimpering into my mouth. Your hands drop to my knees and spread my legs apart.

You look down and whisper, "Oh my goodness baby, you're getting a little burned too." and with deft motion, your left hand slipped my swim trunks up my leg exposing my erection. "You're gonna need some sun tan oil or else you'll burn" you say like a child with a pout on your face. You pick up the bottle of oil and squirt a huge amount into your hand. As you rub your hands together, the excess drips onto your thighs which I gladly rub in. Your hands softly wrap around my growing erection and begin to stroke it gently from the head as far up my shorts as you can reach. The scent of coconut strong in the air as you twist and stroke the shaft and head. I gasp at the sensation and lean back against the gunwales, my hands reach wide and gripping the stations, I look down at your hands stroking my rock hard cock with purpose. You look up at me and smile and my mind spins with desire.

"Oh baby, that feels so wonderful." I moan as you grip the shaft with one hand stroking long and full while the other hands glides in a circular motion over and around the swollen head. You release the shaft and wrap both hands around the base, squeezing firmly as you draw them towards the head. As your fists near the rim of the head, a large drop of precum pours out of the slit and onto the web of your hand that is wrapped around the rim. You giggle and moan in satisfaction as you look into my eyes with your mouth opening and descending on the swollen wet head of my cock. With a slurp, you slather the precum around with your tongue and then suck the head firmly into your mouth, your eyes never leaving mine. "Oh god baby, You're driving me crazy" I gasp as I feel your tongue flittering at the slit of my cock. "Mmmhmmm, that's the idea." You say in a muffled voice, your mouth still slurping at the head of my cock with both hands wrapped around the shaft and rim.

My mind is a blur as you lap and swirl your tongue over and around the head of my cock. The sensations are so intense that my entire body is tingling. As you increase the suction of your mouth around the head of my cock, your hands begin to stroke again, slow and light as you release your firm grip. One hand continues further down until you are massaging my balls while the other hands strokes long and smooth on my shaft. Your eyes are fixed on mine and you can see that your attention is taking it's toll. I am close and you know it, but you know just when I've had enough. You've seen that look of concentration on my face and you know just how much I can handle before you've gone too far.

Almost as if mother nature was watching too, the first drops of rain began to fall.

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