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Something I never thought I would do in my life.

Her legs folded under her and she rested her bottom in his lap, trapping his hips between her thighs.

Jason moved his hands to cup her butt cheeks, one in each hand, as he deepened the kiss. Startled, he pulled away and looked into her eyes. They were smoky and slightly glazed, and he felt his arousal begin. "You're not wearing any underwear." He was very matter of fact, certain he was right. He ran his fingers inside the waistband of the worn jeans and with a slight pressure, began to pop the front buttons loose.

Lisa climbed off him, the front of the jeans peeking open slightly, and issued her challenge. "Are you sure? Do you want to check and see if you're right?" There was a teasing tone to her voice, kind of a school yard taunt. Jason leaned forward and with a sharp pull, the rest of the buttons came through the soft denim and he slipped the jeans down her very shapely legs. She stepped out of them as they pooled at her feet. Jason rested his hands on her thighs and looked up at her.

"Yep, you are definitely not wearing any underwear." Daring, he reached forward with one finger and touched the smooth cleft between her legs. He expected it to be warm and possibly moist, and was unprepared for the ease with which his finger slid between her hot, wet lips.

Lisa pulled him to a standing position, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, and slid them and his boxers off. It happened so quickly, Jason could do little else than mindlessly step out of them as she pushed him back onto the couch. His erection sprang free as Lisa resumed her earlier position, climbing on to the couch to trap Jason again between her thighs, as she answered.

"Guess what?" She slowly rubbed her body down his and impaled herself on his cock, sinking slowly until he was completely engulfed in her hot, tight pussy, and she could feel his hairs tickling her clit. "Neither are you!" she whispered in his ear, as she started to slowly remove herself, pulling off until only the tip remained nestled at the entrance to her body, then sank down again, allowing him the full feel of her stretching to accommodate him. She leaned forward and began to nibble his ear as she continued the slow, torturous movement. Every so often, on the downslide, she would rotate her hips a little, adding to the tingling already running through Jason's body.

Jason turned his head to capture Lisa's lips with his, and cupped her now bare buttocks in his hands. He took over the rhythm, using his hands to raise and settle her on his cock, and imitated the motion obscenely with his tongue in her mouth. Jesus, he thought, I can't take too much more of this as he felt a rush of warmth and suddenly, it was easier to slide in and out of Lisa. He released her mouth and used his to worry her nipples through the fabric of her thin t-shirt, realizing she wasn't wearing a bra, either. Lisa's breathing became erratic and she grasped Jason's shoulders with her hands.

The space between their bodies allowed him freedom to increase the speed at which he was thrusting into her, and admire the way her nipples protruded at the wet spots on the t-shirt. He looked at Lisa's face, only to realize she was looking down, where his massive cock was slipping in and out easily. Her eyes had clouded and her voice was husky when she spoke.

"I like to watch, Jason.

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