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Then I would start again. Over and over I punched into her stinging butt until I could stand it no more. I pushed Alicia down on her stomach and fell heavily on top of her, slamming my pounding pole deeply up her ass. I bucked my hips up and down with the head just barely staying in her. Finally the cum boiled up from my sac and squirted into her hot bowels. I never stopped plunging into her anus until the last thin jiz oozed from my stinging dickhead.

I rolled off her and lay on my back. I was totally drained. Alicia slid over to drape herself across my chest with my dick trapped between her legs and her head under my chin. Within minutes we were asleep.


Sometimes it seems like you can't get enough. Around three in the morning we awoke and showered together. Just looking at my sweet woman moving through the water and the feel of her as she would rub against me got me totally hard again. After we dried off she took some Vitamin E oil and rubbed it into my red shaft.

We went back to the bed and she lay on her side and slid back to me. She reached between her legs to take my dick in her hand and rub it between her fresh, sweet cunt lips. I got my cockhead into her cunt and slid deeply into her. There we stayed, dozing a little, fucking a little until finally we both dropped off.

In the morning I woke to find my dick still hard. It had slipped out of her pussy and her hand was wrapped around the head.

I gently pulled back and with one hand lifted her cheek. I put my cock tight against her asshole and let her ass cheek fall back to trap me in a sweet caress of warm hole and soft flesh. Alicia groaned in her sleep and pushed her butt back even tighter against me. With a sigh of contentment I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Alicia came alive a little while later and decided that she wanted more than my limp cock stuck against her butthole. She put a gob of spit in her hand, reached back and got my dick out from between her cheeks. She rubbed the spit onto my dick and it got hard and I came awake. After a second gob of spit thoroughly soaked my prick head she got back in position on her side, lifted her cheek and push her ass back against me. I was holding my dick so that, as she pushed back, her bung was lined up with the head. As soon as we touched she lunged back hard and I met her with equal force. My dick split her pulsing sphincter and slid up her ass tunnel. She quickly pulled forward, still holding her cheek, and my dick popped all the way out.

I rubbed my dick in her sweaty crack and gave her hole short, sharp pokes that just penetrated the length of my cockhead. She cried out at each thrust and begged me to stuff the whole, hot length up her tight anus. I got off the bed and pulled Alicia over so her body was lying across the bed and her legs were lying along the edge. Her butt was hanging just over the edge. I lifted her cheek and squatted with my legs spread until my dick lined up with her bunghole. She lifted her leg, so I took hold of it and raised it almost straight up in the air. My cockhead was resting against her butt and I pushed it halfway in with one quick thrust. I used her upraised leg as a lever to rotate her body from side to side, twirling her rubbery shit hole around my pulsing prick.

The sensations were unbelievable as the friction built on my shaft, but I wanted total penetration so I flipped Alicia over on her back. With her ass hanging off the edge of the bed she grabbed her legs and pulled them out and back as far as they would reach. No other position provides a deeper penetration of an anal passage and I quickly rammed every bit of dick into her butt.

I pounded back and forth in her, every thrust slammed my thighs against her stretched cheeks and reached to the very end of her anal tunnel.

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