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He discovers he lusts after mom.

It twitched softly at her warm breath blowing over the head, Dante pulling her head towards it gently.

"Go on now cuz', you aren't scared are ya'?" He laughed as her lips gave a tentative press against the head, as if she didn't quite know how to approach it, her lips slowly formed to a kiss around it, Dante grinning as he nudged her head forward, licking his lips. The first brush of her soft tongue playing over the opening at the tip of his cock, lighting up the nerves waiting for more attention from her, made his hips shiver the slightest bit, purring low in surprise. "It won't bite if ya' make him nice an' happy."

Belle's head lifted again, her hands shifting behind her back as she tried to flex them, her shirt pulling tighter as she adjusted, leaning forward and sliding her tongue in one long brush along the head and up to follow the vein throbbing at the bottom of his dick, tracing along its length. He moaned low in surprise, nodding and laying his hand on the ponytail her hair was gathered into, wrapping it gently around his knuckles, edging her forward.

Her mouth closed around the head of his cock after a moments hesitation, feeling the broad, firm shaft behind the red bloom of the head press her lips open wide, intruding its way in with a few soft thrusts of Dante's hips. She blushed, her tongue taking another pass along the red eye of the beast in her mouth, tasting the first bead of pre-cum dripping out from the tip of it, the salty bubble resting on her tongue, giving her a taste of what she was getting.

Her body gave a soft shiver, bobbing her head forward slowly, her mouth stretching open wider as it slid towards the opening at the start of her throat. Her tongue continued to cycle around the spongey head of his cock, listening intently to the soft groans he let out with each flick and spin of it. His hand wound through her hair, gripping into it as he pulled her head forward a bit more, urging her to take his cock further into her mouth.

She coughed now as it slid just a bit too far in, his hand releasing her as her head pulled off his cock. She panted hard once it dropped from her lips, her breath hot as it caressed his cock repeatedly. He shivered softly at the feel of it, his hand gently stroking her hair as she caught her breath. When it returned to normal he grinned down at her, licking his lips softly.

"Done already Belle?" He chuckled low as she looked up at him defiantly, her lips wrapping back around the head, a determined look sparkling in her eyes. She bobbed her head at a steadily increasing pace, taking a deep breath through her nose as she slowly let the head slide into her throat. She hesitated, sliding back slowly, then forward again, shivering as she flexed her arms behind her back, tongue going back to teasing and massaging the vein running from the bottom of the shaft up to the quickly swelling head of his cock.

She looked up at him sheepishly, her throat bulging out slightly from the intrusion of him inside of it, her whole body shivering from the new feeling of all of this. A steady flow of salty pre-cum found its way into her throat, dripping down slowly as her muscles clenched and released with the motion of her swallowing to force it down. She slid her head forward a little more, her lips hugging the pulsing shaft as it began to swell impressively between them.

His eyes closed, tilting his head back with a drawn out groan, gripping her hair once again, letting her continue the steady pace of taking him deeper, her tongue flickering along each throbbing vein as his dick sawed back and forth between her soft lips. His hips began a slow pace of thrusting with the motion of her head, tilting her chin up a little further for her, helping her take the intrusion into her throat.

He came without any warning, the first blast of cum slapping wetly against the back of her throat, she coughed as she swallowed it, pulling her head back sharply in surprise, her eyes wide as she

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