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Emma has a delivery and Zach gets a special show.

" I was hot and hard. All that mattered at that moment was getting his warm cock inside me. My cock twitched as he continued to tease my sensitive asshole.

"Fuck him hard," the Dom commanded.

I groaned with the incredible combination of pleasure and pain as 6 inches of warm hard cock filled my asshole.

He buried his cock in my ass and then relentlessly fucked me as I grabbed the cocks of the men beside the cot. The guy beside my face rubbed the precum coated head of his cock across my lips and I instinctively parted my lips. His dick entered my mouth and I moaned as his precum tickled my taste buds.

Julie continued to tape the gangbang as I lay on my back in the well lit dungeon of my new master with a cock in my ass, one in each hand and another in my mouth. It was a depraved deviant scene and I loved it.

Three of the cocks were similar cut six inchers but the one in my right hand was something special. It was a full eight inches long and proportionately thick. I couldn't wait to feel it in my mouth and I shuddered at the thought of taking it in my ass.

I moaned around six inches of hot throbbing cock as another beautiful dick relentlessly fucked my ass.

They fucked my mouth and ass until I thought I would explode. My jaw ached and my ass was numb. I knew they were both close as they fucked my ass and mouth in perfect syncopation.

The guy fucking my ass groaned loudly as he sank his dick deep inside me and came inside my ass. I could feel his cock spasm and I moaned as he filled me with his seed. His partner soon followed suit and spilled his delicious cream into my mouth. I let it fill my mouth and savored the taste of his man juice. I swished it around my mouth and then gulped his seed like a common whore.

"Master may I please suck this big beautiful cock," I asked as I pointed to the big eight inch monster in my right hand.

"Yes you may slave," he answered.

I rolled onto my stomach and slid up so my head hung off the end of the cot. My stiff cock rubbed against the soft sheets.

The guy with the big beautiful dick moved in front of my face and I looked at the prettiest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was long and thick with a gorgeous spongy head. Thick veins ran down the iron shaft begging me to wrap my lips around it. A huge dollop of prcum oozed from the tip. I held it in my hands and rubbed it over my lips and face tasting its essence before I parted my lips wide and started to suck it lovingly. I stroked its magnificent shaft with my hands and reveled in the eroticism of sucking his incredible cock.

The remaining guy climbed on top of my back and pushed his greased up cock into my well fucked asshole. For the second time I was filled with cock and I loved it. I was fucked hard as I sucked a beautiful eight inch dick.

The cock in my ass rhythmically stroked my prostate each time he thrust his talented cock into me.

My head bobbed over eight delicious inches of hard throbbing meat as my ass was artfully fucked from behind. Saliva spilled from my mouth and ran down the granite shaft as I stroked and sucked on the perfect cock. I was a submissive cock loving whore and I knew my life would never be the same.

The man fucking my ass grabbed my hips and thrust hard into my molten core several times before burying his shaft deep inside me and depositing a tremendous load of man juice in my ass. He stayed on top of me with his cock still inside me and the weight of his chiseled warm body on top of me was oddly comforting. I concentrated on fellating the beautiful eight inch cock. I luxuriated in the feel of his spongy head in my mouth. The thick veins slid along my lips and tickled my tongue. The flavor of his precum was divine and my mouth watered in anticipation of a mouthful of his cream.

My hands ran over his tight athletic body as I forced his incredible dick down my throat.

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