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A few words from Mistress Felicity.

Her heart skipped a beat as she turned to close the door. Last time he had not closed the door. What's he planning?

"Come. Take your position here." Raj invited her to come stand in the center as last time, as he stood up and start walking towards her.

Nitu stood in the same position and held her hands behind her back. She opened her legs wide keeping no pretense of being a respectable socialite lady. She wanted him and she wanted him to know it. She pushed her ass suggestively back so her dress would hike up a bit.

As he made a small, tight circle around her, he could see that she had dressed with care. Her body was not only gorgeous, it was inviting! He let his fingers run slowly on her bare back as he mentioned, "I have been really busy, the load of work is pretty bad!"

Nitu didn't say anything just loved his touch on her bare body.

"I am thinking about hiring an assistant." He continued his talk and the circling, his fingers now, softly caressing her soft, shapely neck.

Standing in front of her he adjusted the straps of her dress, playing with her tits indirectly, as he continued, "That's why your dress also took so long to do."

She nodded at this.

He put his hand on her bare thigh and press lightly outward. She immediately and obediently spread her legs wider.

The way he was talking casual non-sense as he was playing with her body intimately, it was driving her crazy. She didn't know what to expect, and that was making her pussy drip. She could feel her juices ooze out of her tight, excited cunt and drip on her thigh.

He moved behind her again. His hands kept moving on her back, touching and caressing her soft back, moving lower and lower, "So when's the party?" he asked as his hands grabbed her tight ass cheeks lightly.

" Friday." She replied with some difficulty, trying to push her ass more into his hands.

"Great! You must be looking forward to it." Even as he made small talk, his hands moved under her super-short dress and started fondling her sexy, tight ass cheeks, his fingers between her thighs, almost touching her freshly shaven pussy.

Her breathing became heavier. Her nipples were already so hard they were aching, and so clearly poking through the white, thin fabric of her sexy dress.

His fingers softly touched her soft pussy lips one fingertip even touching her slit before he took his hands out, placing them on her waist. Then around the curve on her thighs, caressing softly. He brought his face very close to hers, from behind and whispered in her ear, "This is also a nice dress." His breath was so hot on her neck and chest, that Nitu felt a hot chill go down her body, setting her pussy on fire.

His hands moved up and cupped her tits; in that totally revealing dress he could actually touch and knead her tits without taking it off. Nitu's head automatically lifted skywards as he proceeded to knead and crush her firm tits in his big, strong hands. A soft moan escaped her lips.

He touched his tongue on her spine, right between her shoulder blades and licked up towards her neck. All the while his hands, crushing her soft tits through her strong fingers, pinching her erect nipples through the fabric of her dress that felt strangely coarse and so erotic on her body. She kept whimpering like a kitten. "unnnnh...aaanh...mmm!"

He continued to play with her soft, supple breasts standing very close behind her. His long hard rod pressed on her ass and adjusted itself right between her firm, perfectly shaped ass cheeks. She could feel the heat emanating from his hard stick as he pressed it in her ass crack, still kneading her tits and his mouth came on her neck and started sucking slowly. She almost came!

His lips touched on the side of her soft neck, she felt the hot, wet touch of his tongue and her pussy started flowing like a stream, her thighs soaked in her pussy juices. "Oh, please take me!", she blurted out, losing all control, her mind in a sex-starved frenzy.

He sucked h

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