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Veronica Divine gets a 21-cum salute.

He was already rock hard, but his cock twitched at her touch through the fabric.


My cock is aching for it.


No way.

Her hand continued rubbing his cock. She was kneading the front of his pants and he could feel the front of his underwear getting wet from the precum.

She raised her head from his mouth and ran it to his ear, her tongue softly licking the ear lobe. Her breath felt hot.

"You'll have a good load for me, won't you?" she said, patting his head gently. "We haven't done it for days."

Her mouth returned to cover his and her tongue continued to explore the inside of his mouth. She kept working his cock with one hand while her other hand was pinching his nipples through his shirt.

It's ok, I guess.

If this is it.

The last time.

I should just enjoy it....

One final last ultimate time.

She kept her mouth over his, her tongue probing his. Her hand ran down to the top of his pants. It stopped for a moment and then she slid it in. Her fingers could just reach the tip of his cock.

He leaned back further in his chair to make it easier for her and she got her whole hand in there. The touch of her hand wrapping around his cock made him buck his hips up towards her. She took her mouth of his and looked him in the eyes.

"My, you are enjoying this, aren't you?" she said and squeezed his cock a little harder.

She slid down his body until she was kneeling between his legs.

The phone rang.


He picked it up and warily watched Mrs. Carson between his legs. There was nothing he could do about her, but there a lot she could do to him.


"Hi, Ashton, it's me."


His wife.

"Hi, hon, how are you?"

The belt was unbuckled.

"Oh, I was just wondering what time you might be home tonight?"

The top of his pants were unbuttoned.

"Um, shouldn't be too late," he said, "We finished the deal for Jenkins' company."

The zip on his pants was pulled down.

"Oh, how did it go?" she asked.

He could see Mrs. Carson's blond hair in his lap. His wife's mother.

"It went well. We bought it for a good price."

His underwear was lowered to his thighs and the precum on the end of his cock felt cool as it was released to the air.

"That's great. So now you've got Pay Load."

He nearly choked. Fuck, does she know?


"The name of the company silly," she laughed, "It's called Pay Load isn't it?"

Her warm tongue was licking the precum from his cock and swirling around the head.

"Oh, um, yeah, it is. Sorry, hon, I was just a little distracted."

Her mouth worked over the end of his cock and then she lowered her head to take him in. He placed his free hand on her head and grabbed that beautiful blond hair before pressing down and he felt his cock travel to the back of her throat. He pressed it down for a moment to keep it there and then lightened the pressure. She began to bob up and down on his cock.

"You're always distracted lately when I call. I hope it's not me?"

"Not at all, hon," he said, "It's just that I've got a few things to do before I can get home."

Her head kept bobbing up and down and she had her hands on his thighs. Her head kept bobbing lower and lower. Her nose was pressing into his belly and her chin was rubbing his balls. She was taking all his length and could go further if she wanted to. When she bobbed up, he could see his cock glistening with her saliva and streaked with her red lipstick.

"Well, ok," she said. "If you see mom, let her know I called. She wasn't at her desk. The girl who answered said she was working with some dick."

He coughed and nearly dropped the phone. It caused him to buck and shove his cock down Mrs. Carson's throat unexpectedly and she coughed too. It didn't stop her as she went straight back to sucking his cock, now frothy and pink from the saliva/precum/lipstick mixture.

"Are you ok? That sounded like a coughing fit." she asked.

"Yeah, yeah," he said. "A dick?"

"Yes. She must have meant Mr. Jenkins. I've met him a few times and he is a dick."

He relaxed.

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