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An arrangement is reached with my landlady.

I heard him cry out but she didn't care and he didn't dare to do anything.

With my erection harder than ever, I finally gave into my urge and dropped my pajama pants, standing in front of the window, naked from the waist down. I looked back at my wife and she'd rolled over so that she was facing the opposite direction. I watched and waited. If I had waited this long, I could wait until they were actually doing something. Meanwhile, I scanned the room for some kind of lubrication.

I remembered that Lily, my wife, had some KY in her underwear drawer and I kicked free of the pajama bottoms and walked over to the dresser. It was still there, thankfully and I attempted to shut the drawer without noise. I succeeded, for the most part, making just a bit of sound.

I went back to the window and I noticed that I had missed quite a lot. The guy was completely naked now and the woman was in her underwear, a thong that looked red or black or who knows what color it was. I found myself wondering how wet she was, how she might smell or how she might taste. It felt like I was cheating on Lily but I couldn't convince myself to turn away, stop this right now and go back to bed.

I poured some KY into my hand and let it sit there for a moment. The woman was still dry-humping her man, though I doubted, now that they were nearly completely unclothed, that it was dry any longer.

"Take it off," she said, loud enough for me to hear it from across the street. She lifted slightly and then the man's hands came up, pulled the slight fabric from the woman's hips and then pulled down. She moved a bit to allow him to get it off and they were both naked.

I slid the lubricant across my cock, which was straining hard, in need of attention. The woman across the street decided that her man's cock needed the same thing but she teased him, rubbing it against her pussy. I could hear him grunt as she did played her game. I started to stroke gently, lightly, barely touching, it felt.

"You want this?" she said, loud enough for him to sshhh him. She slapped him again. "Never tell me what to do, understand?"

"Yes, mistress," he said. Mistress? I mouthed, continuing to stroke.

"Do you want this?" she said, taking his cock in her hand and putting it right next to her entrance.

"Yes," he mumbled.


"Yes!" he shouted and his voice echoed off the houses. I looked over at their next door neighbor's house but nothing happened. I continued to stroke.

She turned towards me now and, briefly, I thought maybe she knew I was there. She was going to ride him reverse cowgirl and that's exactly what she did as she stuffed her pussy with his hard cock.

I stroked a little faster as she started to bounce up and down on him. Up and down, up and down, her full breasts bounced just as she did. She took one in her hand and bent to lick at the nipple. I have been constantly amazed at what the female of our species can do and this trick is pretty engrossing, not the least of which because it's sexual in nature.

She rode him and rode him and cried out, then told him to fuck her harder, fuck her faster, fuck her deeper.

My hand was really flying up and down my rod and I had completely forgotten about my wife, not caring, I guess, if she caught me or not. When I felt her hand close around mine, I thought I was about to be kicked in the nuts. Here I was, jacking off to the neighbors and my wife had caught me.

"What're you watching?" she asked dreamily, her hand replacing mine. Suddenly, I wondered why she didn't care that I was pretending that I was the guy across the street and I was fucking the woman.

"The neighbors," I said sheepishly.

"Where?" Lily asked, her hand flying faster than I have ever been able to, as her eyes scanned the bedrooms of the houses around us. It was too difficult to talk, the pleasure was unbearable.

Somehow I managed to say, "Down there," and pointed and she saw them, the woman really riding the fuck out of her man.

"I see," Lily said and then she whispered, "Wanna join them?"

"What?" I asked

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