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Kyle sleeps with, fucks & showers with Sandy, the second.

When she was satisfied with that part of our love-making, she rolled onto her back again and I moved into my former position.

After that, my tongue resumed stroking one of her outer lips, reveling in the soft skin and her downy pubic hair, licking her slowly until I reached her Mount of Venus. I kissed her there and raised my head to see how Karen was reacting to what I was doing. Seeing her responses made me smile, because her eyes were already closed; her mouth was open in a smile of bliss, and her sexy body was writhing under my face. Her cooing had changed also, evolving to moans of joy.

She hadn't produced much more nectar, but I licked up what was there and my tongue started caressing her other outer lip. I treated this one the same as I had the first, licking slowly and thoroughly and covering the entire lovely area repeatedly. When it comes to eating a pussy as delightful as Karen's, there was no such thing as too much licking, or taking too much time. Once again, when I reached her mons, I kissed her and brought my mouth back to the adorable pink hole that was the source of her delectable juices.

I started licking between an inner and an outer lip, starting with the smooth area between the origins of the labia. Karen is very sensitive there, so I licked her gently and continued up between the lips. When I reached the place where they are close together, I turned my face sideways so I could thrust my tongue into the seam between them, feeling the slickness of the outer lip and how her inner one was swollen and spongy with her lust. I still moved slowly, because we had all night, but I eventually reached the end of her inner lip.

By that time, Karen's whole body was writhing under my face while her pussy was fucking up against my mouth, and her head was tossing from side to side on her pillow. Her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs out and back beside my head like a pair of pistons and, when I raised my head, I saw her adorable clit had pushed its way out from the shelter of its hood. I knew she was close to cumming, but I also remembered that Karen likes to take a long time before climaxing, and that it enhances her orgasm. Very delicately, I licked the top of her clit, eliciting an extra loud moan of bliss, before bringing my face back to below her lovely pink hole.

Her pussy had secreted a little more nectar, and I devoured it all before starting to lick between Karen's other pair of inner and outer lips. My mouth had as much fun with these labia as it had with the first pair, meandering upward and covering everything repeatedly. This time, when I reached her clit, Karen's whole body was moving erratically, and her moans of bliss were ending in whimpers and sobs. She was begging me to suck her clit and make her cum, and I knew my lady friend was at the apex of arousal, and it was time for her climax.

After licking up all her fresh nectar - and there wasn't as much as I would have preferred - I started probing the tip of my tongue into the small area between the beautiful pink hole that had produced those juices and her swollen clit. I didn't tantalize her very long, because I really love having Karen cum, almost as much as she does. My finger had been fucking her ass continuously, but I withdraw it, being careful where and how I placed it, because I knew I would need to cling tightly to both her thighs when she started cumming. I was ready and she was ready, so I moved my mouth slightly and engulfed her precious clit. My lips formed a seal at the base and I sucked, while my tongue continued caressing the engorged sides and top.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she whimpered in the same tempo as her pussy ramming against my face.

After less than a minute of her clit being sucked and licked inside my mouth, Karen cried out in joy that she was cumming.

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