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I know the exact moment you see her.

As I returned to the living room, I found Tyler in the same position, with his thick, long tool laying soft along his thigh slightly exposed.

My shorts rode up my ass as I kneel down next to him on the couch, getting a up close and personal peek at his huge white meat.

"So you like to just..........hang out huh?" I asked in a flirty tone, hinting down at his limp monster.

Tyler sat up, apologized and tugged his shorts down a bit to cover his what looked to be third leg. "Oh wow, I'm so sorry Ms. Johnson," he said nonchalantly, "Sometimes I just don't realize it's out."

I moved closer to him, biting my lip, "Oh don't worry dear," I reached over to roll the one side of his shorts up, letting my his massive meat flop back down on the couch between his legs. "God, it's so big!" I gasped, as he helped me roll his shorts up a little more.

"Um thanks," he said, "Um Ms. John-"

I cut him off as i grabbed the soft, thick cock flesh in my hand, "Oh my goodness." He lifted his butt of the couch and slid his shorts down over his knees, to his ankles, letting his big dong flop around freely and completely exposed. He moaned softly as my hand stroked his meat slowly.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but how does a scrawny white kid like you have a massive dong like this!?" I asked as I moved to the floor, in-between his legs. I started making small jerking motions with my hand moving his loose skin up and down his cock.

Tyler smiled with a sort of cockiness, "I really don't know. It's always been big," he said, leaning back on the sofa as I stroked him. His balls were massive as well, and free of hair. They sat heavily on the couch cushion like two big lemons.

"Mmm you're a big boy aren't you? You ever measured this thing? For God sake it's still soft!"

He sat with his legs spread, looking into my eyes as I handled his meaty cock, which had the girth of a coke can.

"It's 8 inches soft," He said. I can tell my stroking was getting to him. "It gets bigger than this though," he grinned.

"FUCK!" I shouted as I held the long, floppy dick upright, taking some big, worshipping licks at the shaft, "You're like a horse."

The sight and sound of this was very sexy indeed, and he watched as his manhood started to swell. After pumping and tonguing him for several minutes, his cock had began to expand and grow to it's full size.

His cock was growing so long that I wasn't really leaning over him as much as before. I pulled my big, full lips from his shaft with a wet kiss, sat back on my legs and reach for the ruler. "Lets see how big this monster is," I purred with a sexy wink.

I moved my hand to the base of his cock in order to stabilize it in the straight up position. With my other hand, I took the 12 inch ruler and pressed the end of it into his pubic area above the base and then pressed the ruler along the length of the shaft.

"Holy fucking hell!! We are going to need a bigger ruler!!" I screamed.

Indeed the ruler was marked at 12 inches, but his cock extended past that by at least an inch and a half. The head of his python was immense and the shaft was pulsating. I shook my head in disbelief and continued stroking the insane 13 and a half inch white cock.

"Are you going to suck it?" He asked.

"Mmhhmm," I moaned with a nod

With a sickening wet noise, the thick head intruded in, my mouth and tongue working everywhere to find space to fit it. My hand was rested on his thigh as the other had a grip at the bottom of the meaty base. I looked straight at him as I began working my way down the lengthy pole, sucking slowly.

I sucked his cock like I was trying to melt a polar icicle with my mouth. My cheeks burned as they expanded around his big dick in suction, my lips stretched. I slid my wet mouth down inch after inch of huge shaft, until I had a good six inches in.

"Mmm suck it you big butt slut," He moaned as he locked his fingers behind his head, leaning back.

And I did just that.

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