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Hot little sister goes for the closest cock she can find.

Charo bent it down and her lips planted a kiss on the head. She pressed it against her nose, inhaling the faint, heady aroma of sweat and urine that she loved.

"It's beautiful, Daddy," she breathed, looking up at him with yearning eyes. Her look melted his heart and he pulled her to her feet. Holding her face in his hands, he kissed her once again, but this time it was totally uninhibited, and it seemed to last forever as passion built upon passion and he moaned louder and louder as its waves swept over him. His cock was pressed between them and their squirming only made it more and more excited. His right hand slid between them, hoisting her skirt and sliding down the front of her panties. His fingers found her vulva, swollen and moist, and worked between them to find her inner cunt lips, rubbing them.

He lifted her onto the sloping hood of the car. His lips left hers and they were both panting as he pulled at her panties. Charo raised her ass and he pulled them off her, flinging them away on the grass. He pulled her open blouse off her, revealing her voluptuous breasts, so rip and full for a girl this young.

He parted her legs and gazed at her pussy, unable to believe that he was displaying his daughter's juicy young cunt so wantonly. He swallowed hard as he took in its beauty, his fingers stroking and exploring it, eventually slipping into her. His glazed eyes looked into hers.

"Oh God, how many cocks, baby?" he croaked. "How many have you had in here?" His mind pictured rampant teen cocks fucking this beautiful cunt.
Her expression was appropriately coquettish. "Quite a few, Daddy.

"My God! You gorgeous little whore," he growled, his fingers exploring even harder, more ravenously. He imagined he could feel all of that boy cum swilling around inside. "I bet they pump loads into you. I bet this beautiful soft hole gets swamped with it, eh?"

"Oh yes, Daddy," she grinned. "Sometimes from two or more guys, too." She winked at him.

"F-u-u-u-ck, you shameless little fuck," he chuckled. "You have a mouth on you, too!"

" I must get it from you ... I've heard you growling at Mom some nights when you're fucking her, Daddy."

He chuckled. "You fucking little minx!" He look was adoring. "God, you're so sexy!" His thick finger was deep inside her wet warmth now, feeling around inside her, and he loved the way her eyes glazed over from the delicious pleasure she got from it. He slid in another next to it, noting the way her lips accommodated them so firmly. He slid them in and out, making her writhe on the car hood. He took them out and held them up. The afternoon sun made them glimmer. "Oh, sweet Jesus, baby ... look how wet you are!" He rubbed them over his slack lips and then tasted the sweet honey they had left behind - the first taste he got of his daughter's cunt juices. It almost made him cum.

Ramon leaned over her and gradually pressed his body against hers. The sloping hood allowed him to manoevrehis cock between her thighs so that it lay pressed downwards against the line of her pussy lips. He kissed her once more, moaning heavily just as she was too. "Oh, my sweetie," he whispered in her ear."You know what this is leading to?"

Charo nodded. "Yes, Daddy."

"Oh God, baby. It shouldn't be! It's so wrong."

"Daddy, it isn't wrong. I want it badly, too?" Charo reached up, stroking his cheeks until he looked her in the eyes. "Surely it's only wrong if it's forced? But it won't be, Daddy. I want this more than anything. I really, really want you!"

Ramon's passion was fired and he rubbed the length of his thick tool against her cunt lips even harder. "God, you sexy little whore," he half-chuckled, half growled. "I do want to fuck you ... so fucking badly, baby!" He reached for her nipples with both hands, tweaking them, rolling them between his forefingers and thumbs. "I want to fuck you but I should really be spanking you ... punishing you!"

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