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Kitty goes a little too far on a tour of the house.


"It's a battle the shorts are going to win," Kate replied.

"I know and I'm caught in the middle!"

Kate threw her leg over, sat back down on the saddle and waited for inevitable moan of pleasure from her underwear. There it was, Brad was already aroused and she had over five miles of cycling ahead.


By the time Kate pulled up at her house, her legs were aching and her panties were moaning in helpless ecstasy. Her over sexed boyfriend had been unable to focus on any sort of sensible conversation for most of the way back.

"Brad, you slut, we're back."


"That's the trouble with cycling, the movement of my bottom excites you too much. Maybe I should keep these shorts locked for the rest of the night to teach you a lesson."

"Yes please!"

Kate rolled her eyes as she collapsed on to her bed. "Well my butt aches from all that cycling and you're going to give me a full and very through massage."

She laid on her front on her bed, her ankle length boots still on her feet, and felt Brad gently squeeze her butt. She looked behind and could see slight telltale movement in the tight denim. It was just as well no one was looking. It felt nice and she freed her long hair, flicked it back and laid her head on the pillow as her butt vibrated from his touch.

Brad worked for an hour before he realised that Kate had fallen asleep with her shorts still on and the padlock still locked. He pulled himself down to a slight chink of light showing through a tiny gap between the hem of the shorts and the back of Kate's right thigh. He felt like a prisoner looking out of his dungeon through a small barred window. In his excitement at being able to look out across her bedroom, he inadvertently touched her clit and Kate reacted by stretching in her sleep and bang the gap was gone.


It was the weekend and Kate and Brad had decided to head to the mountains. They'd enjoyed walking together before and enjoyed it just as much under their new reality. Kate threw their camping equipment into her car and dropped down into the driver's seat.

"Do we have everything?" Kate asked, as she pulled up her short blue dress to look down at Brad between her legs.

They liked to look at each other while driving which meant Kate wearing a dress or a skirt. If she drove in jeans, her butt, the snug cut of the denim and the shape of the seat made for a very tightly sealed boyfriend. She opened her legs a little to give Brad some more space and then turned the key.

Brad liked to watch her drive. Her cute face was always full of expression and he could almost read what was happening on the road by the look in her beautiful eyes. At one point her dress fell down a little, taking away his sight and plunging him into semi darkness.

"Katie, your dress."

"Opps," she smiled.

"Can you lift it up?"

"What's it worth?

"You horny bitch."

"Touch my clit or stay in the dark..."

Brad obeyed and a minute later when Kate pulled up her dress she had a new look in her eyes.


They pulled up at the car park and Kate walked over to the toilets to change from blue dress and heels to t-shirt, denim shorts and walking boots.

"I'm afraid there's no more dress for you this weekend," Kate announced as she pulled up her shorts and buttoned everything in.

"So I see."

"But if you behave, I'll open your window."

At Brad's insistence, Kate had cut a one inch square opening in the back of her denim shorts. This small flap of denim could be buttoned down, which it was now, or unbuttoned and lifted up to reveal a small piece of pink underwear hugging the lower part of her butt. Although small, it let Brad look out at the fantastic scenery. Without it, Brad's only view of the mountains would be the occasion slit of light and fleeting glimpse of the ground between her thighs and her shorts.

"Well open it then!" Brad cried excitedly.

"Mmm, when we're alone in the mountains."

Brad wanted to argue, but knew that wouldn't end well and so settled for the occasional glimpse of his girlfriend's feet as she picked her way along the small rocky path up the valley.

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