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Student flirts with her teacher when his wife is away.

"Play with my tits," she cooed, her hair hanging sexily over her face. I reached up and started to squeeze both tits, enjoying the soft fleshy mounds in my hands. I ran my palms across her sensitive nipples causing them to swell even bigger. All the time she was riding my cock, getting faster and faster as her orgasm approached. I started to pull and tweak her nipples. "That's it, pull the fuckers, oh yes, pull my nipples, harder." I often wondered just how much punishment she could take, it seemed the harder I pulled at them the more she enjoyed it even though it must be hurting her.

She was riding me like mad now and her cunt juices were running down my shaft and across my balls. I was worried that we would stain the bed but it was too late to stop her. "That's it, oh yesssss, I'm coming." She slammed her pussy down on my cock as her body shock. I mashed her tits together and pushed my cock as deep as I could into her sodden cunt. "Jesus, that was good," she said coming back to reality. "I think you'd better get off quick before we ruin the bed." She jumped off but it was too late, a large pool of pussy juice had collected on the cover. She tried to clear it up using tissues while I stood there, my hard cock pointing outwards.

"Oh sweety, you haven't cum yet," she said, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "I can soon take care of that." She dropped to her knees and took my juice covered cock into her mouth. "Hmmmmm," she said licking her own cum of my shaft. "You really are a sluttly little bitch aren't you?" I said. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and took my entire length into her mouth and throat. This girl really knew how to suck cock and within minutes I was shooting my load. The first spurt went straight down her throat, then, she pulled my cock free and rested the head on her lower lip. The next two jets landed on her tongue and the last one covered her face.

She poked her cum filled tongue out at me before swilling the spunk round her mouth and swallowing. Then she carefully wiped the spunk from her face onto a finger before licking that clean. Then with a big smile, she stood up and gave me a full French kiss, allowing me to taste the mixture of my own cum and her pussy juice. It was delicious.

"Well, that was a good show, don't you think so Chambers?" We both froze. Looking over her shoulder I saw two elderly men standing in front of an open mirror. "Who the hell are you?" I asked angrily. "More to the point old chap, who are you? This is my house and I don't take lightly to intruders."

"B-b-but I thought the house was empty, the agency said it was empty," Sarah spluttered, keeping her body pressed tight to mine. "Ah yes, of course, the agency. Tell me young lady, does the agency know what you get up to in other peoples houses?" The other man, Chambers, was holding Sarah's skirt, jacket and blouse in his hands. "May I have my clothes please?" Sarah asked. "Oh I don't know, I rather prefer you as you are, what about you Chambers?"

"Yes my Lord, I think she looks very charming."

"There you go you see, Chambers and I think you look better as you are. Now you two wait there why Chambers calls the police."

"Police, what for?" I asked. "Why my dear chap, you enter my house, have sex with, I must say, a very beautiful lady and ruin a very expensive bed cover. What else do you expect me to do?"

"Please Sir, I'm very sorry, please don't call the police, we didn't mean any harm and I'll get the cover cleaned, I promise."

"I'm sorry my dear, but I fear it's too late for sorry."

"Please, look I'll do anything just please don't call the police, I can't afford to lose my job."

"Well now, a beautiful young lady like you offering to do anything for an old man like me, I don't know my dear, do you really mean anything?" Sarah caught on fast. She stepped away from me and standing with her hands on her hips stared at the old boy. "Anything."

"CHAMBERS!" Lord Duncan shouted.

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