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The actual chapter 7 of the story as Sarah gets a bad call.

We didn't have access to them.

I kept stroking my pussy as Bill shuffled forward and presented his cock to the sucker but he didn't move instead he increased his sucking of the second man as we all heard his rising urgency.He kept whispering suck it suck ya cunt, then suddenly it was fuck fuck I'm coming I'm fucking coming, he pulled his cock out of the suckers mouth and spunked all over his face.

After a minute or two the man who had cum on the suckers face zipped up and left, no thank you no nothing just left. Jesus I thought men treat each other worse than they treat women. The sucker with his face covered in spunk turned and took Bill's offered cock into his mouth. And like the other man I peeked and saw Bill grasp the back of the man's head and fuck his face hard.

I have never been able to take all of Bill's cock into my mouth due to it's thickness but the suckers nose was brushing against Bill's pubic hair as his head bobbed back and forth. The man who was the first to be getting his cock sucked suddenly shuffled forward and ejaculated all over the suckers face with some of his spunk splashing onto Bill at the same time. I trembled as I felt another orgasm wash over me I came so hard that my legs did give way I almost dropped to my knees.

The man who had just come quickly glanced in my direction and I turned my head to the side. I heard him zip up and leave not a word was said. As I peeked again Bill was thrusting his big cock into the suckers mouth very aggressively, then suddenly he pushed the sucker away saying not yet. Bill stepped back in close to the urinal and the man next to him shuffled over and stuck his cock into the suckers face.

He didn't last long and within a few thrusts he was saying oh ya cunt oh oh ya cunt. It was obvious that he was coming as he buried his cock into the suckers face and let out a fairly loud moan as he emptied himself into the willing mouth.

Footsteps made everyone turn round and pretend to pish again, even the guy who had just cum, though he did zip up and leave. It was the watcher at the door and he said geezz busy tonight there's another five guys wandering around they all look as if they are on, I know three of them are. With that he turned and went back to his place by the door.

In the space of five minutes there was indeed another five men walk in. The urinal was now totally full with one of the men standing in one of the cubicles with the door fully open. And there was little me standing at the far end of eight wanking men and one openly wanking in the open cubicle.

As I looked along the row of wanking cocks the sucker got down on his knees amongst all the spent spunk and piss and began sucking more cock. I could smell the piss and of course the stale smell of used spunk. As I glanced at the sucker he had the man's cock in his hand and I noticed the twinkle of a gold wedding band on the suckers hand, fuck it was and still is one of the kinkiest things I have ever seen. Bet his wife doesn't know about this I thought.

I peeked at the sucker and the man's face who was getting sucked and it was almost surreal. My pussy was now in overdrive and even the slightest touch had me close to coming. Bill leaned in and I turned to face him, I could only mouth wow and gave him a weak smile. He put his hand down the front of my jeans and I immediately began to hump his probing fingers. He leaned closer and whispered suck me.

So there I was 23 years old only four years married and at twenty one I didn't even know how to masturbate and I was about to lower my knees onto a floor covered in piss and spent spunk in a gents public toilet. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to do it. The smell alone had me going and the very filthiness of it meant I had no control over myself or my aching nipples and pussy.

I lowered myself to the cold floor and immediately felt the legs of my jeans getting wet with that strange mixture.

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