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Chapter Two: The Loss of an Alpha.

For the opening show Jillian was strung up scantily clothed and then Frank tore and cut her clothes from her. Jillian was naked before the torture began. The new show was an instant success reaching the highest ratings for the week with ease. The Host of the original show kicked up a fuss and was allowed to join the new show as host as Frank had proved too interested in torturing Jillian and had missed a few prompts.

The second week Jillian was suspended stripped naked and whipped. The third week her body was spreadeagled and whipped all over. The TV people were ecstatic no one gave a thought as to what Jillian thought or felt the show was a great success. The torture progressed to needle torture and then to hooks, the naked whipping remained the most popular and the show was always getting requests for things to be repeated.

The shows ratings were sagging and so after an executive meeting a big decision was made, sexual acts were introduced overtly to begin with, and then openly full on sexual contact. Frank fucked Jillian the act just concealed by a strategically positioned camera before during and after her body was violated. The ratings peaked again then began to fade. Open sex was the answer and again the ratings soared for a few \weeks and then faded.

The executives hit upon a sure fire way to retain the top spot. Selected audience members were invited to participate; Jillian would be fucked by the lucky winning audience member. The ratings shot up again for yet another season.

During the off season at a planning meeting Jillian finally spoke. "Why don't we include the host, I have seen the hard on he is sporting when I get fucked and tortured."

So the opening show of the next season had the host fuck Jillian before during and after her punishment. Frank was a little jealous as the host had a much bigger cock than he did. And so jealousy entered the show.

The season progressed and soon Jillian was being fucked by several guys, double and triple penetration soon followed. Whips canes needles and hooks were used in sequence and the show while retaining its high position on the ratings it was getting jaded as were the actors and host. The TV executives who had had to have run-throughs and had also got to fuck Jillian almost as often as her boyfriend had were also jaded.

The season ended with a promise of something different for the next seasons opening. Of course no one had any idea what this something different would be.

Again it was Jillian who came up with the idea, there would be a change of roles; she would torture her boyfriend and the host and girls from the audience could get to fuck him or the host. Both the boyfriend and host were violently against this idea but the TV executives were all for it, especially the female members of the TV companies executive. The run through for the opening show was therefore a well attended event. The boyfriend and host were tortured and fucked silly and so shagged out it was only due to the administering of illegal substances' that got them fit enough for the show to go on.

The show hit the top ratings yet again and the new format was a real winner with the ladies but soon the ratings from males watching or rather not watching caused the ratings to slip. A major TV executive review took place and yet another suggestion from Jillian had her and her boyfriend tortured by audience members each being exposed to some extreme torture and a winner declared. The winner got to do whatever he or she wanted with the looser.

Top ratings were achieved again. But the TV executives were worried. The host had become dependant upon the illegal substances and Jillian's body was rather the worse for wear. So they hatched a plot. It took them all the off season to work out all the details.

The new season was to start with much the same format with one small difference and that was to be kept secret from all

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