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A cool guy confuses Brigit initially.

You do dick at all now?" teased Wendy.

Riz didn't say anything, but gave her a huge Cheshire cat grin.


That night over dinner Wendy gave Dani and Chip a run down on the houses. Completely avoiding the events with Riz at the first hours. She immediately dismissed the last house as ugly. She stated the problem with the second house and the neighbors and Chip was in immediate agreement. Both Dani and Chip were curious about the first house and both wanted to visit it immediately. Chip going the extra measure grab his laptop and sit with Dani to check out the Zillow listing and the Google street view.

Wendy texted Riz. "Full tour. First house. Dani and Chip. Tomorrow. When can we do it?"

Riz texted back immediately "Noon. Meet you all there? Heart emoji. Kiss emoji. Heart emoji."

Wendy texted back "Heart emoji. Thumbs up emoji. "


That night as Wendy and Dani got ready for bed in their own home, Wendy said "Dani, I've gotta tell you something about Riz. She's very much into women. Very."

Dani crooked a eyebrow and said "What, like I've got to be worried about her attacking me?"

Wendy paused a moment and responded softly "She and I got it on as you might say at this house we're seeing tomorrow. I'm worried about her getting attached. Not attacking you."

Dani moved from crooked eyebrow to pursed lips when he replied "Ah, ok. I'm ok with you and Chip but where are you going with this Wendy? I'm ok with this marriage opening up to take Chip. I guess with me and the waiter, that was a one off. I'm gonna say this is your one off? "

He paused a moment to gather his thoughts.

"Wendy, I love you like life itself. You have let me transform to the woman I wanted to be. Probably wanted this from childhood. At this point in my life, I am so vulnerable as a trans woman. If Riz breaks us up, it's not only me. It'll be Chip. It'll be... well, it won't be the baby but it would make everything so complicated."

Tears jumped to Dani's eyes when he finished that statement. She was sitting on the end of the bed in a silk nightgown and she had her head down softly crying. Wendy came over to her and was kneeling in front of Dani when she said "stop crying, you're getting your nightgown wet."

Dani flinched up to look in her face. "I didn't drip on my nightgown." Looking into her cleavage she said "Oh my god! I'm leaking from my breasts!"

"You've started lactating? Me too!"

"Oh my god, wait till Chip finds out we've turned into a couple of cows. He'll be glad to take the property with seven acres. He'll put us out there grazing."

Dani pulled her night gown over her head while Wendy did the same. Bras were stripped off and each of them quickly found the other's nipple in their mouths. After a few moments, they moved onto the other nipple. Dani, who's sexual awaking over the last several months had involved a lot of nipple play was finding her way to an orgasm. Wendy had her hand down in her groin and was thinking of how easy it was to fist fuck her friend earlier that day.


The next morning while Dani slept in, Wendy snuck out and walked over to Chip's house, letting herself in the back door, creeping down the hallway and sliding into Chip's warm bed while Chip was in the shower. It got lonely there so she got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom where Chip was surprised to see her when he stepped out of the shower, but he was sporting a boner.

"Hi ya mommie to be."

"Hi ya right back at you baby daddy" as she took his boner in her hand. Knelt down in front of him and took it into her mouth. "Going deep here" she said. "Hmmm, a nice and clean big dick."

Chip grabbed the sink for support and let himself get lost in an exquisite blow job orgasm.

When he had cum and Wendy had sucked everything down, he pulled his dick out of her mouth with a nice pop and wobbly grabbed a towel. And then a seat on the edge of the bathtub in time to not fall over.

"So, what do I owe this pleasure trip to? You must really want this house we're seeing today?"

"Ha! No. Here's some completely unrelated news for you."


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