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Talla is tied up and treated like a dog.

She just smiled and said I will have to wait a little longer to see the dress. She hurriedly went into our bedroom and said Mark is on his way so she needs to get ready quickly. When she came out of the bedroom after about half an hour I could scarcely believe I was looking at my wife. She was wearing a figure hugging black dress that ended just above her knees. The dress appeared to be a size too small for her because her boobs were straining to break free. The dress was tied with a knot at the back of her neck and a large portion of her magnificent back out on display. She was also wearing black stilettos with 4" heels. It looked like she didn't want to spare any effort in trying to make this a special evening for her and Mark, and unbeknown to her, for me as well.

Before I could say anything she said, "Mark just called me up and said he is just round the corner."

She hesitated for a moment and said "Can you step into the bedroom and not come out until we are gone."

I protested, "But why? Doesn't Mark know that you live here with a roommate."

"Yes he knows I live with a roommate but today is not the best day to introduce you to him," said Priya.

I reluctantly went into the bedroom and sat next to the window. Shortly a convertible sports car pulled up in front of our house and a man stepped out of the car. That was the first time I saw Mark and immediately understood why Priya was so excited to go out with Mark. He was well over 6' tall and had broad muscular shoulders. His athletic body appeared to be very well toned. To top it all he also appeared to be quite rich judging by the fancy car he was driving. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized my position. He was an absolute hunk who had come to my house to take my wife out on a date. If it ever came to me trying to win my wife back from him I stood no chance. For the first time I was feeling a tinge of regret for allowing this matter to progress so far. But, alas, now I had no option. I now had to go with the flow of things and hope for the best.

As Priya opened the door I heard her say, "Hi Mark!!" in a super excited girlie tone.

"Wow Priya, you are looking absolutely gorgeous!!!" said Mark.

"Thanks Mark. These flowers are beautiful," said Priya as she accepted a bouquet of flowers from Mark.

"I think I will have a hard time keeping the womanizer away from you at the club."

Priya laughed appreciatively at the compliment. As they stepped out of the house Mark offered her his hand and Priya gladly took it. They walked hand in hand to the car and then drove away. This was my cue. I immediately got into our car and started following them from a safe distance. After about an hour's drive we finally arrived at the dance club. I waited in the parking lot for some time before entering the club. I found Priya and Mark had seated themselves in a corner table. They both had drinks in their hand and were talking and laughing with each other. I settled myself in the opposite corner from where I could clearly them as well as the complete dance floor. After finishing a round of drinks they got up from their tables and went to the dance floor. They danced for a while on a fast number and then came back to their tables. Another round of drinks was ordered and this time Priya gulped down her drink in double quick time. This was causing a bit of a concern to me because Priya was not used to consuming alcohol. From the past experiences I knew she could get drunk very easily. I was afraid that if Priya got drunk then Mark may try to take advantage of her situation.

They ordered a third round of drinks and Mark also started to smoke a cigarette.

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