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The first face to face encounter.

God she knew just how to lick my pussy! Sure other people could lick my pussy and make me feel good. Nothing was as emotionally fulfilling as to have my mom or dad's head between my legs but with Beth it was different. She was simply the best at giving me the most pure pleasure from oral sex!


We were so absorbed that I doubt an earthquake could have disturbed us so when I looked up for just a second I was surprised to see my parents standing at the door to my bedroom, smiling as they watched me and my friend enjoying one another. I smiled at them and went back to Beth's pussy, licking her big lips and sticking my tongue down into her pussy hole as far as I could reach. My parents often watched me having sex with a boyfriend so it was not big deal for me that they were now. What DID surprise me was what happened next...

I was licking Beth when suddenly something pushed itself in front of my face - it was a hard cock! I looked up and saw my dad standing there stark naked with his dick pressing against Beth's wet cunt. She was on her side with her ass facing the side of the bed so with her leg up for my head he had been able to push up against her butt and get his cock in position to fuck her. Looking to the door my eyes met my mother's who just smiled and shrugged shoulders. Beth look up from my pussy and grinned at my dad.

"Mmmmmmm, hi Mr. Wells," she said in a seductive tone, "It's been a while... so you going to just stand there or fuck me?"

It was surreal to say the least. I had thought this wasn't going to happen again and now it was - and right in my own bed with me right there! Hell, he could have waited another day and fucked her after I left for school rather than making me have to see her getting fucked and not get any for myself! With anyone else my dad fucked I was able to participate so it didn't bother me like it did now. Crap, I wanted to be fucked too! Beth rolled over on her stomach and lifted her hips up with her legs spread. She reached under her stomach and used her fingers to spread her wet pussy lips apart for him. I felt obligated to support him so I sat back in the bed and started playing with myself like I was being turned on.

"C'mon Dad," I said with the best smile I could muster, "fuck her."

My dad got up into my bed and kneeled behind Beth, working his way between her legs holding his hard cock like it was a weapon. I watched as he pressed it against her pussy and despite everything I felt good for him as I watched his cock disappear inside of her.

"Oh god!" Beth moaned, "Fuck me Mr. Wells, fuck me!"

I looked over at my mom standing there in the doorway. I couldn't understand how she could watch. How could she let him fuck Beth and not me? I decided then and there that this was not going to go on, that I was not going to hide anything anymore. If my dad wanted to fuck Beth then she had to really become part of our family. That also meant she had to know all about our family and that meant what my real relationship was with my dad.

I took a deep breath and got on my hands and knees next to Beth so my ass was up in the air along with hers. Beth looked over at me, grunting as my dad fucked her but looking at me with a quizzical look. I grinned at her and then looked over my shoulder at my dad who was also apparently confused by what I was doing. Well, not for long...

"Alright dad," I said in a strong voice, "It's time to show Beth what a good daughter I am. Fuck me dad!"

Beth's eyes widened like saucers and I just grinned at her even more. My dad kept fucking Beth though, as if he had not heard me.

"Dad!" I whined, "it's my turn - fuck ME dammit!"

My dad stopped and the room was suddenly quiet. I saw him look back at my mom who just nodded and I saw her lips form the words, "Fuck her John," as if she was afraid to say it out loud.

My dad looked at her, then at me and then back at her again.

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