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College girl takes first steps into adult life

Sarah flung her hair back, leaned in and gave me a long deep kiss, sighing in contentment. She parted her lips and allowed my tongue to enter. Sarah moaned in pleasure and created a suction in her mouth to pull my tongue in. She swirled her tongue around mine, doing the same thing as she would with my cock if she were giving a blowjob. It was insanely hot. This girl who I had taught for the past four years was now straddling me wearing the skimpiest little swimsuit while she raped my mouth with her amazing tongue and her gorgeous soft lips.

Sarah's hand found my cock again and gripped it firmly, causing me to jump out of reflex.

"Um!" My reaction was muffled by our kiss.

Squeezing my cock, Sarah pulled out of the kiss and tugged on my leash with her other hand.

"So, how big are you?" Sarah demanded to know.

I measured my answer carefully. "Big enough, Miss Sarah."

Sarah raised her eyebrows. "Don't fuck with me."

"No really, Miss Sarah," I responded. "I am big enough to fill your entire pussy."

Sarah placed her hands on her hips. "Show me," she ordered.

I did what I was told, reaching to unbutton and unzip my pants as Sarah watched. The excitement of being taken and ordered by my former student was a huge turn on, and Sarah noticed how hard it was making me.

"Oh my! You are big aren't you?" Sarah involuntarily moistened her lips while eyeing my shaft. "Do you want to feel what its like to have that cock inside the walls of my warm moist pussy?"

"Ohgodyes, Miss Sarah," I replied immediately.

"I have a really tight pussy," Sarah said almost bragging. "It could grip your cock so firmly and make you so sensitive that you just might beg me to stop fucking you."

I swallowed hard. "I...would like to try, Miss Sarah. I...need you to fuck me."

"Do you think you've been good enough to deserve such a prize as my tight pussy?" Sarah locked her eyes on mine, twirling her hair playfully.

"Please, Miss Sarah," I answered, totally under her spell, "I want to be a good boy toy. I've surrendered my cock to you. Please let me fuck your tight pussy."

Sarah smiled with an air of superiority as she reached down to unhook her bikini bottoms and free her pussy. Tossing the bikini bottoms aside, Sarah took the base of my cock in her hand and lowered her hips so that the tip of my shaft was less than a half-inch from her pussy lips. I was so close I could feel her warmth on my cock. Sarah looked down at me.

"Are you sure you want your cock inside me?"

"Ohgodyes, Miss Sarah, badly."

Sarah took my cock and began rubbing it slowly up and down her beautiful pussy lips, all the while looking down at me in domination. That little bitch was teasing me, and I was unable to do anything but sit there and take it. Sarah apparently was loving torturing me and in response, pushed my cockhead to her clit, sighing in pleasure as she rubbed it in tiny little circles over her most sensitive spot. Ohgod what a bitch! Just fuck me already! I closed my eyes tightly trying to maintain control as she teased my cock without mercy.

"Open your eyes and look at me," Sarah demanded.

I forced my eyes open and watched Sarah as she moved my cock to her opening. Holding it in place, Sarah slowly lowered herself to touch her pussy to the very tip of my cock. Keeping very still to make sure it didn't go in, she caressed my face and asked once more, "are you SURE you want your cock deep inside your student's tight pussy?"

Oh fuck what a bitch! She knew she was daring me to force my cock up into her. Nothing was physically preventing me from taking her, but I knew if I tried to take control she would really punish me.

"Yes Miss Sarah. Please let me enter your pussy."

Sarah smiled in triumph as she lowered herself down onto my hard cock. She was right, her pussy was tight, but it was also very wet. With a few rocking movements of her hips Sarah's pussy opened up just enough and slowly enveloped my huge cock.

"Ohhhhh, fuuuck Miiiiiiss Saraaaah," I laid my head back as Sarah's bare ass came to rest on my thighs, her pussy now completely fi

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