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We pleasure his wife to reach each other.

Unless she's always worn gym tights under her apron.

At about 5'9 Natalie has what turns out to be an amazingly athletic physique. Long shapely muscular looking legs that were capped with round firm buttocks. While her hips weren't near as wide as my wife Sams, they were still wide enough to accentuate what looked to be a very narrow waist peeking from the flared opening of her cropped hoodie. And If the crevices created by the strap on her bag were anything to go by, she possessed a much more ample bosom that I had actually thought.

You're probably wondering why I'm only just now noticing the body of a girl that I want to have sex with. Truth be told, it was the face and the cheekiness that got me in the first place.

For someone who never wore any makeup outside of some lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow she had amazingly clear lightly tanned skin. She always wore deep mahogany kind of coloured lipstick too which make her already full lips seem even more plump and juicy. I'm a sucker for good lips it seems. I've always enjoyed kissing so that makes sense I guess. And the eyeliner and shadow combo made her big blue eyes pop. All of which worked well with the strong but feminine lines of her jaw and chin. But her most striking feature to me, outside of the obvious bold attitude, was the 2mm of blonde stubble that covered her perfectly shaped scalp.

My wife is curvy with long brown hair. And this whole thing is about experiencing different things and people. I really couldn't think of a person more different to Sam right now.

"Hey, day-dreamer, if you want to touch as well as look you should probably point out which car is yours."

I shook myself from my reverie and realised I had been staring at Natalie's arse the whole time we were walking. And had closed the gap between us significantly while doing so. I'm not sure why I was embarrassed by this but I was and started to stammer a little.

"Oh fine, but only a sample to clear your head." With that, she walked back to me, grabbed my big hand in hers and slapped it against her right arse cheek, then gave it a squeeze making me grip involuntarily. "Oh! You got a grip don't you!"

I pulled my hand back like it was burned and gawked at her luscious ass then at her face while she looked at me in open mouthed surprised which turned to laughter. "You weren't kidding, you've never done this before have you?!"

All I could do was shake my head slowly. Eyes still wide, expression still a little shocked.

"Oh sweetie" she stepped close and pressed her firm body against mine, looking up into my eyes. "It's ok, I'll make sure I'm gentle." At some point she had managed to slip a hand between us and snaked it towards my crotch, once there, she wrapped it around the outline of my growing bulge and gave it a firm squeeze.

I couldn't tell you which one of us looked more shocked by this. But I can tell you it was her who gasped and said. "What the fuck?!"

I broke eye contact and pointed at my car, starting my statement off with a slightly broken voiced squeak before coughing and saying "Oh look! Here we are, there's our ride!"

I pulled my crotch back from her reluctant-to-falter grip and started walking stiff legged towards the vehicle, unlocking it as I approached.

As I walked away I heard Natalia quietly quip. "Fuck the car, I already know where my ride is."

The drive to the gym was quiet. Me keeping my eyes on the road in between furtive glances at Natalie. Who had spent the entire drive angled towards me in her seat, looking me up and down like I was a chocolate bar and she was a diabetic. A finger grazing her lips and teeth as she smiled cheekily. Eventually I couldn't take much more of it.

"What? C'mon you're being a creeper."

"Sorry, I just never thought... I mean I had an idea but... Ok tell me something, and don't lie."

"Don't lie to someone I'm trusting with the private fact that my wife and I are screwing around? Got it."

"Yeah yeah, but seriously. Do you have to feed it peanuts or what?"

"Wh- my di-? It's not a friggin elephant trunk Nat!"

"Could hav

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