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Demetrius in a chastity belt, is sent to guard the Harem.

.. but hell, we're going to try!"

With that, she guided Sanogo's own throbbing penis towards me and I felt it pressing hard against... I don't even know, but it was against, pushing me insistently... but there was no room... until... oh my God, I felt myself opening up even more! I couldn't breath, my hands clutching the bedspread beneath us... my cunt opened slowly... slowly... until...

"Holy fuck, it's in there!" Emma said as the second head slipped in suddenly. I couldn't make a sound, I just lay there as the two men pushed into me. I felt them nudge my hymen simultaneously and knew this was it... I was going to lose my virginity to two black men, two black men with cocks that were about 12 inches long... my pussy was stretched surely to the max... and they were waiting. Shit, they were waiting for me!

"You need to tell us what you want, girl," Bisimwa said from next to me, whispering in my ear. "You gotta beg..."

Beg? My mind was struggling to cope with everything... yet my mouth started to make the words, like my body had taken over.

"Please," I found myself whimpering. "Please... do it."

"Do what?" I heard Emma say.

"Fu... fuck me!"

"Come on, you need to want it more than that!"

"Fuck me, please!" I said, with growing conviction as my body grew more accustomed to the dual invasion. "Come on... I'm ready... I want you to bust... to..."

Both cocks twitched inside me and I felt an enormous surge of pleasure through my body.

"Oh fuck... that... come on, fucking BUST MY HYMEN!" I shouted, enervated now. "Shove those fucking big cocks into me! Oh God, this is going to be... FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME... AAAHHHHHHHH!!"

They pushed simultaneously, thrusting in with no remorse and bursting my maidenhood in one ruthless shove. I lost all coherence as pain mixed with utter pleasure, the former sensation giving way almost instantly as the two men pushed in as far as they could, splitting me wide and starting to fuck me!

I was raving like a lunatic as they began to really pound me. I'd heard about people's first times with sex... but I'd never heard about anything like this! This was crazy... and I fucking loved it! It wasn't long before both cocks were up to the balls in me, something that blew my mind. The cocks were so big, so long... and yet I had them both in me to the roots! Over and over they pounded into me and I felt orgasms like i'd never imagined before sizzle and pop inside me, shredding my nerves and causing every muscle in me to contract and spasm with every mind-blowing climax.

It was all becoming too much for me. After all, I'd never experienced anything like this - even the most seasoned porn starlet would be in two minds about taking such prodigious cocks into her pussy at the same time... but I also didn't want to stop. Something had changed within me and what I wanted more than anything was for these studs to just pound the motherfucking shit out of me for as long as they could!

And I realised something else too, a thought solidifying as my pussy was stretched beyond all recognition and the two men mercilessly fucked orgasms out of my petite frame.

I wanted them to cum inside me.

"Oh fuck yes, come on, fucking... fucking cum in me! Please, I want your fucking sperm... fucking shoot it in me!"

Even with all the grunting and panting and screaming... I heard audible gasps from my collected relatives, standing there watching me being so beautifully defiled. The men seemed spurred on by my words as I repeated the same refrain over and over, begging them now to fill my womb with their ejaculate.

I heard one groan and he announced he was about to cum!

"No! Both together, please!" I wanted them to splatter my cervix at the same time. I just knew it would trigger the most powerful climax yet.

He growled, but I knew he - somehow - could control himself until the other was ready.

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